2 Important Factors To Consider When Designing A Healthy Sports Diet

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A Healthy Sports Diet They say that great artists are made, not
born. The same could also be said for athletes. Of course, genetics plays a large part in
differentiating a mere athlete from a sports champion, but to be able to attain that legendary
status in the Hall of Fame, an aspiring sportsman must go through the strictest of diets that
will help shape and strengthen the physique. By drinking sufficient amounts of water and
consuming a balanced diet, the body can generate a lot of energy which will greatly help in
boosting for top athletic performance. What are the factors to be considered in designing
a complete and healthy natural sports nutrition program? 1. Hydration Obviously, the most important thing in natural
sports nutrition is water. The significance of water can never be discounted
because the human body is composed of sixty percent of it, and every bodily function cannot
work without water. The good old eight-cups-of-water-a-day recommendation
is essential because the body must replace the water it eliminates, like sweat and urine. Here are some helpful reminders to maintain
proper hydration: -Instead of slugging humongous amounts of
water in infrequent sittings, drink small portions in frequent durations. -Cold beverages aid the body in cooling down
body temperature, therefore cutting down the amount of sweating. -One should drink 2-3 cups of water for every
pound that the body losses after exercising. 2. Sources of Fuel A balanced diet is another must for natural
sports nutrition. Athletes must acquire the perfect combination
of calories that can be consumed from protein, carbohydrates and fats, which are great sources
of energy. Carbohydrates are the most important fuel
source, which can be found in foods such as breads, pastas, rice, fruits, veggies and
cereals. These foods can supply the body about seventy
percent of the needed daily calories. Carbs provide the body the power and endurance
it needs for short-duration activities that involve maximum level of intensity. This fuel comes from the energy given by sugar
and starches that the body converts. Here are strategies to maximize the potential
of carbs: -Start loading up on carbs at least several
days before prior to the competition. -Carbs should be consumed in greater amounts
in the duration of activities that lasts more than one hour to fend off the onset of fatigue. Another imperative factor in natural sports
nutrition is proteins. Athletes should eat lots of dairy, eggs, meats,
fish and chicken, along with nuts and beans. Protein supplies as much as fifteen percent
of calories in the body. To determine the amount of protein needed
by an athlete, the following factors should be considered: his fitness level, the type
of exercise along with its duration and intensity, and his overall carb and calorie intake. The last fuel source that is important for
natural sports nutrition is fats. There are two kinds: saturated and unsaturated. Although it is a significant component in
nutrition, the intake of fats should be strictly monitored. Too much consumption of fats may lead to major
health problems such as cancer and heart disease. The road to sports excellence is not easy. Along with fostering courage and determination,
athletes have to follow the strict regimen brought on by natural sports nutrition. But all of these will be worth the trouble
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