10 Leaky Gut Healing Mistakes To Avoid

Greetings, Eric Bakker, naturopath from New
Zealand. Thanks for coming back and checking out this
video. I got an interesting bunch of questions from
a lady on YouTube, a subscriber, a lady called Michelle from Arizona. Michelle’s asking me a few different questions
about leaky gut and the kind of things she needs to avoid in order to heal, to expedite
healing, to feel better a lot quicker. This one’s for you Michelle. I’ve entitled this video The 10 Leaky Gut
Healing Mistakes to Avoid. This is, again, based on a lot of experience
and seeing people for a long time, with all kinds of digestive problems, things we’re
going to talk about now. These are the 10, some of the 10 key things
I see as being obstacles to cure, obstacles to get you better. I don’t usually like using the cure word,
the obstacles that are in your path and hindrances to recovery. What do you think number one is? Number one is something that I talk a lot
about, is drinking alcohol. Even drinking occasionally alcohol over a
period of three to six months is going to be a big obstacle in your way to recover from
leaky gut. Notice how I’ve put it up the top of the
list number one, because in my opinion it’s one of the most important ones, the most overlooked. We’re talking about even one drink per week
or one drink per month. Really this is something that you want to
avoid altogether in your quest to get well from any kind of digestive problem. This is not just leaky gut. We’re talking constipation. We’re talking diarrhea. We talking parasites. We talking candida. We’re talking the small intestinal bacterial
overgrowth. We’re talking inflammatory bowel disease. We’re talking food allergies. We’re talking many different types of problems
that are affecting your GI tract. If you want to get well, you just have to
stop this. That’s all I’m going to say about that matter. It’s up to you. Then you’ll say to me, “But how long do
I have to stop for?” Well, how long is a piece of string? Is it an inch or is it a mile? I mean it comes in all different lengths and
shapes and sizes, doesn’t it? You need to cut out the alcohol as long as
you can, and particularly as we go through the list here you’ll understand how it forms
part and parcel with many of the other things that we’re going to bring up. But needless to say we’re looking at a period
of minimum three to six months if you’ve got leaky gut. Point number two, another mistake to avoid,
not eating the correct way, not eating the correct way. Eating correctly for leaky gut is more than
just a bowl of bone broth once a day. It’s more than just the kind of foods that
you’re going to eat. We’re going to bring up eating a little bit
in this video because there’s a lot about eating and leaky gut. By not eating the correct way some people
for example are going to rely more in supplements, they’re going to take more probiotics to offset
the bad effects of certain carbohydrates that they eat. In my book I write about eating on instinct. I like people to eat instinctly, meaning that
if a food makes them feel sick or bloated or bad, they avoid that kind of food. Remember, foods are like people in your life. You’ve got relationships with them. Some people you like and you hang around with. Some people you don’t like and you’re hanging
around less with. Some people are a pain in the ass, you don’t
like them at all and they aggravate the hell out of you. Are we going to hang around those people or
not? You’re probably not, you’re probably going
to be less available. Now try and see foods a little bit like relationships,
you’ve got relationships with them. Some are going to feel good for you. Some are going to feel bad. Some are going to feel terrible. So eat on instinct. Eat with your gut feeling. Remember that. Your gut feeling may for example tell you
that food A maybe not on a particular list that you found on a forum or a blog or some
call experts told you to eat this kind of food, but when you eat it you feel bad, then
you should avoid that food. Always avoid foods that make you feel weird
in any kind of way, regardless of what they are. That’s what I call eating on instinct. When you develop that instinct, if you’re
chewing food properly, you’re selecting the right foods for you personally, not for what’s
on blog or forum or book says, you’re going a long way towards eating correctly. Now you know that having fries and soda is
not a good idea for example. You don’t need to have an instinct about that,
unless you’re … [inaudible 00:04:32], you don’t need to be told that kind of stuff. You know that you’ve got to avoid the kind
of junky kind of crap. I’ve done enough videos on this YouTube channel
to show you guys what kind of foods in my opinion are the best foods to eat. Go back and have a look at those foods because
I’m not going to just go on and on about what to eat on this video. But eating the correct way and eating long
enough is the best way for leaky gut. Simple foods are the best foods. In my opinion a basic protein and maybe a
salad or some vegetables is enough for a meal. Simplistic meals tend to heal the gut a lot
more readily than complicated meals. Point number three, thinking that only diet
and food, nutrition will fix the problem. Some people are so anal and focused on food
and so anxious about food, we’ll talk again about that a bit later on, but their whole
focus is on what they eat. Now food … you may not agree with me, but
food only forms a small part of healing a leaky gut. You’ve got much bigger fish to fry than just
diet alone. There are a lot more things that make up the
sum of healing that gut apart from just what you put in here. That’s a very, very narrow approach if you
think that purely what you eat will fix up the gut. In my opinion it forms maybe 5 or 10% of healing
a leaky gut. But if that 5 or 10% is not there or incorrect,
you’re not going to heal anyway. There are a lot of reasons why you need to
eat the right kind of food. But I can tell you now based on seeing a lot
of people, it doesn’t form the overwhelming reason why you’re going to recover or not. I see many people recover with poor gut function,
even on diets that I didn’t think were fantastic, but they still fully recovered. That’s experience. I can tell you. It really works for some people. Point number four. Let me just have a look what I’ve got written
down here. This is an interesting one. This links up with point three, thinking about
the minutiae. I see this with many patients over the years. People get pretty anal and they get really
reductionist, thinking that the whole problem is GMO foods. It’s all because they ate some food that was
GMO and their gut was destroyed, thinking their entire gut problem is because of mercury
fillings, or oxalates in the diet, or because they’re eating foods that are high in histamine,
or because of specific types of reasons in their diet why they’ve got this gut problem. They tend to reduce things down to one thing
and that becomes the whole problem. They become anally, obsessed, and focused
about that one particular thing. They may even seek out a doctor who’s an expert
in mercury or expert in histamine, just to fix that one thing, and then they realize
it didn’t make any difference at all. Don’t get bogged down with one tiny little
thing because it usually doesn’t make that much difference in the big scheme of things. Point number five, expecting a bunch of pills
to seal the deal. Supplements alone will not fix up leaky gut. Leaky gut needs to be addressed with correct
way of thinking, correct way of eating, correct way of living, it needs to be addressed on
a whole wide range of different topics. You’re not going to fix this by popping a
probiotic in your mouth every five minutes. It’s not going to do it. Supplements do form an important part of the
process, but they are not the main thing that’s going to get you better. Failure to address the underlying causes is
number six. We’ve done other videos before on causes of
leaky gut. One of the primary causes is antibiotics. Other causes could be antibiotics in food,
eating a lot of commercial poultry, eating deep-fried poultry from these commercial chains,
not a good idea if you have leaky gut, high-stress, not chewing properly, poor lifestyles, not
sleeping properly, spending too much time on the internet, all these sorts of things
could be potentially underlying causes. It’s good for you to examine your diet and
lifestyle in detail. Have a good think about what could be improved. If you’re failing in business and you talk
to a business mentor or an accountant, often he or she will sit down and say, “Well,
you know what Michele? The way I see it, this isn’t really right
about your business, and I think X, Y, Z are some of the problems behind it.” Maybe you need to get some professional advice
or get another pair of eyes on your case of someone to look at it objectively and say,
“Well, I think this could be a big problem for you.” You know what? We don’t often think that our lifestyle’s
imperfect. We think we’ve got the perfect lifestyle,
until we talk to somebody else and they’ll point something out and say, “Well, this
might need fix-up.” Point number seven, basically the point I’m
trying to make here is that your way of thinking has a big effect on the gut. This links up to the last point really with
stress, but thinking can have a big effect on leaky gut. We call the gut the second brain. We’ve got the primary brain and the second
brain. When you’re feeling sick for a long time and
you’ve got a gut problem, stress can come in between you and the way you think about
things. You can be obsessed about foods. You could be obsessed about pain. You could be just about supplements. You could be obsessed about going to forums
or blog sites or things like that. You’re thinking too much about the problem. You’re thinking way too much about the problem. How about taking your mind away from the gut
and away from some forum for more than an hour or a day or a week? How about going outside and enjoying living
and stop your way of thinking, stop this obsessive thinking about your health all the time? I’ve done a video on this, quite a popular
one that’s had quite a few thousand views about stop thinking about how bad you feel
all the time. It’s not a good idea. Of course, if you go to the internet and social
media, a lot of people are going to agree with you because they feel like crap, you
feel like crap, so you can talk about all the time about how you feel like crap together,
and that will just keep you in that crappy pool the whole time. You’ve got to get out of this way of thinking. That’s point number seven. Point number eight, we’re talking about the
10 leaky gut healing mistakes to avoid, remember? Forgetting that lifestyle may play a huge
role in leaky gut syndrome. This may play a bigger role than actually
what you’re eating. Remember, we said that food plays a maybe
10% role in leaky gut recovery. We could be looking at a 80, 90% component
here with lifestyle and way of thinking. I got a fantastic email from a lady just before,
living in a Mediterranean country, who’s been sick for a long, long time. I’m going to just see if I can find her email
here. And here it is. I received it on the 31st of January. I’m not going to mention her name. Hi Eric. Just an update. I’ve been doing your recommendations for a
whole month now and changes have been amazing. Guess what? I’m now weighing an amazing 54 kilos, which
is about 108 pounds, a weight which I’ve never been able to get up to. My skin is looking healthy. I’m so much more energetic. I feel like a new person. What else does she … Thank you for helping
me find a way to my well-being, the greatest gift of all. Now this lady’s way of thinking was wrong. She wasn’t thinking right. Her diet was amazing. She had an incredible diet. She probably ate better food than all you
guys out there looking at this video. She did everything right, but she wasn’t thinking
right. We spoke a lot about that. I’ve worked with her with a special person,
special type counseling person. She’s changing the way she thinks about things,
her weight’s coming up, and she’s feeling amazing. I’ve seen this time and time and time again,
that many people have got the wrong way of thinking, and that can prohibit them from
healing. No matter how good the bone broth is, no matter
how good the probiotics are, no matter how anally and scrupulous you are in getting the
right kind of organic food, if your way of thinking is wrong, it’s all going to turn
to crap. Point number nine, expectation of needing
only 30 days to get well. Again, this comes back to the way of thinking. You may need longer than 30 days. You may need 60 days. You may need 90 days. You may need a whole year to get well. You need to do whatever it takes to get better. Time should not really become a factor for
you. If you’ve been sick a long, long time watching
this video, you need to forget about looking at your watch and saying, “Oh my god, it’s
been two weeks and I’m still feeling like crap.” Remember the way you’re thinking. This brain affects this brain here. So you need to stop that. You need to entirely stop that. My experience tells me that things always
take longer than you expect, always. Anything worthwhile in life, double the time
that you expect it’s going to happen and it will probably happen. That counts for education, it counts for making
money or business or for health or for relationships, whatever you want in life, it always takes
longer, it always costs more, and it always requires more effort. Those are the things in life that are really
worthwhile doing. Therefore, you should get more experience
and understand these concepts, allow yourself a lot of slack, allow yourself that, to be
in that, because if you keep kicking yourself up the butt all the time, “I’m not well
yet, I’m not well yet,” you’re going to really affect that gut, and remember regardless
of what you eat. Point number 10, it basically culminates all
of the things we spoke about is stress. Stress is one of the biggest problems when
it comes to leaky gut. The gut becomes extremely permeable and more
problematic under the presence of high amounts of stress, hormone cortisol and various other
hormones that get produced. The primary action of the fight-or-flight
syndrome or the stress axis is to make sure that our blood gets diverted from our digestive
system to the peripheral parts of the body to evade or escape stress. That’s the sympathetic mode. If you keep kicking yourself up the butt,
keep worrying about exactly how the bone broth is made, keep being really concerned about
food all the time, or think about it, or obsess about food, this to me is a stress, so you
are in the fight-or-flight. You’re decreasing your immunity, you’re
decreasing your movement of food through the GI tract, you’re reducing your ability for
your body to make digestive enzymes. All of these things are being caused because
of stress. So what have we basically said in these 10
videos? What we’ve basically said is I want you
guys to heal from leaky gut, to relax a heck of a lot more than you are, to eat on instinct,
take your time, be a very patient person. Many of the comments I get on YouTube I see
are from very impatient people. “Get to the point,” one guy said to me. When you become a very impatient person and
you’ve got a short fuse, it tells me that you’re a high stress person and you’ve probably
got a digestive problem. Supplements are important we said, but they’re
not the be-all end-all. Taking a good quality supplement one or two
things is definitely going to help, particularly if they take them for a period of three to
six months, it’s going to really help. You may want to think about anti-microbials
and probiotics, enzymes, things like that. Check out my CanXida range of CanXida Remove
and Restore because they’re going to help people with leaky gut tremendously. Low dose three to six months, excellent outcome,
particularly if you use the lifestyle factors that we discussed in this video. That’s one of the most important things I
want to get across, it’s the same thing I said in my book, recovery amounts to 75% of
lifestyle choices that you make. Leaky gut is something you can definitely
heal from and it shouldn’t take any more than three to six months to get a full recovery
from leaky gut. What’s the outcome of that? Way more health like in this lady’s case,
considerably healthy-looking skin, better sleep, better well-being, improved mood, just
feeling better in general. And that’s what a good life is all about,
it’s about feeling amazing, having amazing relationships with other people, being successful
in your endeavors in life, and feeling very happy. That’s what I hope I’ve left you on a happy
note, and also a hopeful note saying that you can and will fully recover from leaky
gut by following some of these tips I’ve laid out in this video. I want to thank you all for tuning in today. Don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you.

27 Replies to “10 Leaky Gut Healing Mistakes To Avoid”

  1. Dr. Bakker these days people got 90,000 dollar image and two dollar common sense. As the saying goes common sense is not so commom these days.

    If it was then people would have more patient. Instant gratification has become a sickness, people wanna become millionaire overnight while they been broke decades and these same people wanna become healthy overnight while they been sick for decades.

    I can go on and on but thank you for doing this video. Your channel saved my life.

  2. I don't see how 1 beer a week can be a problem for the gi tract, especially for a young person. Beer contains 13 minerals. That being said Eric, you are the man! Thank you so much for your contribution to the health of the human race! Stay awesome bro.

  3. Life style and stress is my issues. I love that you keep reinforcing that life style is 80-90% the problem. I have had many traumas and I am working with a great councilor. I believe I'm going to heal now. I'm changing my thinking and my life style. Thanks so much for all you do and your information. 😘

  4. I have never drunk alcohol but I have had a sweet tooth. Is refined sugar as bad as alcohol, how would you rate the toxicity of these substances for the gut?

    These days however, the consumption of these vices of mine are quite low. Coffee 1 – 2 cups a week, and sweets in the form of dark chocolate and other "healthier" forms of treats in moderate/low amounts about once a week. Do I still need to step up my game to overcome these (sibo, candida, leaky gut) problems that I may or may not have? I assume that otherwise my diet is quite healthy.

  5. Do you have a video you could point me to with your diet plan/recommendation for leaky gut? I have been trying to tackle it but am having difficulties succeeding.

  6. finally a doctor who takes into consideration also the mental part❤, because thoughts do influence our reality.
    Just subscribed! I don't think I have leaky gut but I still want to take more care about my gut because I still haven't got fully over my acne. What do you think about the consume of lectins on our gut?

  7. Im stuck on aspirin for the rest of life after having by-pass surgery 7
    years ago and now i have leaky gut can i still heal my gut while on
    these meds ive been told not to get off them but ive heard they mite of
    caused it over time so now im like what the hell doctors you doomed me
    im from the Uk and when i mention it to doctors they just give me a
    funny face

  8. Add in surgeries, especially any abdominal surgeries on the digestive tract, and you got an even bigger problem that needs a functional medicine doctor's approach.

  9. Please mention also hard to digest foods (raw vegetables, etc.), since it can be pretty important for someone with impaired gut. Its difficult to adhere to the eat more vegetables part" of the candida or other diet when the gut is in mess (not avoiding them permanently, ofcourse)

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