5 Natural Remedies for Menopause | What is Menopause?

so in today’s Dry Eye show we’re going
over menopause I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m Dr. Jenna
Zigler and in the next five minutes you’re going to learn five natural
remedies to help you with menopause you’re going to learn the menopause
definition menopause signs and symptoms when does menopause start and how long
does it last and then finally we’re going to be interviewing a hormone and
menopause expert Dr. Anna Cabeca who has helped thousands of women feel
empowered through menopause instead of feeling helpless so with that being said
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going to jump over to the content in the article and first we’re going to jump into
five natural remedies of menopause take it away all right so menopause is really
a life change that all women experience and we’ll get into the definition a
little bit later but you know many people can think of it as a tragic end
to their fertility and sexuality and youth but really you know it doesn’t
have to be that way and so that’s a little bit what we’re going to talk
about today with Dr. Cabeca so the symptoms of menopause can be
uncomfortable and although you know prescription hormone replacements and
things like that can be helpful there are at home remedies that you can try to
kind of ease some of those symptoms that you’re going through so the first one
that we’re going to talk about is ginseng and ginseng is readily available
in health food stores and online basically it can be used to increase
energy increase your resilience to stress during menopause it helps prevent
depression anxiety hot flashes and even cognitive damage so the second one is
organic greens and we talk about this all the time so best one of the best
things you can do for your body during menopause is to feed it well and so
adding you know additional vegetables into your diet just to get all those
extra antioxidants in can really help your body manage your appetite it can
help with the aging process and it can help to balance your hormones
so that’s super important and then I’ll just jump in with this one with
Dr. Cabeca is she does have a greens and so we’ll go over that a little bit
more but if you click the article in the description it’ll actually take you over
and we’ll talk a little bit more about that in the article itself and I’m sure
Dr. Cabeca will talk about it as well but it’s called Mighty Maca and it’s
available on her website and also on Amazon as well yeah so just jump into
number three and then the third one is vitamin D so when you’re going through
menopause your body produces less estrogen and this can lead to a vitamin
D deficiency which makes you more prone to developing osteoporosis and
truthfully most of us are walking around vitamin D deficient anyway so it’s a
great idea to supplement with vitamin D for most people the fourth one is black
cohosh and this is a natural remedy that’s been used by women for a very
long time for menopause for symptoms of PMS it helps to regulate your metabolism
your sexual function your sleep your mood all that good stuff so it can be
really helpful during menopause and then the fifth one is yoga and this is my favorite yeah I mean it’s a it’s a great relaxation technique it’s great
exercise it helps to you know balance your mood and all of that so yoga is
really important and exercise in general when you’re going through menopause
so let’s actually take a step back and we’re going to actually talk about the
menopause definition and what is menopause so menopause is basically
a phase that a woman’s body goes through where it’s all of the symptoms that they
experience just before or after menstruation stops so menopause actually
marks the end of a woman’s reproductive cycle or menstrual cycle and you know as
women our ovaries produce estrogen and progesterone but we have a limited
number of eggs in our ovaries and once those eggs are depleted your ovaries you
know just stop making all of those you know all the estrogen and progesterone
that’s needed to have a baby and so when all of that is finished then menopause
kind of comes into play and it can cause a lot of different fluctuating hormones
like I said and lots of other different signs and
symptoms so some of the things that you might notice if you’re in perimenopause
just before menopause or if you’re actually in menopause our vaginal
dryness irregular periods you know hot flashes chills night sweats sleeping
problems mood changes dry eyes and skin thinning hair weight gain all of those
things might be things that you notice when you go through menopause so let’s
jump into when does menopause start and what is the average age of onset so
menopause usually starts anywhere between 45 and 55 years old believe the
average age in the U.S is 51 years old right now and then how long does
menopause usually lasts it can last you know normally on average about three to
four years on the short end a couple months on the long end you know 10 to 13
years ish okay great so this is The Dry Eye show I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m
Dr. Jenna Zigler and today we’re talking about menopause and
we’re actually going over everything to do with menopause as far as the
definition the signs of symptoms and natural remedies and we are actually
interviewing Dr. Anna Cabeca today and we’re actually going to bring her on
right now so Dr. Cabeca is a triple board-certified Emory University trained
physician and hormone expert who is diagnosed with early menopause at the
age of 38 and so with that being said she was devastated by the menopause and
so she went on a wellness journey to reverse her menopause side-effects which
resulted in her delivery of a healthy baby girl at the age of 41 whom we just
met and so that was very exciting so after experience her own health
successes Dr. Cabeca began counseling others ultimately changing the lives of
thousands women across the globe her new book The Hormone Fix again if you
comment below we’re going to pick ten commenters to win
that book and we’re going to send that to them and then other empowering
transformation programs have helped women of all ages become their best
selves again her successful line of all-natural products featuring the
alkaline super foods drink mighty maca plus which we mentioned a little earlier
and then the rejuvenating cream Julva so with that being said Dr.
Cabeca tell listeners a little bit about yourself and what makes you such a
passionate advocate for women’s health thank you thank you for that
introduction and it’s great to be here with you guys and your view
so you know I think that the biggest thing that drives me is the fact that
I’ve watched so many women suffer I suffered myself with no answers even in
my doctor’s bag I didn’t have the answers and I saw my mom suffer she
suffered from her mid to late 30s on through at age the age younger than I am
now she required cardiac bypass surgery and so at 50 when she was 52 it was
determined that she needed cardiac bypass surgery and and I watched her
suffer another 15 years to die prematurely at age 67 really struggling
and I’ve seen in my clinical practice other women struggle you know start to
follow that same path and I said you know this is not how God intended us to
live right this is not by design our body is the temple of our spirit so you
know I you know where are the answers and that was part of my journey that
took me around the world looking for answers to solve my own dilemma and and
and to recover from that completely reversing minimum you don’t talk about
that we don’t talk about that in medicine and med school reverse
menopause what and then in 48 I had a second you know I went into menopause
again at age 48 and that’s when I really under you know I really dug in okay now
this hormonal shift here I am again also I reverse menopause again so
so I think those were two really big you know factors in my life to say okay we
can restore health you know our ovaries can start producing hormones again right
and an understanding why they’re being shut down I know many you know and
the that’s the story of so many women right and I just love everything
that you’re doing in this space and our audience is going to benefit a lot from
this interview and then also make sure you guys pick up The Hormone Fix by her
because it’s going to change the way you look at menopause but it’s also going to
help with your dry eye and so with dry eye it’s also hormonal very hormonal
related so we’re going to jump in to hormones so let’s talk about hormones I
got it oh my gosh I got to tell you Travis so yesterday I got this in the
mail you know this book is it’s a soft copy and this is UK published in
the UK and it’s already on Amazon UK I was with us UK dominating the health space
for women yes nice you’d like that so I love that let’s talk about hormones I
want to talk about what they are and how do they influence our health and how do
they change as we age yeah yeah definitely and this is where it’s really
critical the hormone connection to dry eyes and that’s why I was really happy
to talk to your community because that’s something patients would complain about
you know these dry eyes in the perimenopause menopause post menopause
time period and the hormonal connection to that is really really important so as we age our hormones do fluctuate like from our mid 20s to late 20s DHEA
our hormone resilience starts to decline in both men and women we start to see a
kind and that’s a predominant hormone by our adrenals produced by our adrenals
also ovaries and women and testes and men and so that’s a really important
hormone so it’s just kind of this life phase you know really recognizing that
we have to have stops and goes we can’t be go-go-go-go right and so by design
that’s another thing understanding our design how we need to keep using other
ways to restore our body’s natural you know it’s natural healing capacities so
that’s what’s happening with DHEA and then with women our progesterone levels
start to decline in our mid-30s as we’re declining our fertility and our
progesterone steeply declines and estrogen starts decline too and it can
be you know again I’ve heard now with revealing my story so many people come
out and they’re telling me I went through menopause at 38 I went through
menopause at 42 unheard of that was not in my textbooks going through now you
know I’ve been in clinical medicine for over 30 years now so that’s not
something that we learned we studied 52 menopause plus or minus five years not
the case anymore not the case anymore and and so this declining
progesterone and estrogen levels that’s important for brain function right
that’s important for our cell health our you know our
vascular blood flow and and so the symptoms that we get instead of you know
thinking okay we just in you know need to put a bandaid on this symptom we need
to address this symptom we look at the underlying cause and really help our
body you know restore a natural hormone
balance appropriate for our age and and what that looks like and and that can
that can really help testosterone gradually declines from our 40s you know
mid 30s to 40s onward so there’s a more of a gradual decline in progesterone
that I’m in my mid 30s they’re coming up this year it’s crazy to think about I
mean so as women you know we’re conditioned to believe that
perimenopause and menopause and these stages of life are almost stages to be
feared you know how do you help women move through these stages and feel
empowered instead of doomed yeah yeah you know and
I think that’s it’s a really key question in a survey that we just
conducted looking at 2000 women aged 30 to 60 we asked them you know what is
your biggest concern about getting older and number one is the fear of not being
able to take care of yourself and number two was the fear of loss of mobility and
number three was the fear of memory loss and so that when we’re thinking about
getting older we’re thinking about those things I want to just wash that out of
the question because like you know we we know we have seen at least a few
sanitarians that are walking up hills and climbing
and hiking right so so you know we’re we’re made of the same stuff the same
organic compounds so we should be able to do that so let’s take away those
fears and then let’s inspire us what’s the best I can be and you know what can
I do now that I wasn’t able to do while I’m you know busy running the hamster
wheel so to speak you know our raising children are what can I do now so maybe
the fear is that I you know what is there’s a great saying that sometimes we
fear are our future potential right we can have this like we can redefine
ourselves and be even better selves I read everyday I read a daily
devotional and it’s called Give Us This Day it’s a Catholic devotional and every
day there’s a blessed person of the day and I read that religiously because
there’s always an inspiring story of someone a woman you know I love the
stories about women that you know built hospitals or built homes for prostitutes
and rehabilitation centers and orphanages and women did that post child
bearing years so what is it for us to do we have if we have that mental clarity
and we can all have it I’ve seen it now we watch women just completely reduce
their symptoms in our in our 10-day program substantially by over 50% that’s
huge in ten days so I want you know I just want people
to know that there’s more to it that actually reminded me of a story of this
couple that we met about two years ago and there was we were at a conference
and there’s somebody kind of famous there and so everybody was crowding
around him so I was like okay what’s going on who is this guy
and I was actually there’s this very unassuming 80 year old gentleman outside
of this circle just standing there looking and watching so I went and
talked to him instead of going to where the celebrity was and this unassuming 80
year old gentleman and his wife who was also 80 he is the oldest person to
summit every single mountain on every single continent and he’s going to do it
again he started last year again at the age of 80 and so the fact that you
empower people to do whatever they can and it doesn’t matter the age and then
not to take anything away from his wife his wife actually starts orphanages
wherever he goes and so she’s a big huge proponent of these orphanages over by
Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa so she goes and runs these orphanages and orden
hangs out with those as he climbs the highest peak of all these continents
except for Antarctica I don’t think she goes there but that just reminded me of
that just empowering people so I’ll let you yeah it’s just amazing you
know we really have to I love that you talk about you know feeling
empowered as you get older because it’s really it’s so important you know
so we’re going to you know switch gears a little bit and talk about weight loss
because it’s something that a lot of women going through menopause are
dealing with you know they feel like they’re they’ve got excess pounds that
they don’t want around anymore so do you have some suggestions for women going
through perimenopause and menopause who really want to shed a little bit of
weight yeah and I would say that it’s interesting because I expected you know
something related to obesity or you know weight issues to be one of the biggest
fears growing older didn’t make the last didn’t make the list these were all
emotional feel of being alone fear of being you know isolated fear of you know
those were the fears that women really have so I think like that I think part
of it is like getting to the bigger picture right and weight loss is a
beneficial side effect of good health right so we look at it that way and that
was you know certainly that was when I hit 48 and the weight started creeping
on despite not doing anything different maybe I would hear my patients tell me
that all the time Dr. Anna I’m gaining 5 10 20 pounds and I’m not doing
anything different and I’d be like really let it happen to me I’m like well
your thyroids goodness I didn’t have to be like well really really I’m not doing
anything different and especially because I had come from a place of being
over 240 pounds and kept off 80 of those pounds for a decade to see that scale
start creeping up you’re like it’s not going to stop till I’m 300 like when’s
it is going to stop so I get that so that’s where I really that’s why I created my
Keto greenway the importance of plant-based alkalinizing foods with a
ketogenic diet and lifestyle to get our body into ketosis so that combination of
lifestyle and nutrition factors that are so important to help us keep the scale
from climbing up to help us maintain healthy weight because ultimately as we
talked about this 80 year old like when we have our health there’s a saying
that says when we have our health you have a million wishes but when you don’t
have your health you only have one wish yep 100% I love that and we’re going to ask
about the keto green approach but you just kind of you kind of went into it
but did you want to go into that even more or is that pretty much it yeah no I
definitely talk about that because that was one thing when you know Keto is
everywhere now and back in 2014-2015 when I started you know the scale
started climbing again I was okay I got to just cut out all carbs you
know next to starvation what am I going to do to get this weight out because I
needed to stop and then I experienced what my patients would experience my
perimenopausal patients because I would see clients with Parkinson’s MS seizure
disorders and whenever I use a carbohydrate restricted plant and also
Candida and whenever I use this carbohydrate restricted plant I would
often hear I feel irritable I’m on edge and I called it like for when I
experienced it as I restricted carbohydrates going more on a ketogenic
diet I called it keto crazy like what’s happening to my neurotransmitters I’m
not patient I’m on edge I’m irritable I’m like you know I’m a single mom
you know raising girls I had two teenagers at the time and one in
elementary school still in elementary school and so you know how to figure
out what’s going on here because you know more than anything my relationships our
relationships are the most important thing to us and so that’s when I started
looking and checking my urinary pH I was acidic acidic acidic I’m like bulls
ofcourse right it’s there’s a net inflammatory and acidic load that’s
happening and so I started adding on the alkalinizers the low carb alkaline
greens to keep me in ketosis well first to get alkaline get a steady urine
alkaline pH of seven I mean just seven is perfect right urinary pH of seven or
higher or seven to eight and then you know wake up that way and then
start restricting the carbohydrates through intermittent fasting stopping
snacking and healthy fats healthy proteins and good sources because when
we’re using any animal needs when we’re anything we put in our body put
on our body has a consequence good and bad so we need to really consider that
so I really put that into my keto green lifestyle
and nutrition plan in my book The Hormone Fix but that made all the
difference within six weeks I lost 18 of the 20 pounds and it was not only that
really you know Travis and Jenna and you guys will appreciate this I was also
struggling with brain fog I was also I was in a very mold toxic environment at that time I had no idea and I was you know in this menopausal stage hormones were struggling still dealing a
lot with post-traumatic stress so I had a lot of this you know memory issues
brain fog I was struggling from those points and as I became clearer you know
got keto green I call it getting keto you know getting alkaline urinary pH
and getting my body into the fat-burning state of ketosis I just had such mental
clarity and I call it energized enlightenment energized enlightenment I’m
like this is why you know are the prophets fasted this is why you know
most every major really every major religion has fasting worked into you
know into the culture because it creates a clarity for a spiritual connection
because we have to remember we’re not just physical bodies we’re energetic
bodies and so that dynamic I found to be very very helpful in my spiritual life
as well now I want to say that to our audience that we did not tell her
to say any of that that is purely her beliefs and it is exactly what we tell
them all the time is we just talked about keto and how negative it can be
but how positive it can be because a lot of people think keto is just I need to
eat bacon for breakfast and burgers for lunch and it’s not that at all the keto
green approach I love how you did trademark that term I’m guessing right
you should because that’s exactly what we teach we just didn’t trademark it
first but it’s fantastic to think that you doing this alkaline shifting diet
which we always talk about the anti-inflammatory diet eating more
greens and then getting into that alkaline state because we always talk
about an acidic state being cancer-causing and inflammation causing
so that’s going to cause your perimenopause your menopause to be even
worse and then your dry eyes so I loved how
that’s why I had a big smile on my face pretty much the whole time you’re
talking because that’s exactly what we talked about to our audience all the
time and just hearing a second source say that it just shows that it is that
important diet we always tell people that they always ask us what’s your
number one treatment recommendation for dry eye and I say 80% of what you can do
for dry eye is diet and hydration period the other 20% is your eye drops your
omega-3s you’re this you’re that you’re this and it’s hard for them to kind of
grasp that but it’s true and it’s probably the same with menopause 80% is
that diet hydration and exercise it’s that stuff that you’re doing to your
body because the other stuff just covers up things right and so I loved hearing
everything you just talked about so do you have a couple minutes to take some
questions I love questions absolutely we have lots of questions so hang in tight but first
this is The Dry Eye Show I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler and that’s
Dr. Anna Cabeca menopause expert hormonal expert just came out with a
book The Hormone Fix and we’re giving away 10 copies to any commenter so
comment if this is your first time here if it’s not your first time here and
then where you’re from and if you have any questions for the hormone expert
Dr. Cabeca then post them below and we’re going to pick 10 people that comment
to win books so let’s jump over to the first questions we had some we had some
doozies usually so alright somebody says how exciting I love when
there are interview videos and she’s excited for this one can you read that
one yeah so question is this is from Carrie
so she said the week following the birth of her son her eyes were perfect and
then they slowly started to have dry eye symptoms again she’s still nursing and
she’s now experiencing ocular rosacea so what hormones if any were at play
following delivery and then now during breastfeeding very interesting so prior to pregnancy was there dry eyes also and then after pregnancy so during
pregnancy no dry eyes so there’s estriol and progesterone so two really powerful
hormones that are in abundance during pregnancy and also you know we really
are you know in are actually there’s a communication with our babies too
during pregnancy as well between their adrenals and their hormones and there’s that communication but I would say definitely progesterone and
estriol and sometimes I found in clients that had persistent dry eyes that I know
what Travis have you ever used estrogen eyedrops we have not known or something
eyedrops I have not used testosterone but
estrogen-based eyedrops I would start really I would think you know definitely
you want the high dose omega-3s because we want to improve that cell-to-cell
communication cell membrane function but then you know maybe considering
bioidentical progesterone and I wonder if that wouldn’t help as a
first step yeah sounds good interesting second
question and this is kind of a question for both of us but we’ll kind of push it
towards you a little bit more is there a medical test for hormone related dry eye
and I think we can rephrase that question to saying is there a medical
tests for hormonal imbalances that can be done definitely looking at hormones
I’m not sure about testing specifically for dry eyes but definitely when I
think of dry eyes I really I’m going to think about toxicity hormone toxicity
and you know epithelial cell dysfunction so things that I want to improve is the
detoxification of hormones you know from our liver improving our gut health I
mean basically everything in the keto greenway because we want to improve cell
to cell communication blood flow the you know the lubrication of our cell
membranes right that’s really critical so as we get healthy internally
everything else gets really really healthy awesome all right so let’s look
over at the live comment so let’s see Peggy had a little problem with her
sound and that’s echoing usually that happens at the beginning of anything
Cheryl says thank you I love a copy of the book Jen says thank you and let’s
see Donna says hi this is exciting thank you for presenting on this topic I
actually just had my first restorative yoga session that
fun awesome and let’s see Ursula says have been in menopause quite some time but
don’t remember when it started Shelley says this is great I’m glad to hear more
than the wrote answers most doctors give and then let’s see Sylvia says I’m so
excited about this topic I’ve been trying to find answers myself after so
pick up the book The Hormone Fix and maybe we’ll pick you also to win it as
well let’s see you want to read that one yeah she said she’s a perimenopausal and
has concerns like all women about menopause she just says thank you for
this discussion and interview it’s been wonderful then Donna says my eyes got
dramatically worse with menopause I would listen to this interview because
there are some great talking points and if you can take away a couple things
leafy green vegetables put them in your diet greens powder like Dr. Anna
Cabeca’s mighty maca plus and then hydration and following everything she
does and maybe we’ll get you a copy of the book so
Ursula says great subject Sylvia asks can you tell me more about your book and
how or how your book can help with menopause and my weight gain yeah
definitely because number one I think it’s really important to understand
where we’re at in our stage of life and how our body has rewired so we become
like you know energy conservationists from the
physical standpoint right like we can survive those long treks and and in the
desert a long time so we really need to work with our diet and lifestyle to
improve that and to improve our natural hormonal balance so the keto greenway is
about 25 percent diet and 75 percent lifestyle factors so also looking at how
we can improve you know restoring our body or mind our
health as long as we live so that we can have that quality of life so I go
through that in my books from you know hormones and questionnaires and what
tests you could do as well as what interventions what are the you know what
are the right interventions as far as bioidentical hormones and supplements
and a lot of good information in there awesome
people hate on when we talk about stress and not that we talk
about stress but how much stress plays a role in disease it’s almost like
they don’t believe it but and it’s huge it’s huge
it is so huge I mean it put me in early menopause a hundred percent put me in
early menopause it’s not something I learned about right I experienced it and
then I went to learn and understand it and it’s still I mean this is new
information chapter eight in my book is all about stress and also the hormone
oxytocin the powerful hormone of love and connection that we really need to
make primary in our life and do everything we can to keep that in the
forefront of our life and stress are big thing to understand whether it’s real or
perceived has the same effect so post-traumatic stress is still running
an engine running within us and until we can recognize that we will continue to
suffer its consequences all right so Terri says gaining weight
may not have made the list but it sure happened to me Peggy says yep
lifestyle nutrition are key to being healthy
all right so Jen asks do you suggest yeah can’t talk anymore do you suggest
that women take DHEA and how much well good question I first want to answer
Teri’s gaining weight was you know obesity was not a fear of getting older
that wasn’t a fear but it’s definitely a symptom was one of the one of the
symptoms memory loss hot flashes you know weight gain loss of libido aches and
pains all of the hair loss all of those were symptoms that over 50% of women’s
experienced so we didn’t want to say I wanted to say that and then what was
that question Jen asks do you suggest women take DHEA and how much well you know
as far as supplementing with oral DHEA very rarely very rarely and your if your
DHEA levels are low certainly below 50 below 100 you may want to consider DHEA
supplementation the biggest thing is that I found that you know using adrenal
adaptogens naturally increases our body’s ability to produce DHEA we ran a
study with mighty maca plus and we looked
several clients who started mighty maca plus looked at their DHEA levels
and retested them in two months and the average was a 70% increase in DHEA
that’s when and the only reason i tested others was because I was struggling PTSD
my DHEA levels were in the 30s I was tanked I was exhausted I was running a
practice and being a mom and doing all the things that you have to do so I then
created mighty maca and started using it in my practice and with my patients and
with me and then the next time I checked my DHA was 200 and I was like whoa
because I had been doing all the adrenal protocols I mean name every book every
author man we had supplements out the yin-yang and then mighty
maca just really turned that for me and and because of the adaptogenic formula
that makes a difference and then sometimes I would supplement with DHEA
for sexual health and vaginal dryness and vulva issues we use Julva
Julva is of natural solution I created that has DHEA in it approximately eight
milligrams per half ml but also has other ingredients to help with
rejuvenation for the aspects of aging that that can affect our sexual health
and well-being as well as continents so so I’m a big fan of definitely using it
in that way awesome so before we jump into the next question
I do want to mention again that if you’re just joining us make sure you let
us know in the comments where you’re joining us from if it’s your first time
or not and we are giving away 10 copies of The Hormone Fix which is Dr. Cabeca’s new book that she just came out with so comment below any questions that
you have if it’s your first time joining us and then let us know where you’re
joining us from so with that being said Cheryl this is an interesting question
what about those of us that get itchy from leafy greens that’s what I
said too I mean I would think it’s just maybe an allergy maybe they have an
allergy to a particular green I would explore and so try kale and
then try spinach and then try watercress and try like just keep trying
different leafy greens or switch to a powder
form a powder form can get a little complicated because it has so many so
many different types of leafy greens in it so you might actually have allergy to
maybe like spirulina which I do and that’s a very common thing to be
allergic to but I would just explore different things so try mighty maca and
if you don’t get itchy you use that if you do get it you try a different one and so
it might be just the way one ingredient in that greens powder reacts or it could
be something in like the kale that reacts to you so I would single it out
first use kale use spinach try other greens and then try greens powders and
then if one makes you itch you try a different one
or get a food sensitivity test to see if you’re allergic to something right right
and also is it is it just raw greens or cook greens I wonder if there’s a
difference if you blanch them if you cook that and then I would definitely
just add to that list of suggestions sprouts broccoli alfalfa sprouts
something like that and see it and do those Cheryl if you can clarify if it’s
raw greens greens powder or cooked greens we can maybe I don’t know if we
can answer it better but we can maybe guide you a little better so let us know
in the comments if you if you haven’t answered that so Sylvia asks is the diet
in the book yes there’s a 10-day keto green quick start detox diet and 21 days
of menus so both are in there perfect great Donna’s from Whitehall
Pennsylvania welcome from Pennsylvania Peggy’s happy to hear about this topic
thank you and Jen we know it’s not your first time here we see you lots and
Donna asked is there diet in the book as well so we just answered that Shelly
said the first time here from Illinois all right Sylvia asks do you recommend
any supplements and which ones yeah so in my book I have a whole chapter on
supplementation I think it’s important to kind of look at that but I have you
do questionnaires and figure out there are certain things that I
recommend for all of us like I would say if there were only two things leaving my
you know I’ve retired my medical practice now but two things leaving my
office it would be a high quality omega-3 supplement with you know a good
DHA EPA ratio and it would be mighty maca plus
because of the you know the results I’ve seen with it overall and so that would
be like the two key ones often as we’re getting older I want to add magnesium
because every red blood cell magnesium test that I’ve done were suboptimal and
you know vitamin D you know will I want to get as much in nature as I can but I
want to get our optimal our blood levels optimal as well because every hormone in
our body every like progesterone needs vitamin D estrogen needs vitamin D I
mean we need vitamin D to work with our hormone and DHA and oxytocin we need
vitamin D so that’s another supplement that I would want to be
optimal and then post menopausal and postmenopausal I use
bioidentical progesterone and in supplement with a transdermal cream or a
prescription formula great and we know somebody that has a great Heyedrate
omega-3 that’s I mean has a great omega-3 it’s called Heyedrate omega-3 that’s ours
towards dry eye so it has a couple unique properties in it as well but yeah
we recommend doubling the dose like you said kind of increasing that omega-3 all
at once first and then kind of tapering it down slowly so yeah we do mention
that as well Naomi just has her story right there and she says thank you for
your input and help on the subject as I know I have suffered all or many of
these same symptoms so she thanks you for that Donna asks Donna wants to
know your thoughts on probiotics which kind of goes along with the last
supplement question yeah so I definitely I’m a big fan of probiotics because at
least on an inter minute if not daily basis depending on your diet right
because you can get a good healthy dose of probiotics from fermented sauerkraut
from kimchi from all of these things and you know from those things my daughter
just walked in so I got distracted so so which is almost time to get ready for
bed and our son is talking behind us in the wall behind us so I definitely recommend
probiotics and it’s certainly with you know my with my thinking of my daughter
even with my daughter when our friends are sick I give her
probiotics you know give her vitamin D you know add in some zinc lozenges something
like that really important on a regular basis I take a probiotic as part of my
routine supplement regimen because a lot of them like we eat out we’re going to get
if it’s non-organic food we’re getting a dose of antibiotics and so that kills
off the most important you know organ in our body the microbiome if we can call
it its own its own organ I kind of started to think about it like that
because it really is you know it produces hormones and it metabolizes
them and it you know detoxifies them so so we really have to keep the health of
our microbiome you know priority how much time do we have of
yours left Dr. Cabeca well how much time do you want I have the top of the hour
okay so we’ve got about ten more questions and they still sit all flowing
in so let’s jump here in this question Judy says thank you so much and she loves us
and Karen says so she’s 54 has a had her period in a few years but hasn’t had hot
flashes and and she doesn’t sleep and she sleeps perfectly sorry so why could
it be that I have one potential sign of menopause which is dry eyes but no other
signs of menopause could my dry eye solely be due to leaky gut and not
hormones yeah it’s definitely possible and also you know if you are living
so much of you know a healthy life and insulin sensitive I
don’t expect you to get hot flashes if you’ve got that aspect hormonaly
balance you’re still with hormonal decline I would definitely think those
two things maybe it’s just the natural hormonal decline if you’re also very
very thin then we don’t have any estrogen conversion from our fat cells
and then also if it’s a gut issue the the mucous membranes of our eye of our
vagina of her mouth all of them suffer so another great question Ralph says is
there such thing as male menopause andropause we call it andropause from
the decaying levels of testosterone and DHEA
yeah it’s so pretty much similar signs and symptoms and maybe not the exact
same but very similar as far as the fatigue and everything we went over
earlier yes muscle loss weight gain and we worry about gynecomastia too like
where is testosterone converting to so the you know the key to green
diet everything I put in The Hormone Fix works really well for menopausal women
and you know being one I can say this if it works for us it works for
anyone and so many men have come along with their wives journey or their
partner’s journey and have just seen an incredible transformation guys do so
much better so much faster and I apologize ladies but it’s true yeah and
that’s yeah that’s a great that is what’s probably causing your dry eye and
just going through that journey is just going to help with the dry eye as well yeah
so another great question I’m well past menopause not me Peggy asks
and just had my medicare birthday is your book for me as well absolutely
absolutely whether you’re early you know in your mid thirties or you know just
want to live a healthy life or well past menopause this the plan and program and
recommendation in my book absolutely will help you be even healthier more
vibrant and more fun than you are already
Ursula asks can menopause effect of bladder health yeah absolutely the
declining levels of estrogen DHEA testosterone progesterone affect the
muscles and the collagen the connective tissue around our bladder so we often
even like you know like I would say you know we were worried about the wrinkles
around our eyes but when we start wrinkling down there we’re going to have
leaking urinary leakage when you cough and sneeze when we laugh and those are
things you want to keep being able to do without you no repercussions the same
with exercise so many women stopped exercising because they’re leaking when
they’re exercising and in using that we we know that my product Julva can really
help with that because it’s an anti-aging cosmetic cream for the vulva
and it can help as a topical solution for you know an easy just
preventive care like we want to use something here here we definitely need
to take care of our lady bits and that can make a really big difference so
pelvic floor exercises plus Julva is is my prescription you know to help with
to help prevent that as well all right Sylvia asked what is mighty maca plus
mighty maca plus is a combination of over 30 superfoods that I used and
experimented with as part of my journey around the world in my healing journey
so some foods based on my experiences as well as research and I put that
combination together because I really attributed some of the key ingredients
in mighty maca plus to help me recover my health and so it has you know
maca which is an adrenal adaptogen it root that grow and it’s in the
cruciferous family grows up in the high altitudes of Peru and it was reported
by the ancient Incans that the warriors where they are reported that the
ancient Incan warriors would drink maca before they went into battle and so
when I was journeying through Peru they said well if you’re tired drink maca if
you’re infertile drink maca so I was struggling with infertility at that time
and then they would elbow my husband and say it’s the Peruvian viagra drink
some maca and I was like first of all give me that maca let me drink it
secondly I couldn’t stand the way it tasted thirdly if something’s this good
and if I’d gone to drinking and I can’t stand the way it tastes let me look at
the research that was my very scientific process and I looked at the research and maca contains specific proteins unique to it and it is
definitely there so it’s an adaptogenic formula for the adrenals I believe it’s
very much like to marking and resveratrol and also in mighty
maca plus that are have genetic adaptogenic abilities as well and so we
see that so also maca has a high amount of arginine which
increases nitric oxide which increases blood flow which is how viagra works
so that was the basis and then I needed to make it taste good too plus you know
I used mangosteen acerola you know different berries and greens and
extracts to formulate a very powerful very delicious formula so that’s mighty maca plus my healing journey we use it and it works really
well like it’s great so question regarding maca and this I’ve heard maca
can cause weight gain Shelley asks what’s your opinion on that we have not
seen that at all with my combination we don’t use straight maca for a few
reasons but we use in mighty maca plus we’ve
seen appetite improvement weight loss blood sugar improvements all of those
things so where is your practice located Melanie asks Melanie I’m in Southeast
Georgia but I retired my clinical practice so sounds familiar I’m raising my
child right now raising my youngest so educating you online get my book yeah
this is actually a great question Sylvia asks does your book offer guidance past
the 21 days of keto green diet and I could answer this but I want to hear
your answer too well it’s a lifestyle changing commitment plus the checklist are in
there too and the questionnaires come back to it time and time again this is
meant to be a resource a lifetime resource and I’ve been really pleased
that in Amazon it was it’s been for over six weeks now number one in menopause
it’s been in the top three for women’s health in the last several weeks as well
as been number one in text books so it is this resource so it’s a great good
read as well as a resource manual for you at every stage and to come back to
again and again something else will speak to you yeah and that’s exactly
what we always talk about is we’re coming out with our book next month
Rethinking Dry Eye Treatment and it’s the exact same concept you’re not going to
actually you can read both books and they’re going to be very very similar
and I say at the beginning of our book that this is not for the gimmicky people
that are just going to fall back on old habits this is for the people that want
to change their entire lifestyle to improve their health and get rid of the
disease once and for all so the keto green diet even though it’s a ten step
plan that’s to get you started on a healthier lifestyle after that ten days
you can essentially keep doing what you were doing that
ten days for the rest of your life which is what my wife and I have done the last
five years and we struggled with infertility and we had a son as a result
of three years of us exploring different diet changes and exercise and
stress-related things and we tried everything in the Western medicine world
and it didn’t work and we didn’t do IVF that’s the only thing we didn’t do and
we explored acupuncture in eastern medicine and it worked in three to four months
and so it’s a lifestyle shift and yeah it’s amazing when you do
it you don’t miss the things like cake and donuts and when you eat those things
you actually get that you’re not attracted to them
anymore because your body craves what you eat and so you’ll start to create
healthier things so I think that is all the questions let’s answer this
last one last question here so it’s interesting that you promote
bioidentical hormones so you believe that they’re safe yeah you know there’s
a time and a place for them they’re not for everyone but let me tell you unless
we’re living out in them I would say I get this question and also how long is
it safe to be on them now I’ve used by identical hormones in my practice for
years and especially you know that’s key bioidentical not synthetic hormones
there is a difference and looking at the research on bioidenticals there’s
improvement in morbidity and mortality so there’s less disease and less you
know certainly consequences of going without them now why we need this I
always get this question so I’ll answer it you know the I get the question why
do we need hormones if it’s a natural aging process and aging is a natural
process and if we’re living in a natural environment like in Ubud Indonesia we’re
outside you know majority of the day giving gratitude walking living in
nature or in in the jungles or in you know where we are living with nature
we’re get a lot more than vitamin D from the sun we’re designed to live that way
if we’re not living by design what is the next natural way that I can help
support my body to live a healthy long old age
and that’s key that makes the difference so that’s where I’m a proponent I
definitely use bioidentical progesterone transdermally on a on a weekly basis so
the first you know Monday through Friday Monday through Saturday Sundays off
typically now in the this menopausal state of mind or cyclically when I was
perimenopausal and then also DHEA I usually you know the products I created
because I number one I wanted it to be chemical free and as clean as possible
so my pure balanced PPR cream and then Julva and so those are two things I use
coming from those angles and I definitely I definitely believe in it in
the research in it and and those are you know ingredients that are called GRAS
GRAS generally recognized as safe and are available for us to be able to use
prescription wise sometimes there’s a need for additional prescription
progesterone testosterone or estrogen and a little bit goes a long way
hormones are very powerful and we need to really discern again what’s working
for us and what’s working against us in my book The Hormone Fix I go into this
in a lot of detail because I want to empower us the individual to really take
charge in our health and know be able to discern what’s working for us and what’s
not well we wanted to thank you so much for coming on The Dry Eye Show Dr. Cabeca
thank you for having me where can people get a hold of you
so at dranna.com so dranna.com and on Facebook join my keto green
community on Facebook at my page at dranna.com and I’m on Instagram too so to give
me a shout out let me know that you guys saw me here all right and again visit
the link in the description to purchase your book The Hormone Fix by Dr. Anna
Cabeca we are giving away ten books so make sure you comment below for your
chance to win don’t forget to like this video subscribe to our channel or share
this with someone who might benefit from this video and thank you so much for
coming on and thank you so much for watching see you guys

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