5 Causes of Leaky Gut

[Intro Music] – What is a natural way to address leaky gut syndrome? This is one of the
easiest things, all right. This is one of the most prevalent
things that’s out there, and one of the easiest things to fix. I love when people come to
me that have gut problems, whether it’s celiac,
whether it’s constipation, whether it’s leaky gut syndrome. By the way, practically
everybody has leaky gut syndrome. I mean, I’m just gonna
tell you that right now. If you drink alcohol, you
drink artificial sweeteners, you eat meat, you have GMOs, you have a lack, you have yeast, and you
have fungus in your bowel. I mean, to some degree,
everybody has leaky gut syndrome. I would even say I
probably have a little bit of leaky gut syndrome,
and I pretty much drink nothing but water and eat healthy foods, but the environment in which we live, I mean, think about all the stress. Just stress alone causes
leaky gut syndrome. I mean, I could list a million
causes of leaky gut syndrome. And not only that, but
just gut health in general, or gut dishealth. I’ve said for a long time, the
gut and the intestinal tract is the root cause of all disease, and it’s also the solution
to eliminating disease, all in one place. The gut is your skin turned inside out. Like when you eat, your
gut is outside, right? I mean, it’s not exposed to the inside. Your whole gut is exposed
to the external environment. So what you put in your gut
ultimately leaks through into your system and poisons it. If you put, or if you
breathe poisonous air, it’s gonna go in through your
lungs, into your bloodstream, and to a certain degree, it’s
gonna be deposited somewhere, or it’s gonna try to go through your liver and be detoxified. If you eat or drink
anything that has any toxic, or anything that’s dead, or anything that it’s
lost its energy source, or anything that’s not alive, it’s going to drain your energy, and it’s going to become toxic. Now this is all easy to say, I mean, this is all easy to say, yeah. It’s easy to say eat live foods, take supplements, cleanse
your body on a regular basis, and everything’s gonna go away. The hard part is actually doing it. The hard part is actually
committing, and being disciplined to 80% of the time doing everything right, and 10% of the time doing things fun so you’re not so strict that it’s causing social
disruption or marriage disruption, or even you not being happy with yourself. I mean, ’cause I did
that, and I learned that you do need a certain amount of leeway. You do need a certain amount of leeway, but I also looked at the
percentage of sick people and unhealthy people, and I can say that, currently on average, people
are doing the 30/70 rule, which means they’re only
doing maybe 30 things, 30% of the time they’re
doing things right, and 70% of the time
they’re eating bad foods, and drinking bad things. So if you just reverse that, and I mean, some people do it 10/90. They might eat a healthy meal
once a month or something, and they’re like 10% of the
time they’re doing good things, and 90% of the time
they’re doing bad things. As a society, we’re completely
flipped upside down. Our healthcare is completely
flipped upside down. Most people out there, I
would say 90% of people all over the world are
30/70, maybe even 25/75, which means 25% of the time
they’re doing good stuff, and 75% of the time
they’re doing bad stuff. So even if you start climbing, even if you start switching that, and start going to 40/60
and then go to 50/50, or go to 55, 65 or
whatever, then go to 60, you know going up to 60/40. You know, if you’re above
in the good and below, and then try to go to
70/30, 70% good, 30% bad, and then try to go to 80/20. I mean, that’s how you’re making progress, and that’s a natural
way to not only address leaky gut syndrome but
how to address everything, and how to become a better person, and a healthier person. And the gut, the good thing
is, it’s one of the fastest ways that it heal; the gut
is made of epithelial tissue, and the epithelial tissue
is epithelial cells, and epithelial cells regenerate
themselves every 24 hours. So the gut heals extremely
fast, just like the skin does. So the good news is, if
you change your diet, if you start taking good probiotics, if you get rid of all the
parasites and harmful organisms in the gut, if you cleanse the gut on a
regular basis with Oxy-Powder, then you can control
and heal the leaky gut, and you take the gluten
out of your system; gluten is extremely bad for your gut, you start eliminating some
of those acid foods like meat and colas and stuff like that, then your gut is going to heal. But until you stop
putting those things in, yes, you can take probiotics everyday, you can take Oxy-Powder
a couple times a week and you can kinda get by with it. And iodine is also, is
very important for the gut tissue to heal. So iodine is another
thing I would recommend for healing the gut. [Outro Music]

25 Replies to “5 Causes of Leaky Gut”

  1. I am learning new things every time I watch your videos and I am very thankful to know things I didn't know before. You are awesome dr group!

  2. Dr Group you are so funny sometimes. Haha " I am pretty much tricked out" Love it! I and my gut want to be that way too! Thank you for these videos!

  3. Has any actually committed to a raw food no meat diet and felt better? My experience with raw food is that i couldnt digest all the tough fibers very well and I felt cold all the time

  4. What about constipation whenever I eat meat or dairy? Also when I have better regular bowel movements it causes acid reflux (caused by spasms in my GI tract)

  5. I don’t know anything about probiotics. The nascent iodine seems to be working for me in every aspect, especially my energy level.

  6. Zinc,
    vitamin A,
    Resistant Starch + fasting (don't go overboard with RS or you will get some bad effect like anxiety),
    N-acethyl Glucosamine (i haven't try this, but it have good review especially if you can't tolerate gluten)

    It's better to eat those nutrients from natural food than vitamin pills.

  7. If meat is the best way to get B12 into our system, how is eliminating meat a good thing? I am being diagnosed with malabsorption as we speak……I do not want the steroids or anything else they look like they want to do…..so how can I help myself? I have gone from 110 lbs to 82 lbs at this time.

  8. I think many people have no idea what eating healthy means. We all need to be educated about healthy eating!

  9. L glutamine healed my stomach completely. I tried every natural remedy known to man and medication but amino acids has saved my life. my stomach was so bad. I couldn't eat anything. Now I can eat things that I haven't eaten in 30years..

  10. You are what you absorb
    Our eating is manipulated by the media and advertise all day long about bad toxic highly processed ready to eat foods

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