超カンタンすぎる!! 罪悪感も物足り無さも0♪『濃厚やみつき豆腐グラタン』決め手は2つ!!【痩せ筋/低糖質/たんぱく質たっぷり】TOFU Gratin low-carb recipe

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to make Tohu gratin by using this Silk Tohu Let’s get started! The ingredients are 1 chicken breast, half head of broccoli which I bought fresh one but frozen one is easier to use, And 4 mushrooms, half package of Shimeji mushroom, 1 egg, and 1 cake of Tohu This is for 2 servings Firstly, I’m going to drain the water from Tohu Wrap the Tohu with 2 sheets of kitchen paper Put it into heat safe container and microwave with 600W for about 2 min And then next is chicken breast I’m going to cut it into small pieces About this big Quite small This time I’m going to make white sauce by using Tohu So it’s gonna be really healthy The chicken is done I’m not gonna use a knife anymore Now let’s boil the broccolis Prepare hot water with little bit salt and boil them for about 1 min Let’s boil I’m sorry but it was not finished yet, I forgot to cut mushrooms Cut it into half After microwaving it, weigh the Tofu down, leave it for about 5 minutes then drain It would takes the longest so please start with Tohu Okay Look! I’m using another container to weight it Put the water and pile it up, it works very well It’s very easy so I recommend it Please drain well The color of broccoli became nice green after 1 minute Then drain the water and let it cool down Let’s stir-fry the chicken, put 20g butter Put all the chicken when the butter melted a little You’ll end up baking it in the oven/toaster later But the dish should be taken out soon after the cheese on the surface is cooked Make sure you cook the ingredient enough in this point It’ll save baking time as well Unlike the normal white sauce, I’ll use Tohu So it tend to be simple taste So I’ll put salt & pepper little more to give the taste to it at this stage Add mushrooms when the chicken cooked 70-80% If you just cook the chicken enough, the mushrooms are ready as well You don’t have to worry about that Then turn down the heat Salt & Pepper And for some secret ingredient, I’ll add little bit of soy sauce 1 turn Okay I’m done with heating the ingredients Let’s make Tohu sauce instead of white sauce This is the Tohu that we drained the water Put it in a bowl and mash it well, since I want it to be pretty smooth So I’ll use it and mash it well Let’s season it Add 3 table spoons of Mayonnaise Quite a lot 1 table spoon 3 tbs of Mayonnaise Add little bit of Garlic paste About 2 cm Add 1 tea spoon of chicken powder, or 1 cube if it’s cube Add 1 egg A little bit of Salt & Pepper Add salt little more Mix it up The egg and the mayonnaise make the sauce more smooth Lastly for secret taste I add Ago-dashi (broth made from flying fish) which add richness and sweetness to it Add 1 table spoon of Ago-dashi (※ If you don’t have, you can substitute with noodle soup base ) It adds more richness than mayonnaise only Mix it up As you see, mix until it got smooth this much Looks like pancake dough The sauce is ready so I’ll put it into the dish First you put the Tohu sauce in it About 1 ladleful sauce And then add another ingredients such as chicken, mushroom, Shimeji Try not to put the water Add the sauce one more time For the color, I’ll put the broccoli in the end Now, let’s put cheese here Then put the broccoli And again, pour the sauce on the top Lastly put the cheese again Basically the ingredients are cooked and Tohu is safe to eat raw Now, bake it with oven/toaster until the cheese on the top burned As you can see, it’s nice baked and ready to eat! Let’s try! So let’s eat! Itadakimasu Well, but… Go ahead No you first Can I go first? It’s perfectly burned so Itadakimasu It’s very tender than I expected The egg inside is cooked as well so It’s fluffy Itadakimasu Be careful it’s hot How is it? Good? Hot! Yum! I’m gonna try it too Ah looks good! It’s very good! It looks awesome It’s pretty tasty! Itadakimasu The image of Tohu gratin is going to be changed, it’s such a revolution, it’s great Ko-chan Taste so good Honestly, you cannot recognize it’s Tohu unless somebody tells you This is great! Yum! Very delicious! The secret ingredients are doing good job I can taste the garlic and Ago-dashi (Broth made from flying fish) It has such a strong taste I’d like to recommend it to those who are not satisfied with Tohu gratin so far It’s totally different! We can say it with confidence It’s good because it’s drained the water well Please remember that draining the water is must thing when you use Tohu Otherwise it won’t be delicious Yum! It’s tender and hot and so good Since we mashed Tohu well, the texture of the sauce is really smooth like white sauce This is like rich white sauce I can’t believe it’s made from Tohu Seriously I’ll order this menu in a restaurant Simply I want to eat it whether I’m on diet or not It was right to put Ago-dashi in the end Also even a little, the garlic is doing a good job You don’t really need to mind your breath with this amount it’s very good The taste is little bit like Japanese version Yeah a little The mushrooms are delicious as well The chickens are cooked in advance so they taste great Also all the ingredients hold the taste So we feel it’s very rich The mushrooms brought good flavor Seriously, with this recipe, I could try my best on diet When you are in carbohydrate restriction, this is such a great recipe, isn’t it? We don’t feel guilty at all Finished So today we introduced “Tohu gratin” which is low carbohydrate, high protein that we can recommend to those who are on diet This is such a revolutionary recipe, and you will never recognize Tohu when you eat it first time You will be surprised by the sauce And it is great that you can eat it without any guilty feeing As Ko-chan explained when cooking Make sure you drain the water well, season them enough, and use the secret ingredients such as garlic and ago-dashi (Broth made from flying fish) It changes everything It makes the sauce rich and delicious I’d like people who didn’t like Tohu gratin before to try it Of course I want to recommend it to those who try Tohu gratin first time It would be great recipe for people on diet They must be very happy And it’s simply easier to make than white sauce It’s easier and delicious You are incredible Thanks!! That’s all for today! Gochisosamadeshita Thanks for watching! See ya! Bye bye!

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  9. 豆腐をソースに使ったグラタンは作った事ないのでやってみたい!

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  14. 一味も二味も違うレシピを考える天才やわほんま。メタボなおっさんやけど毎日美味しい料理だけじゃなくメタボまで解消されそうやわ。ほんまいつもありがとう。ジムとか入会したろかな。

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  17. リクエストしていたやつですー!!!たまたまかもしれませんが、ありがとうございますm(*_ _)m

  18. おやっっっ。牛乳も生クリームも使わないんですね。。。すげー。。。
    何度もコメントをさせてもらってますが、お二人に心から感謝感謝ですm(_ _)m

  19. いつも期待以上の美味しさで驚いてますが今回は特に驚いたと妻が言っておりました。ダイエットしている時に豆腐グラタンを作る事があったんですがこんな美味しく出来たのは初めてだそうです。そんな私も仕事が遅くなり妻に夕食を作ってもらったんですが豆腐だと気付きませんでした(^_^;)

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  25. 今日作ったよ!!

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