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– Hi, I’m Dr. Josh Axe. Doctor of Natural Medicine
and founder of In this video I’m going to share with you the top seven foods you should
be consuming in the fall that’s gonna really help heal your body and support your body in getting healthy. Now here’s the thing to know. Again it’s so important
that we eat seasonally. Do you know when you’re
eating foods seasonally you’re nourishing certain
organs in your body? Now there’s an ancient form of medicine, and again I just want to
mention, in this video I’m gonna share with you the top seven. When you get this list, write
it down, put it on your fridge and go out and get these foods. Because these foods are the most healing in the season you’re in. There’s an ancient Chinese
principle that says consuming certain foods
certain times of year will help strengthen certain organs. So in the fall, when you think of foods like what you’d have
at a Thanksgiving meal, those foods really typically are the most nourishing for your body in that season. So I’m gonna list these off now. Number one is brussels sprouts. Did you know brussels
sprouts is one of the most fiber rich foods on the planet? Brussels sprouts are also high in sulfur, which is really fantastic
for your cellular health. So brussels sprouts, the way
that I love to cook these is in some coconut oil. You can bake them or saute
them in grass fed butter or coconut oil or both, or do some ghee as well can be great. But really just sort
of saute or bake them. You can also steam brussels sprouts as well and dip them in something like
hummus, which can be great. But brussels sprouts an
amazing fall super food. The next food you wanna
be consuming is pumpkin. Now listen, of all the foods on this list pumpkin is one of the most healing. Now I’m not talking about just
it being in a pumpkin pie, but doing that as a
smoothie in the morning is amazing for your bowl and gut health. In fact a lot of the patients
I’ve cared for in the past In fact a lot of the patients
I’ve cared for in the past who had digestive issues,
I’d have them consume a pumpkin blueberry
smoothie in the morning and they noticed really big improvements in their gut health. The next food is pears. Pears are one of those
seasonal fruits that are absolutely delicious. Now doing pears, cutting
them open, by the way I want to mention an herb and
spice that’s seasonal as well, and it’s cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice. Buy some pumpkin pie spice, sprinkle that in your pumpkin smoothie. Sprinkle that on pears. You can do baked pears
in the oven for dessert. That’s another great
thing, but again doing pumpkin pie spice is
great along with pears. Pears are one of those seasonal fruits. Pears are actually another
fruit that is really good for the digestive system. Really easy to digest. Another food I love are turnips. A lot of times we consume
potato chips or french fries. I like making turnip fries. Turnip fries are lower in calories. They are more nutrient dense
and so you can actually take turnip fries, cut them
in wedges like you would french fries, cover them in
something like coconut oil. Bake them in the oven and
you have turnip fries. Dip them in ketchup, they are delicious. But that’s a great fall food. One of the things you’ll
notice about this list is a lot of these foods are
yellowish or they’re orange. That’s known in Chinese medicine. We should be eating a lot of orange foods or pale yellow foods in the fall. Because it’s strengthening
our digestive system. Your digestive system is
the strongest in the fall and so we should be
consuming a lot of these orange and light yellow foods there during this time of year. One of those foods can be squash. Squash tends to be yellow,
orange and sometimes a little bit of green. But a lot of times squash
is orange ish or yellow. Which is very nourishing to what’s called our Earth Element in Chinese medicine. So butternut squash is fantastic. Spaghetti squash another favorite. Acorn squash and of course pumpkin is in that family as well. But consuming squash,
it’s a great time of year to consume different types of squash. Yellow squash is great there
can really support your body. Beets, beets is great for your blood. Really beets is kind of
found throughout summer and fall as well. Consuming beets really
helps build your blood and your energy. Did you know there’s
medical studies showing if you consume beet root
juice, you can actually run a faster 5K time? It gives you more
energy, more brain power. So consuming beets is
really good for your blood. And then sweet potatoes. Another one of those orange fall foods that’s so good for your digestive system. Now listen, you don’t wanna go overboard and eat like three sweet
potatoes at a time. But if you’re eating that as
your carbohydrate for the day it can be really good for your body. And again, the thing I love
to do with sweet potatoes is put on some of that cinnamon on there. You can do a little bit
of grass fed butter, little bit of cinnamon on there. Tastes absolutely amazing. And remember it’s really
important that we eat seasonally. There’s something called
your Chinese sort of seasonal clock and calender. There’s also seasonal eating charts. I encourage you, just look up
Dr. Axe Seasonal Eating Chart on Google or YouTube or Instagram. A lot of times you can find
these different sort of seasonal eating charts so you know what foods to eat in season. Because when you’re eating foods in season they’re riper and they
have more nutrients. Let’s say for instance pears okay. It’s a prime example. When you’re trying to
eat pears out of season they tend to be rock hard. They’re really not ripe,
they have less flavor. When you’re eating pears
or pumpkin in season They’re more nutrient
dense, they’re more healing to your body for so many reasons. So remember eat seasonally
and eat these seven fall foods to take your health to the next level.

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  1. Dr Thank you for this wonderful tips however I was looking for the list of all this wonderful foods at the end of the video and I was disappointed they did not have it I hope that you can included in one of your videos

  2. I’m trying to be healthy but I do eat healthy (but I’ve been eating chips and fast food 😬)

    Btw I’m a small youtuber tryna hit 2k subs 😘🔥💯

  3. I have a question. I am currently living in Hawaii. My husband is in the military and for now this is our duty station. Would it be better to eat what is seasonal here or what is traditionally seasonal on the mainland. Is it even different?

  4. I found if you eat seasonally, buying organic is not expensive. The in season foods taste better than off seasoned foods. Great video Dr. Axe.

  5. I love taking beet leaves sautés them with a little sea salt or pink salt and cracked pepper and it’s awesome. I’m going to effently make the leaves into chips

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