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Hello! Thanks for being here today. I
wanted to show you what you get with the 21 Day Vegetarian Meal Plan when you
order it. I made it super easy and fun to use and you’ll be super excited when you
get yours in the mail once you see what you get in the package. So, let’s
start by opening the box that comes and it comes in this beautiful white box. You
have a wonderful… You can see the substantial box that holds the binder
and the inserts and some other fun stuff. I love that it’s a physical binder for
many reasons I’m about to show you. But first of all, because you don’t have to
print the 220 pages and use up all your ink and paper. So, when you
open the box you see the cover in the binder but we’re taking I took it out of
the package and let me remind you that most of the recipes are designed for two
people so the portions and amounts and servings are for two people. There are
some recipes lasagna for example that are difficult to make in that small of a
portion so it’s got more servings but you can eat that over the next few days
or you can easily freeze the extra portions. You can even make it for a
potluck that you’re going to and have more than enough to share. First, look at
the packet that comes with it. You get large samples of the spices that
Nickanny’s Kitchen sells because they are part of some of the recipes and I
want you to be able to taste test them before you buy them. This is enough spice
to last you through several versions of the recipes. Then even have them to other
recipes because they’re salt free low in potassium and phosphorus. You have the
Texas Twist, Toasted Onions and Garlic and More spices that you can use. Texas
Twist is a little spicy and adds zest to the meals without salt. I have a lot of
repeat customers for that one and the Toasted Onion. And the Toasted Onion has
a toasted flavor in a dried onion that is again salt free and easy to use. Add
it to recipes where you might want some yummy onion flavor but don’t feel like
crying over cut onions.
This packet also has a set of measuring spoons in it. They have the Renal Diet
logo and they’re perfect for all the seasonings you’ll use that are not salty. Of
course you could use them for seasonings that are salty but now that you’re on
the road to your new healthy meals why would you do that? It has a quarter
teaspoon 1/2 teaspoon, 1 teaspoon and a tablespoon. This packet also has a
Welcome Letter and more information about our other products. So, now let’s
open this seal package. Come sealed and show you what’s inside. This is in a
three-ring binder because I want you to be able to arrange the pages as you see
fit. It comes with the tabs already inserted for each day. So you’ll have to
unwrap the package and insert it into the binder. Now, let me show you what
you’re gonna love about this. Okay. So, in this first section we have your required
disclaimer and instructions on how to use the guide. In there it talks about
how I came up with the numbers I used. Now, what you’re receiving with the guide
you’re getting three meals a day times 21 days. Most of the recipes are
never-before-seen and just a couple of breakfast repeats. You’re getting over 60
new recipes in this plan. It goes over how the book is laid out which I’m gonna
explain in this video in a moment. I’m excited to show you the rest of this
book because it’s so good and even if you don’t get this book which I hope you
do if you need to go to renaldiethq.com and get the vegetable broth
recipe because I use it in a lot of recipes regardless of whether they’re
vegetarian or not. You can make a bunch and freeze it for later.
Let me show you how to lay that. You have some lined pages and these are scattered
throughout the book to allow you to make notes and information about how you
changed a recipe or adjusted something. I’ll show you how that works in a moment
but the next couple of pages have the meal plans laid out seven days at a time
so you can see the recipes for that week and make notes or go to that page so you
have a notes page and this has the daily recipe and then you
know after a couple pages there’s one that has the desserts in it and there’s
a page with the desserts listed and another section to make notes and a few
of those desserts are in the meal plan but some are not and you can just add
them to your day if you see fit or make them for special occasions. Then you have
nutritional counts by the day which is a summary page for you to look at and
decide if you want to start on a particular day. You do not have to go
through the meal plan in order you can choose the day you feel best fits into
your needs but it’s here’s a reference and you’ll
notice that I have a gold line and an average line that shows you if you ate
the exact foods and didn’t vary you would eat that amount of each nutrient
each day. Well, there’s some days that go above the goal you would on average have
a very healthy meal plan if you follow this 21-day plan for vegetarian meals. I
want to remind you that this is a vegetarian meal plan but it’s not vegan.
I’ve included cheese milk and butter and some of the recipes so do not be
surprised by that. Now, let’s get into the daily meal plans. I want to show you all
the tabs. You can see they’re separated by days and you get a detailed plan of a
day and you can get a free day which is day eight to check out just by adding
your email to the pop-up on the website or by sending me a message via the
contact form on any page. I’ll gladly on you to the list so I’m going to show you
day eight in detail and talk through that let’s fit flip to that page. Oh wait
a minute. On day seven, I want to quickly show you
one of my favorite parts of this meal plan. I have a Build Your Own Sandwich
page, Build Your Own Salad page and Build Your Own Omelet that you can use to
personalize your page. Day seven has a sandwich. In this case you see what I use
to plan the sandwich that is used in the Nutritionals
for that nutritional information for that day at the top but below are the
options you can change that or add to the
and then you can add or subtract that from the nutrient info and have a
completely different sandwich but you know it’s good for your diet. So, this
means that you not only get a bunch of new recipes but you have almost
unlimited options to make delicious sandwiches, salads or omelets as part of
your daily plan. No more searching around for foods which have low potassium or
phosphorous. Okay, moving on let’s go to Day 8, so I open the tab on day
8 and it’s got a nice area that’s lined so you can make notes about the
day if you like something. What to change? Add calories or snack. Easily make your
notes and then you have your detailed layout of the meals for that day and how
calories, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, potassium, phosphorus, sodium are in the
meals. At the bottom it’s added up so it gives you some detail how much it was
and how close to the goal amount it was. It’s perfect for helping helping you
make changes and even though it’s for pre dialysis if you have diabetes you
can manage how many carbs you eat and the number of calories you eat so you
can use this too and if you’re on dialysis you still need to eat lower
potassium and phosphorous so you can adjust with added protein and still meet
your needs. So on Day 8, for breakfast you have blueberry overnight oats and
you have the recipes in here in order for that day. You flipped one page you’ll
see the recipe with the nutrition information and then there’s a page for
you to make some notes and comments about it. This is designed for two
serving and it’s called overnight oats because you don’t have to cook them.
They’re refrigerated overnight and you can eat them in the morning. If you want
to take them along for a trip or dialysis just pop them in a cooler and
eat them when you get there. With the lid on it you can use them over the next 48
hours and it also makes a perfect midday snack. For lunch
you have Caesar Salad wraps and White Bean Dip with Pita Chips and some
raspberries. Now the raspberries don’t have a recipe
as you can just eat them fresh once you have measured the amount but the salad
wraps are two-person recipe and you can see they’re easy to bring along with you
because you just wrap them in a tortilla. Who knew you could wrap a salad
carry it with you? Now you know. For the Chips and Dip recipe you use the
Texas Twist spice we included and you make some Pita Chips by baking them in
the oven and then you use a blender to make the dip. So, this recipe is one that
is for twelve but you can make the pita chips and dip and use them for several
recipes or several days or take them to a party. These are not foods that only
you should eat. These foods are perfect for everyone because they’re healthy
low-sodium. For dinner, you’re having Mediterranean Couscous meal with some
Chickpeas for protein. This also uses some Texas Twist to give it a little zip
and it’s easy to make and eat. It’s a pretty quick recipe to put together
without much fuss and all in one pan. I love the Mediterranean feel of this
dish and it’s made for two as well. I kind of made dinners a little lighter on
some days as I like to eat a bigger lunch and less in the evening but again
because this is in a binder, you can move pages around remove things you don’t
like and write all over it with your ideas and changes that make it yours and
grows with you. So, all your days are laid out like Day 8 with the recipes and
areas to document what you need. Each day is designed around about 1,500 calories
you might need that more than that so I encourage you to add desserts and
healthy snacks to fit your meal plan. In the back sections you have Desserts
and Recipes, Snacks page. Some are higher calories and some are lower calories but
they all are adjusted by me to be healthy for chronic kidney disease. So,
you have all the recipes for deserts and then you have some snacks in here that
are suggested for you to add to your days for more calories or variety. And
then you have each has the nutritional information to give you an idea of where
they can fit in your day. You can add them to any day or use them to travel to
have something to take along. Finally, there are several pages in the back with
potassium amounts and foods right from low to high. You can add these foods
switch them out for other foods you might not be in the mood for but you
have so many with this list and with the ideas in the
book. All throughout this book, I’ve added pages that are lines that you’re welcome
to write so move around. I encourage you to use this book in the way it was
intended as a full meal plan that can keep you on track but you have so many
many options to change or adjust as needed. This book is the way to eat a
diet that is perfect for your condition and done for you well almost done for
you you do need to cook you don’t have to search around and calculate for each
food it’s already done for you as more options if you don’t like what I put
together. You’re making this your own personal meal plan. This meal plan is
designed by me Mathea Ford a Registered Dietitian with lots of experience
working with people to improve their kidney function. I hope you enjoy the
book when it arrives at your door and use it to guide your healthy eating
decisions for CKD. Now, click on that Buy button and get yours and mail them out
quickly and yours will be on your doorstep in a few days.

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  1. Wish I had found this about 3 years ago when my hubby got his diagnosis of stage 3. I had to research on my own as we could not find a renal dietitian in our area. They gave us a book for people who are are getting dialysis….big help that is! Since I was already vegan myself, I started finding recipes that had safe veggies and began to make vegan meals every other day for my carnivorous man. I kept telling him…21 days…it takes 21 days to conquer your meat cravings and that proved true. Now, when it is his meat day, and I am making myself something vegan, he will say something like…oh….just make us both the same thing. His taste buds have changed. It was a long road. He is now not at the end of stage 3 going into 4….he is in stage 3 and almost stage 2. He walks for 15 minutes 3 times a day and the doctors call him a model patient. I write this to those who may be watching your video….it can be done. They say that it can't be reversed and only managed. I disagree. I believe that it can be reversed. God made our bodies in a way to be able to heal themselves. But it all comes down to diet and lifestyles.

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