Archontic Mind Parasites | Are The Archons Using Russia And Trump To Feed On Negative Emotions?

So, I have been thinking about the Trumpet
and the Russian fake news debacle. My internal research has brought me face to
face with a reality which I couldn’t help but deny. But, as I kept thinking about it, I just knew
that it had to be very close to the true truth. What am I talking about, you may ask? Well, I simply have reasons to believe that
the current events involving the election of Donald Trump, and the manipulation of fake
news by Russia, is, in fact, a rabbit hole, which goes even deeper than I could ever imagine. Yes, indeed, I believe that it is all part
of a conspiracy, by a bunch of daemonic Archons from the realms below, which is a far more
sinister development than those pesky Illuminati could ever be. Sounds far fetched? Let me explain… It is my belief, that Donald Trump is being
controlled. The Russians have something he wants, or needs. Or perhaps, they have some very negative information
about him, which they are probably using to blackmail him, keeping him on a short leash. By the way, if you want to know the reason
why the Russians are doing it, ask yourself a basic question, why would the demiurge want
to create a new world order? The Russians are, I believe, being controlled
by evil forces from lower realities. Ancient forces, older than men. This world will become an archon farm for
human spiritual energy. They will keep humans in low vibrations, having
evil thoughts. In this state, they will be able to manifest
into the physical reality through mass possession. Even the phisiology of the human is being
altered, to make it less and less human. The only way to counter it, is to be more
humane. Acts of compassion and selflessness change
the chemistry being released from the brain. This causes a chain reaction of good thoughts
on others. The electromagnetic field of the human brain
prevents possession. When depressed or having evil thoughts, the
activity of the brain changes, changing the way it’s electromagnetic field behaves. Your consciousness is attached to the brain
throught the frequency of that electromagnetic field. Certain frequencies will allow archontic possession. Could this be the reason why the Trump administration
is preaching this anti immigration mantra? This lack of compassion, would certainly make
many Americans, an open vessel for daemonic monstrosities from the depths, don’t you think
so? Anyway, you are not your body, you are the
consciousness which is giving it a purpose. When a body no longer expresses love and compassion,
it is no longer being moved by the purpose of it’s true consciousness. It is, in fact, being manipulated by other
forces. The brain is both a receiver and transmitter. If it is projecting evil, it is receiving
evil. Be very careful with Russian fake news, as
it is inducing an evil trance of mind control. Those who are too attached to their earthly
vessels are, in fact, not speaking from their true soul. On websites, such as stormfront, for example,
you will notice very strong archontic influence from the people who aappear to be so attached
to their earthly bloodlines. Why do you think that is? The daemons, or archons, are the ones who
become attached to the earthly vessel, for they are feeding on it. Think of these creatures as something which
behaves like a virus which stays dormant, waiting for a vulnerable host. They are, indeed, spiritual parasites, feeding
on the electric stimulation in the synapses of the human vessel. Well, that’s some conspiracy theory, don’t
you think so? After this one, I’m gonna have to manufacture
a very thick, tin foil hat. Tell me what you think of this juicy conspiracy
theory, in the comment section. Is there any Archontic influence inside your
own thoughts?

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