9 Replies to “Avoiding epilepsy through diet”

  1. Why do you contradict yourself at the end of your video? Not only is fully cooked pork perfectly safe,but you fail to mention that even vegetarians are at risk if the food is handled by an infected person, whom practices poor hygiene.

  2. oMG is this real??? 😀 im tryna heal someone from epilepsy but i dont even have the courage to link him this video. Im a big fan of Greger it is obviously true but this is crazy LOL

  3. This is what food that you should NOT eat if you have epilepsy. What about the foods you SHOULD eat that will help avoid epilepsy and seizures?

  4. If the worm eggs can live on the produce grown with worm egg infected manure it seems that it would be very dangerous to eat imported organic raw produce. In fact this seems to be more likely to cause the brain worms than infected meat since most people cook meat but lots of people eat raw imported veggies.

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