हेल्थ टिप्स इस समय पानी पीना यानि शरीर को दुगना नुकसान !! Heath care tips !! Health tips in Hindi

Hello friends how are you all?? Today I will tell you what time you should not drink water The first thing
Never drink water just before eating food By eating food just after you drinking water, your body’s digestive fire gets very weak By that, whatever food you eat at that time can not be fully digested in your body And half digested food stays in your body only By these you do have to face a lot of troubles in future related this So do not drink water right just before eating food You can drink water almost half an hour before eating food Second thing,
Never drink water immediately after eating food Diet cannot be fully digested by drinking water immediately after eating food. So try to drink water only after about one or a half hour after eating food. But Yes, if you are thirsty while eating food So you can drink one or two sips of water while or after eating food. But you should not drink more water during this You should not drink water immediately after doing hard work, excercise or workout After exercising, you can drink water after half an hour. So friends, be careful about these things for a healthy body and a healthy mind. Be healthy and stay connected Subscribe to our channel to stay connected with us Like and share our videos

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  1. Alok pani pineka tarika puri duniya janti hai kyu logoko bevkuf banake paisa kamata hai? Teri baat sunke sab paresan ho gaye hai.abhi sab drama band kar bevkuf admi.

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