बटाट्याची लॉलीपॉप – Potato Lollipop Recipe In Marathi – Homemade Veg Lollipop – Archana

Everyone likes potatoes. And if it is turned to lollipop
then people like it more. So today I will show you potato lollipop. First let’s make the batter for the lollipop. First of all let’s take
3 tablespoons of refined flour. 3 tablespoons corn flour. 1 tablespoon red chilli powder. 1/2 lemon juice. Salt, as per the taste. 10 or 12 finely chopped curry leaves. Coriander, I like it if you
like it too then add. If you don’t then it’s fine too. And some tandoor colour. If you don’t want to add
red colour, it’s okay. Some water and mix all of this together. First take very little water. Take the spatula and mix all of this. It should turn to a nice batter,
add more water. Here I have taken small baby potatoes
which are boiled and peeled. Mix all of it into this. They are 15 to 20 of them. And mix it so that all the
potatoes get nicely coated. Turn on the flame and let the oil heat. Oil is heated now let’s fry these. It won’t take much time to fry as
potatoes are already boiled. As it has corn flour and refined flour it
will become crispy while frying. But that is for some time,
once it cools it will turn little soft. But it taste good when hot. It’s ready now let’s remove it. As the potatoes were boiled,
it don’t take much time. Now let’s turn off the gas. And onto this we have to
add decorative tooth pick. You can do it like this or
go for the smaller ones. Or you can also plate it like this. We are later going to nicely decorate it. So do try this. And I have shown you
a different kind of dish. Do let me know and like, share
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  1. खुप खुप छान मस्त मी ऊद्याच करून बघते👌👌👌👌🌸👏👏👏🌸🍫🍫👍

  2. Superb Tai,mazya mulasathi ajun ek padarth shikavla roj Navin chatpatit Kay ha prashna sodavlat thanks so much for your quick receipe

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