लिंग की चमड़ी में दर्द | लिंग की चमड़ी में सूजन का इलाज | लिंग में सफेदी | फिमोसिस इन हिंदी

Hello Friends Welcome Back to my YouTube channel I’m Doctor Vijayant a urologist Govinda Gupta And andrologist in New Delhi, India Treatment of patients that I have my This video is the first to be seen on video Phimosis Phimosis video of Next Episode And in this video we talk about phimosis in hindi Of the inflamation of the penis foreskin foreskin redness itching penis or cut and bruising of foreskin It all diseases of phimosis A part of the spectrum is a While the congenital Phimosis in children or In Young Adult, foreskin does not open since childhood The way the skin stops ahead On the other hand, that the phimosis developed Is it 12 years 15 Years 20 years 25 years 30 years 50 years Even your age from all OK from my childhood From 6 months to a year, year and a half to 2 years if Phimosis Has been developed. Those who show the most common symptoms Is that we have foreskin of his penis Withers or she becomes red Penis foreskin and the glans penis in the sex Glance On the red spots or red spots Become is going to freeze some white stuff there If he skinned sex or gender Cut takes a very painful Sex Thicker skin or just this bright The look or come becomes Start The foreskin of the penis that does not lag behind the rest Then goes behind the back of the penis mouth Is stuck explains, most patients only That they have this problem over the past few months and then Doctors use oil it or show it Fungal Infection Or Bacterial Infection explains and cream for her Use Vaseline antifungals stolen But it’s okay for some time problem which comes back again and again Is seriously back from whence Patients suffering long. surgery circumcision is required and it will bring the proper treatment Find that complete it condition A spectrum balanoposthitis Means for the skin for penis glans Infection There are several reasons: has a fungus or a bacterial It causes rail and once the cause Treatment has to be on the alert does not pose any The most common are two reasons that treatment Proper does not translate well in zoon Blanaitis That cause is unknown The BXO Again the cause not clear yet And third for diabetes if you have any The problem is the first thing your blood sugar
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If you have Diabetes Today First Treat your blood sugar to treat diabetes advised the chief advised the chief Some cream Happy birthday and gender The skin of this problem by washing properly If you could get redress you Diabetes is a problem frequently Live then you get circumcision Will be the cause of it. Nickel will be due to the foreskin which is Infection and redness And itching to get it all finished Is the second BXO Take the penis falls skin Play red sleeping Which is then white as all Is small is a dangerous disease of the Because with slow-skinned slowly penis is smaller the shape of the glans is affected Becomes the way of urine is Naroho and urine Trouble is beginning to be much to be boxes Early then could be made as managing circumcision Maya is also within Further remember sitting urine can religious Clans on her third we can stop there Zoon Blanaitis considered so frequently red spots Fall to be very wet to infection It says it in the area Glans or whatever. Dog of which make mucus His inflammation or Infection and It has problems because of repeated inside it circumcision is good treatment Very good results and other Patience and After If you notice any of these problems Issues like penis inflamed skin is coming Or skin redness is coming or frequent sex You may phimosis so tight turns Again about her you can see my other videos and You it cures initially some Medicine can be set at the statue much Medicines Does not work and made circumcision inside So get a good result is problems Ends and comes ahead of a problem long time Not if you want to know me About to watch my other videos and Me He read it so much about it on my website Information where just about can learn So you have my Facebook video or my YouTube The videos can see them about it. Me on my WhatsApp can get free consultation If I can email Do you like video liked you this video on our channel Subscribe Please Thank you Thank you.

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  1. सर मेरा लिंग में सेक्स करते समय कट लग जाता है लिंग का निचला हिस्सा फट जाता है बहुत फंगल इन्फेक्शन की दवा खा चुके है पर पूरा आराम नही है क्या करें

  2. Sir mere ling m sambhog karte Sammy cut aa jhatey h or ling K head par lal daaney ho jhatey h sir koi garelu upaay bataaiy

  3. Sir मेरे लिंग मुंड पर हाथ लगाने से दर्द होता है, बस लिंगमुंड पर ही होता हैं, सेक्स करने के बाद तो बिकुल भी हाथ नही लगाया जाता,, किसी क्रीम या कोई सलूशन बताओ plz,, मैं इससे बहुत प्रॉब्लम मैं हु,, plz reply

  4. Sir mere ling ka aage ka part saphed Ho Gaya h please thik hone ka upay bataye
    My no 7643964681 what's app par bataeye sir please

  5. Sir sex karte smaye ling ke lingendriya ugharne Wala skin chhila gya hai. 11-12 din ho gya hai.koi sudar nhi hai.kya kre betaiye.

  6. Sir Maine ling k aas pass Baal hatane k liye anfrench. Cream layi thi sir ab ling or uske aas pass infection ho gya h kujli Hoti or Lal pd jata or ling pr Lal Lal dag bi bn jate h upay btaye plz

  7. sir mere ling ki andar ki chamadi ghis kar dhire Dhire safed ho rahi he.ye kya hosakata he.Ra-melan table.symisole-150.or tacrolimus ointement 0.1% me le raha hu ye kya he akhir

  8. helo sir mere ling ki nus fut tut gayi hri sex nahi kr pata mri sex krts samay bohot blud niklta hei or bohot dard bhi hota hei iska sahi ilag batao sir plz plz 8459808161 ye mera no hei sir

  9. Mera ling ka Chameli pura Lal Ho Gaye to main kya Karun hamesha Gili rahti hai aur piche Lene mein dikkat ho raha hai kya karun

  10. Dr. Sahab penis ki aage wali skin pe crack se ho gye h or drd bhot hota h or white sa waste bi bn rha h pichle 1 -2 mahine se thik ho jata h fir dubara ho jata h

  11. सर मेरे लिंग में सफेद चीज़ का हल्का हल्का स्त्राव होता हैं

  12. मेरे लिंग में टेढ़ा पन है और वहां पर गाठ महसूस होता है। ये लगभग दो तीन महीने से मुझे पता चला है कोई उपाय बताए।

  13. सर मेरे लिंग कि आगे वाली चमडी पर कट के नीशान हो गये है जलन और हलका दरद हो रहा है। 2,3 दिन से ये परेशानी हो रही ।सर कोई उपचार बताये

  14. Sir main gf ko jab kiss ya kuch jabardasti se hug karta hu tab ling se CHIPCHIPA pani ata hai or ling mai sujan hota hai or ling ki upar ki hisse mai dard hota hai,,,kea ye koie BIMARI hai plzzz sir bataye🙏🙏

  15. Sir mere ling ke chamdi me sex kiye to Meri chamdi Lal Lal ho jati he our jaise hi sex Karne jau to Jalan our sujan aa jati he to iske liye Kya karna hoga sir

  16. Hlo sir..masterbation k baad peniski skin mey swelling ho jaati hai…fir 2 3 hours baad thik ho jaati hai…plz suggest me some remedy…

  17. Sir ling ka lock nahi tut raha hai jis karan pura nahi khulta aage se niche ko mud jata hai, maine jhataka marne ki koshish ki to ling ki khal sooj gayi aur khoon bhi nikla lekin lock abhi bhi nahi tuta.

  18. Sir meri penis ki skin puri bahar bhi nikal jaati hai or upar bhi ho jaati hai but mere ko penis ka jo tope vala bhaag hai vaha par agar touch hota hai chhu te hai to dard hota hai oss ke liye koi ilaaj hai?

  19. सर ,लिंग का चमड़ी पीछे तो जाता है लेकिन पूरा पीछे करने पर नीचे के तरफ मुड़ जाता है क्योंकि शिशन मुंड का निचला भाग ,खुलने वाले चमड़ी से नस जैसे जुड़ा हुआ है।क्या करूँ……

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