Another lip plumping trick (exercise)

Leda Lum’s apothecary and i wanted to show
you some other tricks that i discovered with my little lip plumper for plumping lips. now
i have a video about the suction that you can do, like this. which basically pulls the
fluid to your mouth, and yea bruising can totally can happen and some people dont want
to experience that an i totally understand that and what i have been doing lately, another
trick from my mom. she used to do this with a ball, like in the car which is what i do
like ill get my little camera film container and ill do the other end, the rounded end.
this is a little easier to hold with your lips than a little bouncing rubber ball. and
ill put it in my mouth and not pursing, not making lines in the lip, but like, more pushing
the lips forward like this. and ill just kind of wiggle the tube around and thats really
plumping the lips. so its strengthening the muscle as well as it seems to draw the fluid
forward as well. so ill just kinda like hold it or wiggle circle, which is a facial exercise
and thats been pretty effective. its something that i do like if im going to an event or
and audition or something. ill do that as i drive or just as i drive around town doing
errands. ill do that. im sure it looks funny from other cars. but i dont care. another
thing i was doing is just a quark, a wine bottle quark. its a little smaller. you could
do the same thing. its a little easier to hold. but really you could do that with anything
round. but i think that the bigger circumference of this is a little less prone to having the
lines on your lips. you dont want to do the pursing. those little old lines. you dont
want that. so ill do this until i really feel the muscle contracted and you wnat to feel
the burn. just like that. so thats another option you could do if you dont want to experience
the bruising or you could do them both. if your doing the suction you definatly want
to slowly work up to suctioning for a little while. you want to do just a little bit at
a time through out the day for a few days so that your lips are accustom. they are sensitized
to the um, they are not going to bruise as easily. they are adapting, i guess. i dont
know exactly whats happening there but they bruise less easily if you kind of work up
to it. another trick for ya

7 Replies to “Another lip plumping trick (exercise)”

  1. So informative and yet… So freaking funny! And from personal experience? Excessive film container use should not be followed by cinnamon oil application…. "No really… This is the look I was going for.". 😀

  2. Interesting video, the Chiltanga bush people in the amazon use hemp twine and tie one end to a rock and the other end to both lips and wear it dangling from sunrise until sunset to develop larger lips to attract a mate, fictional history i just made up.
    Tks for the video, helpful info is always good.

  3. I cannot be-leeeeve you left comments open on this video, Kiddo!! My inner censor is straining & sweating under the pressure! He's ordered me to leave right now, before he collapses and all my comments come flying past my twitching, trembling fingers!🤐👈 Another fact-packed, informative & delightfully charming video, Kiddo! You're doin' your part to keep lips everywhere kissably plump-'n-full! I gotta leave, right now!

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