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  1. Mr doctor was concerned with my higher cholesterol (229). I started keto 8 months ago and it and my LDL jumped. My other numbers are great. I'm not insulin resistant or overweight but I have more energy and am more clear headed on keto with IF. She didn't prescribe statins but she sent me a list of foods I should avoid- meaning everything I now eat. LOL
    BTW- maybe you could collaborate with Thomas DeLauer? He shares a lot of research etc and incorporates the needs of folks who want to build muscle.

  2. Hi Dr. Ken Berry,
    Love your Youtube channel for your advise and well structured way it is presented by you.
    You mentioned about collaboration with other experts in this video, I would just recommend that you check out Dr. B M Hegde. Please check you his lectures / interviews on YouTube. His views may interest you.

  3. but i thought that it has been shown dietary fat does increase cholesterol ? even if having high cholesterol is fine it can still be affected by increasing dietary fat

  4. Thank you for this video. I am not on keto, but have been worried sick about my cholesterol. I dont eat many carbs, but tons of fruit. Stopped eating so much fruit and loosing again. I will eat the foods on your list of keto foods to loose more, my waist circumference is .5. Thanks again you made me feel a little better.

  5. My father had a heart attack last year and is now on statins and some other stuff.
    I convinced him to try carnivore and he feels good.
    My concern is the statins. Would it be safe to cancel them now that he is eating a non inflammatory diet? Or is there a risk he still has inflammation and therefore actually might need them to prevent plack to build up again?
    Thankful for advice!

  6. What if you do all this keto and still have a border line waist line, And average A1C high triglycerides? I have been keto 2 years.

  7. I turned 40 and wanted my labs checked. I am also 33 weeks pregnant. My doc said, perfect…yes…let's check your lipid profile. My cholesterol and triglycerides came back high. What she didn't tell me is that it is common to have elevated levels during the third trimester and they don't go down until about 6 weeks post partum. So I am paying for these skewed results. Looking for a new doc!

  8. Why do you always have the sniffles (this isn't the 1st time I've seen this in your videos) Is that a result of keto, autophagy, IF, high humidity or a cold perhaps? BTW I enjoy your videos and value your information.

  9. Any concern if after 2 months on Keto + IF , and stopping 20mg atorvastatin, that all my cholesterol numbers including triglycerides have jumped to high from normal, or is this just too soon to be meaningful? (trig. now 186, was 139 , LDL went to 197 from 53 before, etc )

  10. For my high cholesterol, I`ve been employing this specific cholesterol guidebook “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) . For two months have passed already, I have constantly using this guide to drop my cholesterol. I can not take on Stalin because of sight effects. I expect my upcoming bloodword test. .

  11. Man, dreading my upcoming appt. on 10/1. Been doing Keto last few months and with intermittent fasting I figured an increase was coming. Total Cholesterol went up to 301, LDL 239. My doctor is going to blow up on me…..she thought it was high before. My sodium was a bit low, but everything else on lipid panel is "normal". Triglycerides at 66 and HDL 50 so, ratio is 1.3 which looks pretty great from what I've read. But as you know, the doctors will home in on LDL and flip out. Pray for me lol.

  12. Got my bloodwork done recently and my cholesterol went up double since last time checked. My dr want me to come back for more blood test. I was about worry until watching this video. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I’m 14 months on keto now!!!

  13. 2 month a go, I started, now I don't have type 2 diabetes,my kidneys is better up from 25 to 33, I lost 5 kilos because my body is just started to get in to it, as I started to fast since 9/9/2019///after I tried out how it can do…on my try out My sugar problem become no more LOL..I love it…2 month a go I was helpless nobody according to doctors…that they was going to fix me, don't know with what, yet my doctor was in disbelief about my diabetes, after all that today I told him, I am doing Keto..he say do whatever you doing it is good that he loves it but he don't know about it…Now he told me from my blood test that i should take lipitor, I say no..it is high…I say no…he tells me about my liver, yes afcours, it is the liver that started diabetes, is i lose all this carb fat it will be much better I told him…I JUST TOLD HIM ALL THE THINGS YOU SAY ON YOUR VIDEOS…HE HAS ANOTHER SONG ABOUT YOUR AGE, WHAT ABOUT IT…SOME THINGS I CAN GET MY KIDNEYS BACK UP TO 90 OR MORE…BECAUSE MY AGE..WELL WELL SEE WHAT OUR BODIES CAN DO GIVING A CHANCE…THANK YOU, YOU SAVE ANOTHER LIFE DOC…

  14. MY local GP checked my cholesterol levels and told me there too high. He then went on and compared my keto diet to the guy on Super Size me. I never went back lol. There has to be more awareness about this. If I thought to not question his advice I would be on Statins right now…and probably back to eating a carb based diet, scary stuff :/

  15. I just found this channel a couple of days ago and I have a question for anyone really. I had a stroke in May of this year. I am 57 years old. I had a 90 % blockage in my carotid artery plus a blood clot on my brain. I had an angioplasty and stent put in. Have not started keto yet. I'm on a statin as well as a anti-coagulant. Just wondering what role cholesterol played in all of this or do blockages in arteries have nothing to do with cholesterol levels? Yes, there is family history here as well. Blood clots run in the family.

  16. Just got back from my wellness check up. He was shocked at my high cholesterol results and said I was normal before. I explained my keto diet. My BMI is 21.63 All,other labs ok. He said it will clog my arteries. I said according to who,Ancel keys. ? Lol. He then said there is a study but didn’t name it. I said I’m not taking statins. He said well I can only advise you. With that, he left.

  17. You hit the nail on the head…… I got back from the doctors today been on keto for three months lost 24 pounds feel wonderful thought my blood results were going to be wonderful and my LDL is up five points higher than it was before I started keto, so of course she wanted to start me on a statin🥺…..well I said “no I really don’t want to do that” so she’s gonna do blood work again in 6 months and told me to “work on it”. My HDL and triglycerides were great along with all the other numbers. I left the office confused and bummed until I saw this video. Thank you so much for your help and updated information. You’re my go to when I have a medical conundrum, thanks again you’re great!💁🏻

  18. Thanks for the info. I'm a little nervous. I did a lipid panel and my LDL is 211 and my HDL is 79. Been doing Keto for 8 months. Triglycerides are 97. My doc is pill happy… any advice?

  19. Thanks Dr. Berry. the problem with my family is that they say we have this "gene type" cholesterol. We inherited the cholesterol so, ours are "different" ??? All my sisters are on the tablets bur I never had one in my life and do not even know my reading. Is there such a thing? One sister's little boy was born with this pieces of fat in the corners of his eyes and on his bum? He died at age 12.

  20. You mentioned ferritin as a marker for inflammation can you explain how you would lower this? I thought it was iron but my iron is actually kind of low.

  21. Day 2 on Keto: Fasted 13H with 1.5 lift workout at the end of fast. Just broke fast with zero carbs all meat and fats. God damn i feel good, so i happy i discovered this young, my goal is to live to 110 years old.

  22. If you get a pill from GP and you don't think you need it the answer is simple. Chuck it but be careful chucking pills and not taking them as religiously as I should resulted in me getting osteomyelitis.

  23. Thank you so much Dr. Berry! 💕
    I just saw my dr and when I told him I was doing keto for 2 mo and lost over 20 lbs he gave me a lab order to check my cholesterol.. I see him again in 3mo and i was concerned about it but this video cleared all my worries!

  24. A friend of mind has been consuming treatments as a result of cholesterol level clinically diagnosed on him. He does not love to consume seafood therefore this was a quick option for him. Getting this particular cholesterol guidebook “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) is the best alternative for him. After 2-3 weeks his cholesterol level have lowered and also the tablets are really easy to have. They do not leave an aftertaste. .

  25. I have been working with this particular cholesterol tutorial “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) for high Cholesterol. Have been employing it for about quite a few months and have witnessed my Cholesterol numbers decrease enough that I tend not to argue with my own Health care professional. ever again. I can not take on Stalin as a result of sight problems. I am hoping in acquiring positive outcomes with this medication. .

  26. If keto diet raises my cholesterol what kind is it? LDL Or HDL? And if it is LDL your telling me that it won’t cause arterial occlusion? Please help, I am new into keto diet

  27. Well, you have a lot of opinions and I hope they are well-founded. Since being on this diet for about 9 months my friend's cholesterol has shot up to 340. Of course he won't listen to his doctor because he listens to you, so I hope he lives to not regret it. He sent me a link to this video to allay my fears for him, but it hasn't, as your assertions do not seem to be based on science, but on personal myth.

  28. I am trying to convince my parents to do this. My father has had a heart attacks and a stroke last year. My mother told me last night that my dad cannot do this diet ( age 75) because of his coronary heart disease. This may be a stupid question but isn’t that precisely why he needs to do this? ( change to keto WOE) What can I tell them?

  29. Dr. Berry, what are your thoughts on medjool dates? I bought some sugar made from them as a brown sugar sugar substitute. I fell in love until I saw the carb count in them. Which outweighs the other? The higher carbs or the nutrients provided by them? I know it doesn't pertain to this video, but I went to your u-tube site but didn't see a way to contact you. PLEASE FORGIVE the intrusion on your great video

  30. Studies show that people with insanely high cholesterol levels (400, for example) live longer. It's just the opposite of everything we've been taught!

  31. How about collaborating with a kidney specialist like Dr Jason Fung and discuss the role of the kidneys and the effects of a Ketogenic diet on the kidneys. Please discuss IgA neuropathy (Berger’s kidney disease) why they use statins for kidney function and will a Ketogenic diet hurt or help kidney function if someone was diagnosed with this “rare” disease.

  32. Help needed. After 5 months of KETO, i reduced 15 kg and lipids profile improved a lot, but HbA1c increased from normal to pre-diabetic even though that day my fasting glucose was 90. blease helb

  33. this is BS cholesterol is a major role in heard disease and liver function. high Cholesterol is bad. should you stay on a statin if your on keto

  34. I would like to see you collaborate with Dr. James Biscup in Bellevue, Nebraska and Marrilea Reeves at Real Health Medical Eagles Landing, Stockbridge, Georgia.

  35. My Dad has been acquiring this unique cholesterol guidebook “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it). His own cholesterol readings are a lot better than mine. The product is surely recommended. When compared with several other treatment options, this provided him better readings on his cholesterol and also have no plans of changing this remedy guide. .

  36. I just told my doctor last week I was starting the keto diet and he said it helps you lose weight but we do not suggested due to your cholesterol being at hurtful levels call

  37. been on keto for a year, lost 60 lbs and dropped anti depressant and one of two blood pressure pills. since i have arrhythmia, i kept taking the beta blocker. I wanted to get of the atorvistatin so the doc tried me off that drug for 6 weeks and then my "numbers' went way up, he said and then he had me start back taking the statin drug again.
    I really want to stop taking that pill; can I? thanks

  38. Im a 39 year old male with cholesterol 208 triqlyceride 262 ,hdl 35, ldl 121, vldl 173 ,a1c 4.8 glucose 91, doctor didnt give me anything what should i do?

  39. No, we SHOULD be mad at those doctors, Dr. Berry! It is their job to take care of us, to be informed and not CAUSE harm, right? People should not have to go on youtube for decent healthcare when we pay ridiculous amounts for healthcare, for insurance if we can even get it, and lose our homes and our lives when we can't pay. Sure, doctors have personal lives. But I can guarantee you that they took out time to watch your videos and form a negative opinion on the crucial important work you are doing rather than look into it and READ. You, Dr. Fung, and many others are out here working tirelessly to get the message out yet so many other doctors resist and even fight it. We should should be steaming mad at them!!!

    Okay, just needed to get that off my chest. Thank you so much for speaking on this and all else you speak on for optimal health. You are important and loved!

  40. Collaborate with Dr. Mark Hyman. He was the first person I heard talk about eating more fat and eventually my path to health led to keto.

  41. I've always wondered why HDL is included in total cholesterol numbers and counted against you. Doesn't make sense. My HDL numbers have been terrible in the past and I'm looking forward to seeing improvement in them at my next health screening since starting HFLC diet even though my total cholestro numbers may show change or even increase. Thank you Dr. Berry. I feel so much better since making the change. My sinus problems have cleared up and I've lost 16 pounds.

  42. Lisa Haven. She is intelligent and her reports are always up to date and informative. Truly a gem on YouTube. As you are. I'm losing weight and feeling great. Thanks Doc.

  43. Hi dr Barry,, thankyou for all the great,,, outside the box truths on eating. Healthy… could you please do a video on artery clogging oils and fats….. so many people I know are having strokes… 80% blocked ,,, arteries,,, etc. including. My mom,,, Can years of build up be reversed..?? Or cleaned out?? Thanks for what you do…

  44. doc, you may collaborate with Dr. Nick Zyrowski or Dr. Sten Ekberg. Because you and them are rock 'n roll star doctors helping mankind improve their health.

  45. Thank you for this video. I just did my first lipid panel since starting keto and my LDL was high and my glucose was 100 which the lab flagged. My doctor sent me a message and told me not to worry because my overall risk for heart disease is low (triglycerides in range and HDL on the higher side). I was a little concerned about my glucose though because it's never been high and I have cut out all sugar so we are going to do the 3 month A1C test and just to further set my mind at ease we are going to do a calcium scoring test to check for plaque buildup. Anyway, I'm so happy that my doctor didn't try to throw more pills at me and looked at my overall risk instead of just one number.

  46. I would love to see you colaborate with the following: Dr. Eric Berg DC, Thomas DeLauer, Dr. John Bergman, and Dennis Pollock-Beat Diabetes!

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