Banixx Wound & Hoof Care Spray Review

EMILY: Hi, I’m Emily from Marketing, and today
I’m reviewing the Banixx Wound and Hoof Care. Banixx has really become a go-to product for
me for any kind of minor medical needs my horse has from minor scrapes to funky skin
to Scratches. Minor cases of Thrush. I really put this stuff on everything, cause
it does a phenomenal job. Banixx is great because it is clear – doesn’t
stain. Before putting it on, all you have to do is
wash the area with water and let it dry. So you don’t have to pretreat or anything
like that. It comes in this handy spray bottle so you
can get any area on your horse or your dog super easily. It’s also incredibly economical. This bottle lasts me months so I love that
about this product. Another great thing about Banixx is it doesn’t
sting when you apply it. My horse doesn’t flinch if he has an open
cut and I need to treat it. It’s just really gentle but works really well. I feel great when I use Banixx because it’s
earth-friendly. It has no antibiotics or no steroids, so I’m
just really comfortable using it on both my horse and my dog. Banixx is great for anyone looking for a multi-purpose
product to help build out their first aid kit. Here in New England, we get really cold temperatures
and Banixx is great because it’s not harmed by temperature extremes. Whether you’re in a cold area or a warm area,
you’re not going to have to worry about the quality of the product being affected. I’m Emily, and the Banixx Wound and Hoof Care
is a must-have in my first aid kit.

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  1. Great video! Love the review. Now if only we Canadians could talk SmartPak into shipping to Canada, I would be on cloud 9!!!

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