Baingan Ka Bharta In My Village | Indian Vegetarian Cooking

Hello friends welcome to my village kitchen,
today I am going to show you how to make baingan bharta or ringana no oro which is a very famous
gujarati curry, I have smoked brinjals, I have removed the skin, I roasted it on an
open flame on gas and removed the skin and cut it into the small pieces. I have some spring onions and red onions,
some fresh coriander leaves, tomatoes, 4 green chillies and ginger. In the spices and seasoning I have cumin seeds,
I have red chilli powder, I have salt and here I am heating around 5 tablespoon of oil. So in this hot oil I am going to add cumin
seeds, when cumin seeds started popping add onions, we are going to cook it for 2 to 3
minutes then we are going to add the remaining ingredients. After 2 minutes now I am going to put ginger
in it, if you don’t have onion greens then you can use red onions only, now I am also
going to put green chillies and tomatoes too, if you want to make authentic baingan ka bharta
than never add turmeric powder in it because we traditionally don’t use turmeric powder
in baingan bharta. When your onions and tomatoes get cooked add
salt to taste, now I am going to add hing or asafoetida and red chilli powder, we used
green chillies so don’t put too much red chilli powder in it, our all the vegetables
are cooked nicely so now I am going to add smoky and open flame roasted brinjals in it,
give it a nice mix, now just let it simmer for one minute then we are going to add coriander
leaves in and finish it off, before that I am going to add little bit of coriander and
cumin seeds powder. It is ready so now I am turning the heat off
and going to add lots of fresh coriander leaves, always add coriander leaves in baingan bharta
after turning the heat off, so you can get very good fragrant and fresh aroma, just mix
it nicely so this is it our delicious gujarati style baingan bharta is ready. Enjoy it with bajre ka rotla or millet flour
bread or chapatti as you wish.

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