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  1. You and mind over munch both recommended coconut butter & nutritional yeast so I tried them and no both are staples in our house!

  2. Hearts of palms . I have been enjoying them only about a year . I just love eating them right out of the jar. Sorta pricey. I do love them in veggie wraps ,sliced in strips with tons of veggies & hummus.

  3. I’m curious to try coconut butter, ever since you made your cinnamon rolls I’ve wanted to try it. It looks really good!!

  4. Canned mackerel in olive oil is underrated! So healthy and can be used just like canned tuna. Doesn’t sound the best but swear it is. Also think tempeh doesn’t get enough love.

  5. Love putting nutritional yeast on popcorn (with some olive oil sprayed on there) and I love using oxo pop containers!!
    On my channel I have a video on how to use carob or cacao to make a healthy “Nutella” and a mug cake

  6. Hey Nikole ;
    We eat water chestnuts raw in India, after removing its peel and it’s so good 😊
    We call it Singhada in Hindi and its flour is also used in some fasts we observe; hence gluten free 👍🏻

  7. For holidays we sometimes have water chestnuts wrapped in bacon. Not the healthiest thing, but its the holidays. It's delicious

  8. I just tried the water chestnuts for the first time since I was a kid. I hated them then, I was trying to describe their flavor and texture with my son and all I got was crunchy with not much of a flavor maybe something like a pear texture. So it made sense when you described them to an apple.. Also I had tried to find coconut butter for a recipe a couple years ago but still haven't come accrossed yet.

  9. I'm 100% with you on water chestnuts, they are the best! I loved this video because I haven't heard of the rest, so thank you!

  10. I like water chestnuts but didn’t realize they were good for you. Love nutritional yeast, and I haven’t tried Chinese five spice but now I will. I didn’t realize carob didn’t have caffeine in it though. That is really good to know. Thanks I learned a lot in this video!

  11. I am not vegan but have discovered nutritional yeast in just the last few months. I am now totally addicted. Love it on my eggs in the morning. It adds so much flavor without the extra calories of real cheese.

  12. Very interesting underrated food items!! Thanks for this video!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
    For me its cactus! In Mexico is very common for everywhere else it’s rare!

  13. I love adding water chestnuts to my stir-frys but often forget, I will have to pick some up 🙂 Green Giant makes a frozen Japanese veggie mix that has water chestnuts in it.

  14. I've always liked water chestnuts but haven't had them in a while…and have never purchased them. Only ever had them in my mom's stir fries. : )

  15. Love this video! Now I want the coconut butter for toast. It sounds so yummy. You should try the water chestnuts in spinach dip, delicious! 🥑🥑

  16. Ok people help a girl out. I tried Nutritional Yeast and it was SOOO bitter. I couldn’t taste anything like Parmesan. Did I just get one that was a dud? I even tried to mask it with real cheese and couldn’t get past the flavor. Sigh… Send any tips for a newbie to nutritional yeast.

  17. We use water chestnut flour during fasting in India. It’s texture is like corn starch and is versatile. There are tons of sweet and savory traditional recipes that my family have which uses water chestnut flour. I Iove them all.. In fact I would fast only to eat those yummy recipes

  18. I'm new to your channel….I need to start eating n feeding my fam way healthier meal! Do you have beginner videos? I've been working on how to meal plan etc but I hate not knowing what to really do in the kitchen. Help!? 🙂

  19. I’ve been using water chestnuts for years! I love dicing them you and adding them to dips! Try it! You’ll love it!

  20. Fresh pineapple juice is so underrated (it's yummy and great for the kidneys too). It's the next best thing after fresh coconut juice or coconut water. Also, fresh mango shake(!) But oh well, these are abundant here in the Philippines. I just wish Westerners would try it too, just like how you guys have tried and loved (fresh) coconut juice a.k.a. coco water ^_^

  21. I didn't know what carob is until I translated it. And I found out that in reality I LOVE carob! In my country we don't have carob chips, only fresh one or the powdered version. But I love it in cakes, warm drinks like warm cocoa with a hint of carob..ugh, delicious.

  22. What do you mean there is caffeine in chocolate? Also I think you should have referred to it as cocoa beans and not chocolate 😊

  23. Water chestnuts and bamboo shoots are a must in stirfries! I use all of these frequently except the coconut butter because I have an allergy.

  24. My #1 underrated food lately is organic vanilla soy milk. Its great, really versatile, has a good amount of protein and if soy doesn't disturb your stomach goes with almost everything! Everybody is about Almond/Coconut Milk but Soy Milk (if you get good quality) is , in my opinion, so much better.

  25. I crumble coconut butter into an already made smoothie so it’s like little bits of frosting to chew throughout the smoothie 😆😋 and I make the best homemade boullion powder with nutritional yeast a ton of spices that I blend together (the blend smells like ramen noodle soup- amazing!!!!!)
    Thanks for the great video!

  26. Good idea about the underrated foods but I hope everyone takes it with a grain of salt because we all react differently to same thing 🌞🌻
    Coconut oil, coconut butter, etc isn't for everyone, I have severe allergic reaction to anything coconut. It also drastically raises cholesterol — proven fact.
    Nutritional yeast can cause stomach ache, indigestion and stomach inflammation.
    Jicama produces gas in many people when eaten raw, it's difficult food to digest.
    Individual body = individual response.

  27. Can’t wait to try coconut butter! In best Fabio voice, “I can’t believe it’s not butta!” 😄Anyone else remember those commercials? Anyone over 30 in the US probably will!

  28. I use Chinese 5 spice and it is so unique.

    Love nutritional yeast on my popcorn too, I also add Dr Hyman’s homemade spice blend (a healthier version of Larry’s Seasoning) to my popcorn with some ghee. It’s delicious! https://drhyman.com/blog/2012/03/28/alexs-secret-spicy-spice-rub/

  29. Do u have to melt the coconut butter everytime u use it? Water chessnut is our favourite snack for me n my family. We can get fresh ones here in Asia. But hate to peal them. 5 spice is a staple spice for Chinese cooking. We use them for meats base dishes. Jicama is one of the under rated health foods. It's cheap, it's crsipy when eat raw, similar texture compared to water chest nut. I love my mums Jicama stir fry with dried cuttlefish, wrap with fresh lettuces.

  30. ❤️ 5 spice powder with some salt and garlic on roasted chicken is our favorite! My mom would buy water chestnuts (about 50 years ago), and I would open a can, drain and sprinkle them with soy sauce and eat them all. Yummy! She’d get mad at me because they always went into her chop suey. Lastly, getting the word out about nutritional yeast – it’s amazing.

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