Alien Predator (1985) parasite emerges

Hey, what happened to you? Did you have an accident? Can I help you at all? No,no, it was nothing. It looks as if the wan was burned… Can I help you at all? -Good night. -Good night. -Hi. -So, what can I do for you? Let’s put some gas,please. -Gasoline?How much? -I would like to have it filled,please. All right. I’ll clean the windshield before,if you want to…. -Good,thanks. -One moment. It’s Telly Savalas! It says there’s a small village near here,Alarcón, i’ts 12 miles away. Samantha said the first ever bullfight took place there… Yeah…give me that! My God! No! My God!! Michael!Michael!! Michaell,help! Michael,Michael! What the hell is that!!?? Michael! It’s a monster!!! Let’s get out of here,Damon! Start the car! Hurry up!! Let’s get out of here!! It doesn’t start!! We must leave now,hurry up Damon! Start the car,Damon! Come on, let’s move!

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  1. Poor Telly Savalas. After his acting career dried up all he dreamed of doing was wiping the windows of creeper vans. Sadly, it was not meant to be.

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