7 Great Tips For Parasite Eradication

Greetings. Eric Bakker, New Zealand naturopath. Author of Candida Crusher, formulator of the
CanXida range of products. Thanks for tuning in. I’m going to do a video today based on many
requests I’ve had in the past several weeks on parasites. Parasites is a very big topic. There’s some very good information on the
internet, but as usual, there’s a lot of crap on the internet about parasites. I want to try to set the record straight for
people who’ve got parasites and are interested in a very effective parasite eradication solution. That’s what we’re going to hit on right now. The seven successes or seven tips in terms
of parasite eradication. I’ve written a cheat sheet here as usual. Let’s get into it. Number one. Identify your target. Let’s just say you’re going out deer hunting
or stuff like that or shooting animals, duck shooting or something. Well, it might pay for you to work out where
you’re going if there’s actually going to be ducks or deer there or the animals that
you’re trying to target. There’s no point going out to the parking
lot or to the bowling alley or the supermarket looking for ducks because you probably won’t
find them there. You’ve got to find the right location where
they’re probably going to be and have a pretty good idea where you think they’re going to
be. Target them. They could be anywhere in the body, but let’s
assume that you’re targeting the digestive system, which is what I think you were doing. Targeting usually means testing, so your medical
doctor can often do a test for parasites. If not, you can do a functional medicine test
through your naturopathic doctor or chiropractic doctor or medical doctor who has an interest
in a functional test. A functional test is a little bit different
from a pathological test. A function test is going to look at a whole
wide range of parameters, not just one particular little bug. That’s a very myopic and narrow way of testing
not a lot of medical doctors do. They check for one tiny thing like they’ve
got their blinkers, but they forget there could be other stuff out here. Functional medicine tests. There are tons of labs you can do this from
if you’re in the States or in Europe. No matter where you live. There’s Genova Diagnostics. There’s Doctor’s Data. There’s Diagnostechs. There’s many different labs that will do this
test. A parasite screen is something that you can
easily do. It shouldn’t cost too much. If you’re going to do a comprehensive stool
analysis, that could be in the range of several hundred dollars, but a parasite screen is
usually less. Number one. Identify your target. Do you have Blastocystis hominis? Do you have Entamoeba? What have you got? What type of parasite have you got inside? Have you got giardia? It pays to find out what you’ve got before
you’re going to pull out a gun and try to fire a bullet into that target. Try to find out you’ve got. Number two. Consider the severity of your problem. Try to work out if you really have got parasites
and you can do that also sometimes without testing. Think logically. I know I’ve said to you guys before, “Common
sense isn’t very common.” Logic isn’t very common today either. Sometimes people travel overseas, so to the
Caribbean or to India or to Asia. They could go to the Pacific Islands. Particularly areas that are hit with hurricanes
with poor water supply. These are places where you’re going to get
parasites. You’re not going to get parasites if you go
to Wal-Mart, generally. You’re more likely to get a parasite if you’re
going to go to a place where the hygiene is not so good. Maybe the hygiene is not so good at Wal-Mart. I don’t know. Consider the severity. How bad is your parasite problem? Do you have really bad diarrhea? Do you have really bad cramping pains? Do you have overwhelming fatigue and brain
fog and joint pain? You can also go and have a look at some of
my articles or other YouTube videos I’ve completed on parasites to understand about how severe
this response can be. Severe responses should drive you to the doctor
to get tested immediately. Especially if you’re traveled and then developed
an acute GI problem. Get it tested. Find out what the heck it is. Consider the severity and act on that severity. You don’t want to have a parasite in your
body for years and years. Initially when you get it, you can get quite
strong symptoms, but they can settle down. I’ve tested patients who’ve got parasites
now that are literally asymptomatic. They haven’t got symptoms, but they did have
them 5 or 10 years ago and they lived 10 years of crappy life because they never really associated
down the track the problems they had could’ve been linked with what happened 10 years prior. Thinking. Number three. Don’t be parasite focused. You may have parasites, but then you may not
have parasites. You may have Candida. You may have a bacterial overgrowth like small
intestinal bacterial overgrowth. You may have an under acid stomach. You could have any one of anything. That’s why testing is important. Even if you do find you have got parasites,
don’t focus just on a parasite. Focus on the integrity of the whole gut. The whole health of the gut. A healthy gut with parasites is more likely
to counter the parasite. If you’ve just got a parasite you’re treating,
if you’re just shooting that one thing, there could be a lot of collateral damage that could
occur. Be careful. Sometimes you can kill the friendly guys by
trying to wipe out the bad guy. It happens all the time in war. Number four. Natural treatment first before pharmaceutical
treatment. Some patients I’ve treated over the years
I found that I had to go in there with the big gun first. Blow something up before I could finish off
the job with the smaller gun. Other times, more commonly, I prefer to go
in with a natural, a softer, gentler approach and then ramp that approach up a little bit
and push that patient for four to six weeks. And then let’s see how they are after two
weeks. If we complete a few of those cycles and we
still find that they’re very sick, maybe pharmaceutical treatment is necessary. In many cases, it isn’t. Because if you take a parasite down in large
numbers over a prolonged period of time with gentle treatment, you’re going to weaken the
parasite. Then at the same time, if you focus on boosting
up the good guys, you’re going to take the parasites out. It works for me and it works for a lot of
people that I work with. It’s a basic simple approach. Number five. Don’t forget the good guys. Look after the soldiers. Don’t just kill the enemy. Make sure the soldiers get looked after, too. Make sure that the lactobacillus and the bifida
bacteria and the enterococcus and the e-coli and all these other species that are important
in your gut that they’re well taken care of. Probiotics. Enzymes to help break down food to give food
to the beneficial bacteria. These are all very clever things you can do. Look after the good guys big time and they’ll
take care of the bad guys. Six. Food is your medicine. Medicine is your food with parasites. Having a diet with sodas, beer and pizza is
probably not really going to help you a lot if you’ve got parasites. Drinking a glass of Coca-Cola three or four
times a day, probably not a good idea if you’ve got parasites. Would you agree? I hope you agree. You’re much better off focusing on a very
healthy clean eating approach. I’ve talked and talked and talked until I’m
blue in the face. I’m not really blue in the face, I think. But I’ve talked a lot about the food approach
when it comes to parasites, when it comes to Candida and bacteria. I’d really like you to go back and look at
some of those videos that I’ve completed on good ways of eating. I’ve done about 200 or 300 videos on this
channel just about that alone. Check out some of my videos on healthy eating. When you eat like this, it’s going to really
undermine the parasite. Particularly when you start including a lot
of good herbs and spices in your diet. Take sugars out. Take yeasts out. Eat lots of fresh healthy foods. This really discourages bad things and encourages
good things. Common sense. Number seven. The last one. Look at your lifestyle. No point trying to counter parasites if you’re
up at three o’clock in the morning on Facebook or whatever you’re looking at. It’s Instagram now isn’t it? Try to look carefully at how much sleep you’re
getting. Quality sleep is what we want. Are you resting enough? Are you stressing out? Do you have anxiety? Is your neighbor playing crazy cat videos
at high volume and you can’t sleep at night? Try to find out where the stresses are in
your life and try to deal with these stresses. The happier you feel and the less stress you’ve
got in your life, the better you eat, all these things go in your favor to eradicate
parasites. The last thing I’ll leave you with is check
out CanXida, CanXida Remove in the red bottle. That product was formulated for parasites,
for bad bacteria and for Candida species. I’ve had tremendous success with CanXida Remove
with Blastocystis hominis, Dientamoeba fragilis, and many other different types of parasites. Is it a straight anti-parasite product? No. It’s a gut cleansing product. That product when combined with a healthy
diet and a healthy lifestyle is going to really help to get you in good shape. Be sure to check out CanXida.com because you’ll
probably also want to take the CanXida Restore, which is a probiotic enzyme. It works perfectly with Remove. When you use them together in combo with the
tips I’ve given you here, you’re going to probably eradicate a parasite within a 6 to
12-month period or a lot less. It all depends on you. I hope this has been a useful video. Please give me some comments on it. Let me know what other kind of videos that
you’re interested in. Thanks for tuning in.

15 Replies to “7 Great Tips For Parasite Eradication”

  1. I don't think i have parasites or candida ( I should check) but should i still use C Remove and for how long? Maybe a month every year? I am taking Restore right now. My body is very sensitive and exhausted (Lost 20 kilo) through adrinal fatigue, i even get nerve pains and stiff joints drinking water. I can only take 1 Restore every 3 days for now sitting out the pain, is this enough? I am afraid the mix blend of Remove will trouble my stomach to much and i will lose more weight.
    Groetjes uit Amsterdam. Thanks!

  2. Hi what are your thoughts on ibuprofen on a candida diet. Currently have a strained abdominal muscle looking for some relief. Thanks.

  3. Good day Sir,

    I was wondering if you could possibly do a video on over eating?
    I'm trying my best to follow a good clean diet and I am taking all three of your Canxida supplements daily. I know that it comes down to mind over matter but I still sometimes just can't stop eating and eating. Do you have any tips on how to control oneself?

    Also, I know someone who has perioral dermatitis. They could really use your advice. Could you do a video on the connection, if there is one, of perioral dermatitis, yeast infection and gut health in general? Please?

    Sincerely from a fellow kiwi.


  4. Hello Dr. Bakker, I recently discovered I had coxsacki virus that's weakening my immune system for the last couple of years since being in China, and causing the candida in my stomach. I will be getting a treatment to help with the coxsacki virus. Then my candida stomach problems should then be easy to treat since I have improved my diet and have been taking the Canxida supplements. My overall condition is better than before I made the dietary changes and started supplements to help my stomach.

  5. Thank you for the videos. I live in the Washington DC area and was wondering what labs you recommend for parasite testing?

  6. Thank you Dr. your tips help me cure giardia without pharmaceticals. The full moon tip was especially helpful

  7. Hi Eric, I have been looking at all your parasite videos, several times, to take all the info in. I have been quite ill over the last few months and recently had a positive result for parasite Cyclospora.
    At the end of this video I was shocked to hear you say it will probably take 6 to 12 months to get rid of a parasite, or maybe a lot less it depends on you – I have been off work for 3 months now already and I want to tell them roughly when I will be back, before they terminate my employment. I started the Remove and Restore a week ago, and the diet 6 weeks ago. I was hoping I could get rid of my parasite (cyclospora) in 6 weeks and tell my work when I should be back. I presume one starts to improve when once the parasite starts dying and my energy will return before its completely eradicated? I am completley for the natural approach, but my husband says If I took the anti biotic for this parasite I would be rid of this parasite in 7 to 10 days and then take probiotics to re build my good bacteria, so why bother taking 6 months to feel well again, when it could take 7 days. I am desparate to feel well /normal again and obviously as soon as possible. Thanks for all the info you give out.

  8. I used to eat a LOT of raw fish from the sushi place… and Im wondering if this is the connection… or one of them!

  9. I have Blasto and i have twitching all the time, in my triceps, glutes, eye, and my Dr reckons it has nothing to do with Blasto. Is this a symptom?

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