5 Real Life Mythical Beasts

Oh, so you want proof that mythical beasts
are real? Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– Today we present to you five – mythical beasts that are actually real.
– And here in the studio with us. No they’re not going to be here,
but still, we’re going to have some fun with this.
Now– – Next year.
– I’m not just talking about you fans who are our fans who call yourselves the
Mythical Beasts. – Yeah.
– That is also true, and you are actually real people.
If you want to know why you’re called that, link in the description,
but I’m talking about real beasts who seem, to me, to be mythical, okay?
Now, recently in the news there was this – rediscovery of a fanged deer
– (Rhett) Yes. – (Link) in like, Afghanistan.
– Yes. – There was–
– Like Afghanistan. Afghanistan. Four– And they’re technically not fangs,
they are tusks, – Who cares? Tusks! Fangs!
– but it looks like a vampire deer. Okay, so that got me thinking.
I wonder how many more of these seemingly mythical creatures are actually real.
So that’s what we’ve got for you. – Well that got me to thinking.
– In addition to the vampire deer, – five more.
– Let’s start with (scary voice) the Kraken.
(normal voice) The Kraken, in folklore, I don’t watch movies like that,
they scare me. is the Giant Squid.
Now, this thing is real. Up to 43 feet, 13 meters long.
It’s so illusive. The first images of this thing actually
in the wild, alive came in 2004. So that’s just 10 years ago that we
actually had evidence of this thing. Wasn’t just a dead squid that occasionally
floated up to the top, And like, bloated?
Got bloated? – and it is legendary because it is known
– (laughs) to actually attack boats!
In 2003 there was a crew that was competing in an around the world race,
and a Giant Squid latched onto the ship, and put two tentacles onto the rudder,
and the ship couldn’t go anymore. Was it angry or was it trying to make a
baby ship? I– (makes boop sound)
I think a competitor ship– – Released the Kraken.
– Released the Kraken on them. – (both laugh)
– But this was– I learned this for the first time.
The giant squid is not the giant-est. The Colossal Squid is even bigger than
the Giant Squid. – Really?
– It’s called the Antarctic Squid or the Giant Cranch Squid.
It’s up to 46 feet long, and it doesn’t have just suction cups on
its tentacles, it has sharp hooks,
some swiveling, and some three-pointed.
Three-pointed swiveling hooks on the tentacles,
and it has the largest eyeball of any – animal on the planet.
– It better be big. – If you only got one, go big or go home.
– Yeah– That’s the Kraken. (laughs)
Alright, I’m gonna see your Kraken,
and I’m gonna raise you– Goblin Shark.
Now, I had not heard of this thing. It is a deep sea shark with pink skin.
It can be 3-4 meters, 10-13 feet long. – (Rhett) Yeah.
– (Link) I mean, just watch this video of this thing.
Okay, it looks like a normal shark in slow motion,
swimming up to a diver’s arm, okay? And then all of a sudden,
(yells) his mouth comes out! – (Rhett) (yelling) What?! Alien!
– It looks like a goblin with like– A pink goblin with the huge nose and a
huge mouth. Look at that thing.
That is scary. – It’s gross, too.
– It looks like a bad Halloween mask. – (crew laughs)
– It looks like– – Something you’d get at Party City.
– It’s named after the Japanese mythical creature–
The Tangu. The Tangu.
A goblin with a long nose and a red face. – (Link) I mean,
– (Rhett) Yeah. (Link) That’s exactly what that thing
looks like. Totally freaky looking.
Now, the question is, is the Goblin Shark worse than the
Clown Shark? (yelling) Clown Shark!
I always want to bring back the – Clown Shark to scare my kids.
– Now, Link, if I were to show this video, and say, “Hey, tell me what animal
this is,” -(Rhett) what would you say?
– (Link) A humming bird. (makes buzzer sound)
You would be wrong! That is not a humming bird,
that is a moth! – (pronounces funny) Moth?
– A moth! M-o-t-h. Hummingbird Hawk Moth, or
(pronounces funny) moth, as we say in North Carolina.
It makes a humming sound, it flaps its wings at a similar pace as
a humming bird, – Wow.
– and it goes from flower to flower sucking nectar out of the flowers
with a very long proboscis. – Proboscis.
– Proboscis! And the proboscis,
not to be confused with Tobuscus, is not a nose,
and it is not a tongue, it is just this thing that extends from
the face that they suck nectar with, and think about this for a second,
it’s not a long tube, it’s actually two concave pieces of tube
structure that have hooks that hook them – together.
– It’s like Legos? He can unhook them when he wants to
clean it. (manly voice) Oh,
hey baby, – I’m just cleaning my proboscis.
– Okay. (normal voice) That’s what he says to
the other– – Well why is he talking to a baby?
– Uh, no, he’s talking to the– – (crew laughs)
– To the other moth. What?
Where’s the hawk part of this come in? I don’t know,
maybe hawks are into this kind of thing. – (crew laughs)
– (laughs) Maybe hawks just like it a lot.
I don’t know, maybe– – Can we get our name in there?
– (laughs) If– It’s all the way from Portugal
to Japan, so if you’re in that area of the world,
it’s a pretty large swath. – I mean, so–
– Be on the lookout! It looks like a humming bird,
it’s like a conversion of illusion type thing.
Is the moth walking around like, looking at the humming birds like,
“I’m getting in on that.” – And you can–
– They’re cool looking. And you can get them at your local
pet store. – No you can’t.
– (both laugh) – You wish!
– I caught ya’ on that one. Thorny Dragon?
Have you ever heard of this? – (Rhett) Anyone?
– Australian lizard. I mean, you’d say, (surprised voice)
“Oh look! Here comes the Thorny Dragon!” (normal voice) It sounds like a mythical
creature, man! Listen, if you’re walking around in
Australia, you’re going to see this thing just like–
sitting there. It is a 20 centimeter. 8 inch long
lizard, also known as the Moloch, AKA, Satan,
but the thing’s not mean, he just stands there and he’s got
thorns all over his body. Basically, comical spines,
and get this, he has a false head on the back of his
neck that he presents to potential predators when he thinks they’re going
to attack him. Like, for example,
you would be– You be a predator. – (yelling) Hey man I’m gonna–
– (squawks) Uh oh.
Oh! No damage! – Woah! Woah!
I got you! – False head!
– I got you with that false head, – (normal voice) Or you could–
– man. Yah! I could sleep, but–
Oh you took my head off. See? And you’re still alive.
You’re still alive. I wanted to fake sleep while I did
the show. He only eats ants,
and get this, how he drinks water. He will just go up to dewy bushes
and brush, and the water leaves little leaves,
and hits his body, and then you’ll see him just sitting there
going (lip smacking). (Link) Smoothing his mouth.
He is bringing rivulets of water all the way up his body,
all the way up to his face, – into his mouth.
– That’s how I drink. – (both laugh loudly)
– It’s like– You didn’t care what I was saying,
you just waited for me to shut up so you could say, (funny voice)
“That’s how I drink!” – (normal voice) Did you even hear me?
– (funny voice) Rivulets of water from the – leaves.
– But dude, isn’t that cool? I mean,
it looks like a thorny satan lizard just – Yeah.
– going– (lip smacking) – That’s why I drink that way.
– His mouth is somehow moving his – whole body the bring the–
– Everyone should drink that way. – Bring the water from his whole body up
– (lip smacking) – into his mouth?
– I think I can beat that. – And he’s got a fake head.
– I can beat that with the Pyura Chilensis.
The living rock. On the coast of Chile or ‘Chill-Ay’
and Peru, there is a tunicate that sometimes
resembles a mass of organs inside of a rock.
So you’re walking along the beach, you see thing thing that looks like a rock.
If you happen to go up and crack it open, – it looks like–
– (Link) Guts. – (Rhett) Nasty body inside.
– (Link) Ew. (funny voice) That’s how I drink.
(everyone laughs) – That’s what I should have just said.
– This is the epitome of a pet rock, – and–
– Which isn’t exactly a mythical creature, – but I’ll let it slide.
– And you can eat it. – (Link) Really?
– (Rhett) It’s a delicacy in these countries where it’s found,
so this is like a family pet that you keep around, and when you get bored of it,
which will inevitably happen because – it’s just a rock,
– But it’s not. – but it’s not; it’s a living thing.
– It’s an edible rock, not a pet-able rock. It’s a filter like one of those sea
anemone kind of deals. – Oh, okay.
– You can eat it with a little cilantro, it says.
Cilantro and onions. (Link) It doesn’t look too appetizing,
I mean maybe that’s just me, but when you split that thing open,
I mean, it looks like, well– – Somebody’s head had been split open.
– And if you leave it alone, it will reproduce with self-fertilization.
That’s when you say– – (funny voice) That’s how I reproduce.
– Yeah! – (both laugh)
– You should have gave me another beat. Alright, there you have it,
let us know in the comments below what real, live mythical creatures that
I’m sure you have an opinion about that you think we missed.
You can let us know. – And thanks for liking this epsiode.
– You know what time it is. (playing Wheel Of Mythicality song)
(singing) Hey, this is Andy from Pittsburgh, P-A.
It’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality! We tweet on the daily at
twitter.com/rhettandlink. We tell you what holiday it is every
single day of the year. That’s right! Education!
Click through to Good Mythical More where we talk about our recent
Death Valley trip, and our encounter with nakedness at the
hot spring. – What?
– Part two. Rhett is paranoid about raccoons getting
into his garbage. – Hey Rhett, how you feeling today, man?
– I’m uneasy. – Why?
– Well, because I’ve been really preoccupied all day with this little issue
that I’m having. – What?
– Well, I’m not really having it, but it might be happening.
It’s probably happening right now. – You hear that?
– What? – Huh?
– Raccoons in my garbage, – and that’s not a euphemism for anything.
– (both laugh) What? [Captioned by Hayleigh:
GMM Caption Team]

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  2. I know this is super necro posting, but just for Rhett and Link: The hummingbird moth is alive and well here in Western NC. I've got pictures on my phone of some. They are incredibly fun to look at because they are insects they don't fly away when you lean in closer to look.

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