Autism and Gut Brain: How to Eliminate Candida and Restore Your Child’s Gut Health

Hi I’m Dr. Andrea Libutti and I’m
here to answer your questions that you’ve sent to me over the last several
months that you want to know about your children with autism, so this question
comes from a mom that says I have a three-year-old that was recently
diagnosed with autism I’ve already started removing milk and
gluten we do a Quine of therapy and other activities but I really want to
focus on eliminating the candida I want to know how to focus my attention on
getting rid of the candida either through probiotics multivitamins
omega-3s homeopathy acupuncture I’m just not where I’m just not sure
where to start so please advise so what I’d like to say about this is candida
used to be a very big culprit or at least we thought it was a really big
culprit but now we know that viruses are actually the bigger culprit causing most
of the problems in our kids and ourselves and one of the biggest viruses
that seems to evade our you know medical mainstream knowledge is epstein-barr
virus now that’s the virus some of you may know is related to mono so mono is
that illness with the fever and the swollen glands and body aches you know
teenagers can get it and be knocked out for months at a time and then it slowly
gets better on its own and then the virus hides in our body and it does
things later in life like goes into our thyroid and causes thyroiditis and
thyroid cancer it also moves into our nervous system and believe it or not is
one of the main reasons that women have menopausal symptoms hot flashes it’s
sitting in the vagus nerve and and other nerves in the body so epstein-barr virus
in our kids is also a big issue I remember when my son was four years old
and we did a whole bunch of testing he tested positive for the epstein-barr
virus and I thought how on earth did he get that but it doesn’t really matter
where you get it gets it it’s sort of prevalent in our community what is
really important to know is that’s the co infection you want to go after that
Coco exists with strapped and you know and Candida and other types
of bacteria and things that are not good for our system so go after the virus and
this is how for things the first is l-lysine you can work up to a thousand
to 1,500 milligrams a day that’s l-lysine the second one is task
lock cat’s claw is an amazing supplement to go after epstein-barr virus so one or
two capsules of cat’s claw day right on and then the last two are vitamin C and
zinc now we shouldn’t shortchange these too because these are really powerful
potent supplements get a good quality supplement take it on a regular basis
especially the zinc we don’t have enough zinc in our in our diets those four
things are going to go after the viruses that are causing way more havoc than
just the Canada so I hope that helps bring your questions to my website or
down below in the comments and I am circulating through all of them I will
get them answered and I hope this helps thanks for listening.

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