BASICS – GlycoDrive™ – Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin

(rock music) – Let’s talk about Driven
Nutrition’s GlycoDrive. The main question is what is it. It is simply 100% highly
branched chained cyclic dextrin. Basically it’s a pure carbohydrate. One of the reasons we
produced it is on the market there are a lot of sugar
dextrose type products which aren’t conducive to replacing glycogen stores immediately. One of the reasons you want a
product like highly branched chain cyclic dextrin is
it has a low osmolarity, which means it’s gonna empty
the gut pretty much instantly. This product was invented and
optimized for people doing high endurance sports
and long term bike races as well as rides. What is does is it empties
the gut virtually instantly and replenishes your glycogen
stores through out your body to replace all of the glycogen you need, which is your body’s number
one priority right after you get done working out. A close number two is protein. That’s the reason we
recommend taking GlycoDrive with a Driven whey product. The main reason we did
not flavor GlycoDrive is we wanted a product
that could be added to any of the other Driven Nutrition products whether it’s Disrupt, our
aminos, or our protein because this is what’s
know as a parry work out. It can be taken pre, intra,
as well as post workout. Hopefully this gives you
a better understanding of GlycoDrive. If you have any additional questions, head over to or click the message us link below and we’ll be glad to field
those questions for you. (rock music)

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