Hey, everyone! This is Christy here with
Go See Christy Beauty Boutique and we’ve been doing a series of videos on Acne,
and we actually have a playlist that we’re focusing on “ACNE HACKS”. So today
we’re going to be talking about NUTS and ACNE. So, when some people eat certain
types of foods, they notice that they get a trigger, an Acne trigger. So one of the
most common nuts that people eat in America is the Peanut, and it’s actually
NOT a nut, it’s actually a legume. Here are some of the nuts, the actual nuts
that can trigger Acne. And again, it’s not for everybody, but for those of you who
find that nuts trigger Acne, you may want to avoid eating are: Almonds, Brazil Nuts,
Cashews, Hazelnuts, Macadamia Nuts, and Walnuts. So Walnuts has three times the
Omega-3, which is the GOOD fatty acid, BUT it has six times the BAD fatty acid,
which is Omega-6. So you may want to balance that out. And later in the video
we’re also going to be explaining how you can still eat nuts and how to
neutralize the effects that it can have on Acne triggers. So here are some foods
that are common Acne triggers for some people. The first one, as we talked about,
is nuts, the other one is some seafood, as well as
sugar, soy, wheat, processed foods, and dairy. So the most common question that I
get, especially from someone who suffers from Acne is: What foods causes Acne? So
it’s not the actual food that causes, directly causes the Acne, it’s how the
food affects the hormones, which the hormones affect the Sebum production, how
much Sebum, how thick the Sebum is that can clog the pores. And so, for every
individual it is different. So hormones affect every part of our body, and
they’re very important in day-to-day bodily functions as well as
our appearance. So for example, hormones affect our weight gain, weight loss, how
thin or thick our skin is, how thick or thin the Sebum that we make is, how much
Sebum do we make, hair growth, hair loss, muscle growth, muscle loss. So as you can
see, it’s really, it’s not the food but how the food interacts with our hormones
and the hormones affect how much oil that we make, how quickly our skin-cell
turnover rate is. So the typical American diet is OVERLOADED with Omega-6 fatty
acids, which is the BAD fatty acids, and we really need to eat a whole lot more
of Omega-3 rich fatty acids. Now when you eat a diet that is richer of Omega-3
diets, you will find that your body will respond LESS to those Acne triggers
because it neutralizes the effects of that. And so what studies have shown is,
is that when you eat a diet that is high in Omega-6 and, and fats, it actually
affects the Androgen, which is the male hormone. And so what it does for girls is,
it increases an earlier onset of puberty. And so the earlier the onset is of
puberty, the more likely they are to experience, a little bit later in life,
SEVERE ACNE. And for both men and for women, Androgen levels increase the
amount of oil they produce as far as, and as far as how thick the Sebum is, which
then can clog the pores. So typically, when people have severe Acne, their
DESQUAMATION RATE, which is the skin-cell turnover rate, is a whole lot slower. So I
don’t need to tell you a whole array of diseases of eating a regular diet that’s
rich in Omega 6’s. So some of the more common auto-immune diseases that are
related to this is: Arthritis, Psoriasis, Eczema, and Acne. if you have a
diet that’s rich in fats, then we all know about the
common diseases, such as: Cardiovascular Disease, high blood pressure, and high
Cholesterol. So what do you do to neutralize the effects, not only of Acne
but later in life, a lot of the auto-immune diseases that a lot of people
are getting? So if you eat a diet rich in Omega-3. So here are some of the foods: So
I hate to say this but for those of you who don’t like the taste of fish, you may
want to take a supplement that has the Omega-3 fish oil. But for those of you
who love Salmon, Tuna, White Fish, Spinach, Kale, egg yolks, you are in luck, as well
as Hemp Seeds and Flax Seeds. So those are very high in Omega-3’s.
So speaking of seafood, there are three types of people, I guess you would say,
that have NO known history ever of Acne. So the first one is the rural villages
of Japan, the second one is the Ache tribe in eastern Paraguay, and the Kettavan
islanders of Papua New Guinea. So their diet is primarily plant-based, little-to-no, I think they don’t eat any processed foods, and very, very, very low in animal
protein consumption. So they have NO known documentation of Acne ever. So if
you eat, if you want to eat the foods that you love but they tend to cause
Acne triggers for you, then how you can kind of neutralize that
is eat a regular diet of Omega-3 foods. So when you do eat an Omega-6, it’s not
causing a flood of inflammation throughout your body.
Okay, so, stay tuned for our next upcoming video. We would, once again, love for
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it’s up, and that will be on DIET and ACNE and just some of the, even more of
common Acne triggers and how you can neutralize those and avoid some of those
as well. So thanks for watching and why don’t you comment below and let us know
if there’s any foods that we didn’t mention that you tend to break out in. So
for example, I have a client that notices that every time she eats Chinese food
she tends to break out. And it could be the Cashews in the Chinese food, or the
processed sauces that they’re using in Chinese food, I’m not really sure. So
comment below and let us know and thanks for watching!

24 Replies to “ACNE AND NUTS”

  1. No idea walnuts had so many Omega-6. Great educational video about food/acne/hormones relationship.

  2. Hey, Christy! First, you have a terrific delivery and style. It's so steady and calming – I love it. And that is so interesting that it's actually the hormones and not the food that is the cause. Thanks for this!

  3. Do you have acne triggers? The most common ones are: Nuts, certain seafoods, sugar, processed foods, dairy, wheat and a whole array of other foods. Do you notice you will break out when you eat certain foods? Comment below! : )

  4. I didn't know about this. I enjoy learning about different aspects of skin care from you. I'll pass this on to a friend who may benefit from this information.

  5. Great info! My daughter suffers from acne and I know she eats a lot of peanut butter. You brought that up, so maybe that's contributing to her breakouts?

  6. So interesting Christy! My daughter has a peanut allergy so we don't have any of those in the house, but the facts on the walnuts are crazy! Too much Omega 6's! Great content! New subscriber!

  7. Wow! I had no idea that nuts can trigger acne. I stopped eating dairy after I broke out in Horrific PAINFUL Cystic Acne last year. I'm currently on Accutane and it is helping tremendously. Thank you for sharing Christy.

  8. You are very knowledgable. I need to change up my diet to add more omega 3. I have eczema as well and I didn't know omega 6 foods can irritate it. I will definitely look out for that. thank you !

  9. Wow, I would have never thought that nuts trigger acne. This is so good to know. Thanks for sharing.

  10. This video is great! I am allergic to nuts and when I have them i get rashes and pimples:( This have helped to think that its not the food we take it's on the hormone

  11. Cashew is not a nut and Walnuts? everyone knows that omega 3 fatty acids are good for acne besides if your omega 6 are low you can eat walnuts in small amounts…. and they are full of antioxidants as well. but it is just advice TRY IT FOR YOURSELF and cut dairy, period.

  12. Oh my! I got this bad breakout that doesn't go away for like a month now. I tried so may anti-acne topicals but no improvement. I just realized I bought a kilo of almonds and walnuts a month ago that i eat literally everyday. Bye nuts for now. See if my skin will clear after a week of no nuts and more fish. Thanks for the advice. God bless.

  13. I have instinctively noticed this, since every time I snack on cashews or any other nuts I have a breakout, so frustrating! With this helpful info I realize it could definitely be the trigger… plus I eat almonds everyday… I’ll test it for a month…😃

  14. This video just changed the game for me. I knew peanuts were bad due to androgens and cut them out a while ago. But, I use tons of almond butter and eat almonds often. I also use hemp seed oil on my face because it's supposed to have a low comedogenic rating. However, I never thought about the omega-6. And I never really did the research on the different types of omegas. It's a bit conflicting because they say acne skin types tend to have low linoleic acid, which is omega-6, but then that same substance is supposed to be pro-inflammatory. So, maybe those who have low levels of it just have low levels of all omegas? I don't know. But I'm cutting out the almonds and almond butter, which I ate almost every day, and the hemp seed oil. I had been wondering why my face was getting all these whiteheads despite my regular pills, which usually indicates clogged pores from a substance (not hormonal) for me, and also inflamed lesions. I also recently learned that oils actually don't hydrate your skin that much, just the top layer(s). I find that often times, my skin is sufficiently hydrated with my toner that contains glycerin. Going to try just using that with this 99% aloe gel and hope for the best! I noticed that the aloe leaves this little kind of film, so I'm thinking that may act as a sufficient occlusive. Fingers crossed..

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