11 Unexpected Links to Cancer

Dr. Axe: Hey guys, Dr. Axe here along with
Jordan Rubin. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. On this video, we’re going to go through the
11 unexpected links to cancer. And there are surprising things in your house,
in your environment, that are causing cancer. And we’re going to teach you how to avoid
and get rid of those things for the most part, right Jordan? How many people today, think about, are impacted
by cancer in some way? Jordan: It’s millions and millions and it’s
only growing. All of us have either been touched personally
by cancer or our family. I’ve overcome cancer. Josh’s mom overcame cancer, that’s just right
here. This is a crazy story. Back in high school, four of us were in a
group as seniors for being recognized for something, and this is, you know, we’re 41,
42. Two out of the four of us had cancer before
we were 35 years old, that’s four people in our high school class that were athletes or
academic successes, two out of four. And that’s so far. That’s crazy. So we’re going to talk about this, how it
is destroying families. Yesterday I got an email to try to help somebody,
a mother who is 49 diagnosed with stage three breast cancer, and her son who’s 18 stage
four melanoma. Like, that’s a mom has cancer and her son
has cancer. I mean, this is, how do you deal with this? Well, you deal with it by prevention. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of
cure. So if you know and love someone with cancer
get this video to them and make sure to prevent the disease because that’s the only way to
truly cure something 100%, never get it. Dr. Axe: Yeah. Point number one here, actually an unexpected
link to cancer is where you live. If you live in a city that has a lot of smog,
you know, issues, I mean, we’ve all heard of things like L.A., you know, driving into
that area or . . . and an area like Mexico City. I mean, many of the cities today versus being
out in nature, it makes a big difference. We know when you’re around plants, you know,
it’s increasing oxygenation within your body, a lot of the carbon dioxide that we’re getting,
and the things are happening when you’re . . . and getting these exhausts, you know, the fumes
from exhaust and other environmental pollutants, there’s no doubt that living in an area where
there’s more farms more nature is healthier for the body. But one of the tips is, hey, if you live in
the city, get out more. You know, get out in the country more, go
for walks in a park, doing that more is going to help you combat cancer. Jordan: And I got a comment here on the where
you live. We know that there are certain cancer clusters,
especially when you live near industry. And there was one near where I grew up, where
8, 10, 12 people developed brain cancer due to something that was like a toxic dumping
of waste from a major aeronautical engineering company. And you do hear about this. There was another place in Central California,
in a valley surrounded by conventional farming where the pesticides and other residues would
leak out. I know you might be saying, “What? You want me to move?” If that’s what it takes, it’s better to move
than to die. Dr. Axe: Certain places. Jordan: Right, absolutely. Scented candles and air fresheners, this is
a tough one. A lot of people, especially that drive trucks,
have those ridiculous fresheners in there. They have a bunch of junk, plugins, they have
junk, candles, “Oh, that’s beautiful, that’s nice.” Do you see this green? That’s not a real color. There are so many toxins in candles, particularly
scented candles. But on the flipside, essential oils can actually
create a wellness environment. Get rid of that junk. You can buy beeswax and soy candles, and they
can be non-GMO and healthy. Just go to your health food store or online
and do it. Dr. Axe: Much better options. Number three, happy hour. Now this is funny. I’ll say this, you know, maybe the community
aspect of happy hour could benefit the body, but excess intake of alcohol can absolutely
harm the body. Your body, your liver is having to deal. Your liver is already so burdened with environmental
toxins and chemicals in our food supply and emotional stress. You liver bears a lot of that, add excess
alcohol to the mix. If somebody’s especially drinking consistently
all the time, it’s very hard on the body. It’s hard on the liver, it’s also hard on
your digestive system, in terms of your body having to deal with a lot of dampness from
beer, that’s a principle in Chinese medicine. But overall, we’re not telling you not to
have community and have a happy hour, but a happy hour, or somebody is throwing back
two, three, four plus beers on a regular basis, that’s hard on the body because of alcohol. And it’s toxic, and then all the excess calories
in beer. Number four Jordan, dust. Jordan: This is hard because a lot of us have
upper respiratory issues to begin with. But when we’re exposed to a lot of dust in
general, you know what I hate when I see in the house, when a light shines in the air
and there’s all that dust? If it’s your home, you can get special air
conditioning filters, they’re very inexpensive. More houseplants will help. And you can get air purifiers or ionizers. If it’s your work environment, wear protective
gear. Sawdust can lodge in the lungs and can create
overall health challenges. Lung cancer is one of the most common certainly
areas for metastasis in a cancer situation. Dr. Axe: Yeah. Number five here, food packaging. We know a lot of these food packages today
contain bisphenol A, which are found in plastics. Certain types of aluminum, oftentimes glues. So again, I would say this, especially if
you’re packing your food, use glass, use stainless steel containers when you’re drinking out
of those things, as well. That’s going to help reduce that overall toxicity. Jordan: Sunscreens. Now, I was just on a vacation to Hawaii. I had a great time. But we made sure to bring our either do-it-yourself
homemade sunscreen or our sunscreen that we bought that was made with natural and organic
ingredients. There’s some toxic crud in here. Truth be told, we need a little bit of sun
but we don’t want to burn. So do not burn, but try to use a natural organic
sunscreen. We have a great DIY sunscreen recipe right
at draxe.com. It’s less expensive. And not only is it non-toxic, it’s as actually,
healthful and soothing for the body. This is definitely something you can make
yourself but certainly don’t buy the common conventional chemicalized version. It’s going to cause damage. Dr. Axe: Number seven here, lack of sunlight. So Jordan talked about . . . it’s a healthy
balance, okay? You don’t want to get burnt but at the same
time you want to get sun to support your body in the production of vitamin D. We’ve got to have vitamin D. Vitamin D has
been linked to improve your health. Number one, in fighting cancer, it’s been
shown to help support hormone balance, really. Aside from being a vitamin, it’s a prohormone. When you get sunlight, I was reading the article
Jordan has said, it really creates some beneficial antimicrobials, helping balance out good and
bad bacteria in the body. So sunlight, in general, is so beneficial
for your health, especially for those vitamin D levels, which help you fight cancer. Jordan: And you want to get some sunlight
in your eyes because we need the right spectrum of sun. That’s happy hours. Viruses and bacteria. Now, there’s been a lot of argument over the
years of what causes cancer and there is a reason to believe that the viral and bacterial
load, particularly that imbalance, that Dr. Axe just spoke about, can contribute to immune
system breakdown and therefore cancer. You have got to develop a shield about you. Essential oils, probiotics, herbs and spices,
do that throughout the day to help your gut resist bad microbes and fight back. This is incredibly important in the world
we live in, where people come off international flights wearing masks. It’s a scary world out there. Bacterial and viral exposure can’t be avoided. Building a healthy immune system absolutely
can. And just as you can learn more about sunscreen
formulas on draxe.com, you can find out how to bacteria or germproof your body on draxe.com,
as well. Herbs, spices, essential oils, probiotics,
we’ll start getting you there. Dr. Axe: Number nine here, working the night
shift. I remember Jordan, doing my radio show years
ago, and having a lot of people calling at night, and they worked the night shift. And just the fact that they were working all
night was causing major health issues. We know that we’re supposed to live in rhythm
with nature with the sun. Many of you have heard of circadian rhythms. This is known from the study of Greek medicine,
Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, different organs are working harder at certain times. We know, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., is really
when your liver is dumping and detoxing. Well, if you’re working during that time,
especially if you’re working something, concentrating, or frustrated with something, it actually
affects your liver. Doesn’t allow your body to fully detox and
cleanse. And then you’re probably not getting as much
sunlight because you’re maybe sleeping during the day. A lot of these things add up and can really
throw off your cortisol levels, insulin levels, melatonin levels. All that to say, working the night shift has
in studies, been shown to increase your risk of disease and potentially cancer. So an ideal world really work to over time
try and find a way to get that day shift instead. Jordan: Burnt or fried foods. One of my great aunts used to burn a lot of
things and so they would always refer to her food choices as Cajun, you know, but it wasn’t
intentionally Cajun. That was a nice way of saying, “Aunt Bella,
you’re burning our stuff.” Burnt, fried foods or grilled foods in the
presence of charcoal can create problems. Acrylamides and other compounds such as advanced
glycation end products can be formed. Now, people don’t really know what grilling
or frying means. We’re talking about deep-frying, especially
when you add the wrong oils and the wrong sources of breading. Grilling in the abundance of a lot of close
flame charcoal, but you can sauté, you can wok-fry as long as it’s the right kind of
oils. But you want to avoid deep-frying and excessive
grilling. There are ways to do this better. But charred meats, that crispy dark edge,
can create some problems. They have shown that people that consume deep-fried
and charcoaled or grilled meats have a higher incidence of cancer. Dr. Axe: Number eleven, too much TV. Now, this is something to where so many of
us today. It’s not just . . . now TV is one thing. It’s also being on, you know, the cellular
phones all day, computer screens. But TV, the thing that really happens a lot
of times Jordan, I heard somebody say, today, rather than living life, we’re watching it
on the sidelines. And so think about the average person, you
know, the hours of TV the average person watches. Jordan: I don’t remember but I’m about to
find out, I suppose. Dr. Axe: It was in between four and a half
and six hours every single day. Think about what somebody could do, let’s
say five, five hours a day, if they were reading or playing with their kids or doing something
outside or exercising or a million other things. The truth is, one of the biggest reasons why
I hear people say, “Well, I can’t get healthy or I can’t do something,” is “I don’t have
time.” The truth of the matter is most of us have
time, and even if you cut the number of shows you watch in half, and I understand the benefit. Some of us have worked hard. We just want to shut our brains up for a time. One of the issues is, though, it doesn’t really
shut your brain off in the right way when you watch TV. Another thing is when you’re getting a lot
of that blue light it’s keeping your melatonin from raising as soon, which actually can cause
cortisol to stay high and you’re not getting as restful sleep at night so your body can’t
completely recover. So there are a lot of dangers of watching
too much TV. And Jordan has six kids, Jordan, how do you
deal with, especially kids who want to watch TV, what checks and balances do you guys have
in your family? Jordan: Well, it’s hard with parents too because
there are times when you have a variety of different ages, where you want to plop them
down in front of the TV, forgetting about what the content on the TV is. I like to live life not watch life because
TV, and it’s TV, it’s YouTube videos. Not this one, this is a great one, but people
just are watching things that other people are doing, reality TV of course. And we’re following all these people on Twitter,
“Oh, what did they do? What did they do?” That’s really a drug. We’re trying to escape our life and engage
in someone else’s. I like movies, I like music, I like sports,
certainly, and I like some television. But at the end of the day cut the time down
for your kids, for you. Think about it, TV time means you’re not outside. You’re not getting sunlight. One of the reasons that people who have cancer
tend to watch more TV that that correlation is it also correlates to less exercise. So when you’re watching more TV you’re not
exercising, exercise decreases the cancer risk, but hey, this is something that anybody
can do, cut down your TV time, go outside and walk, get some sun, breathe some fresh
air. Get out of the city. Indoor air is more polluted than outdoor,
all these good reasons. Dr. Axe: Yeah. Make these changes that we talked about. It is going to do wonders in fighting cancer,
preventing cancer. And hey, if you’ve enjoyed this video, make
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  3. Eleven unexpected Links to Cancer for those who don't want to watch
    1. Where you live e.g cancer clusters near industry
    2. Scented candles and air freshners (toxic chemicals buy essential oils, soy candles and beeswax instead)
    3. Happy Hour (excess alchol)
    4. Sawdust (wear protective gear, use air purifiers)
    5. Food Packing (use glass, stainless steel containers)
    6. Certain Sunscreens (try to use natural or organic sunscreen, lots of toxic stuff in sunscreen)
    7. Lack of Sunlight (production of vitamin d )
    8. Certain Virus' and Bacteria (develop sheild to help your body resist bad microbes and fight back) – essential oils, probiotic, herbs and spices.
    9. Working the Night Shift
    10. Burnt or fried foods (or grilled foods in the presence of charcol) Deep frying with the wrong oils.
    11. Too much TV

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