A Visit to a Japanese Vegetable Garden

Where I’m from, this is what Japanese gardens are like. Let me show you It’s so fluffy If you see very close, you see little bit of like hair (Japanese) These are potatoes It’s potatoes They’re potatoes? Yeah He’s taking all the flowers down. (Japanese) Why do you take the flowers? Oh, if you leave the flowers, the potatoes won’t grow big These are leek These are the piimans Piiman is what? They’re green peppers These are the okra These are the watermelons Yeah? Sharlot? Yeah Shallot These are tamanegi, they’re called onions These are called kyuuri Cucumbers! If you plant the leeks The bugs won’t come here. Oh, they won’t attack the cucumber plants? Yeah! Oh, that’s nice. This is 14km from his house. He’s borrowing it. I’m gonna peel soramame These are broad beans. This is how you peel it inside is kind of…gooey. It’s kind of like, um….natto I don’t know if you know natto, but, Ah, so icky I didn’t know it looks black in here. Never seen inside of it They’re called soramame Boil them I’m gonna eat this broad bean Soramame So weee…can…peeeel it And then, we can eat it Mmm, it’s yummy Kind of sweet See you next time, bye!

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