Best Liver Cleansing Shake for a Fatty Liver!

I want to show you one of the best shakes
for the liver, actually to clean the liver. This is liver cleansing on steroids. We have three different vegetables. We have the kale, and by the way, I freeze
all of these vegetables, they last forever, stick them right in the ice box, freeze them. We got kale, we have beet tops, I cut the
tops of the beets and I freeze them. Beet tops have 1300 milligrams of potassium
per cup. This is 500 milligrams so it has mass amounts
of potassium, it’s good for the liver, the gallbladder, a lot of iron. Then we have parsley, it’s frozen. The parsley is way higher in vitamin A than
the kale so it has tremendous amount of vitamin A, magnesium, zinc, it has potassium, very,
very bitter. All these are very bitter. I put mainly kale, some beet tops, and parsley,
and I fill it up almost to the top with water, but it’s floating so it’s kind of going over. I’m going to blend this. Now, here’s the problem. This is very hard to drink so we’re going
to have to offset that bitterness, we have to camouflage it with something a little bit
sweeter. If your metabolism is slow, then you might
want to use this liquid stevia, it’s berry flavored liquid stevia. Some people don’t like the taste of stevia,
but if you do this will be a good 10 drops. The other option is the kale shake, berry
flavored, put a scoop in there, and it won’t taste bitter anymore, it takes that bitterness
out. This is good, but for the average person that
has an okay metabolism, or for kids and things, you can use a little bit of berry. I have blueberry and strawberries frozen,
I’ll put those in here. I’m going to blend this. You can see the color is brown because you’re
mixing green and red from the beets. We’re going to take that, talk about enzyme
rich. This is what I do. I’ll down one of these and I’ll do another
one in the day. Don’t drink this before you go to bed, you’ll
be up peeing, it’s like a diuretic, so much potassium. I also use, everyday, I use the Cruciferous
Food as well. This has a spectrum of organic beets, brussel,
kale, it has cabbage, radish, garlic, tumeric, sea kelp, so this has all organic vegetables
too, like regular vitamins are all synthetic chemicals. This is like a real vitamin. Three of these a day will give you a tremendous
amount of nutrition, but it has the phytonutrient effect. I’ll do three of these in addition to this,
so it gives you a healthy glow, it gives you a lot of energy, mental clarity. You wake up and you feel bright in the morning,
so definitely go ahead and start using this combination, keep it in the freezer. Go ahead and subscribe to my channel, and
make your comments below. I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. I have Hashimoto's. The Whole Cruciferous Food supplement contains sea kelp, so is it alright to take for people with Hashimoto's?

  2. ١) الكرنب.. من انواع الملفوف .
    ٢) البنجر او يسمى الشمندر او اوراق الفجل ..
    ٣) البقدونس.

  3. I make it often. Yes the taste is not too good but I know it is my natural medicine so therefore it goes down well 😉

  4. I think i need to personally research what food available nearby could substitue for this. Surely nature have some equivalence of this food in tropical asia.

  5. I formed about 25 kidney stones in 1993. I believe it was due to excessive antibiotic treatment at the time. I haven’t formed a stone since and still have about 20 that have not been successfully treated with lithotripsy or basket retrieval. I’ve refused further treatment. I would be grateful for your opinion on beet greens in my diet. Thanks!

  6. Thank you Doctor for the education I just have a question I got a fatty liver is there any difference in health benefits between using fresh or powder vegetables thanks

  7. I wonder if a person who is already taking a K2 supplement needs to watch the total amount of high potassium juice they consume

  8. Hmm, now wait a minute. Dr. Berg, you often claim you'll drink "2 or 3" of whatever smoothie or acv drink you're discussing at the time in so many videos. How are you eating the 2 massive salads a day, as you said in another video, and then 2 or 3 smoothies and 2 or 3 acv drinks in a day? C'mon. And then you're consuming all the wheatgrass and cruciferous products, too? Smh.

  9. I took milk thistle and it lowered my cholesterol and liver enzyme. I didn't know it would do that to the liver enzymes, until my daughter's allergist did blood work to see what she was allergic to, and the enzyme showed it was low. We've both stopped it for the time being; took it for 2 months. Neither of our doctors are concerned that it is a 6.

  10. I was raised in Brazil where green leafs with fruits in the blender are part of our drinking juice culture, thank you.

  11. It drives me nuts when people talk about how they made their home grown hydroponic vegetables sweeter! All the good stuff is in the bitters! Aarguh!

  12. I make this with Kale, Swiss Chard, red Dandelion greens and parsley…and I add 1 raw lemon to it to counter Oxalates. No need to add more fake sugars (alcohols) to something that's supposed to heal the liver.  During cucumber season I toss 1 of those in, too.

  13. I feel like you shouldn't need to read the ingredients if it's your own product…… I definitely come for the knowledge not the products

  14. Stevia acts on the male body like female hormone progesterone. Not good. Although honey is fattening I will be using organic dark honey. No more substitute sugars or syrups for me.

  15. What about using lime juice and the stevia drops instead of berries and also adding cilantro? I think I’m going to give it a try.

  16. ✌👌 Thanks Doctor Burg.ahhhh…….. ¿How many of these would you recommend for someone experiencing gastrointestinal problems due to lack of poor digestion, what do you say would be the ideal daily intake of these minerals and is it advised to cut down on the dosage-consumption as the organs pan out- better.?

  17. Oh! Not to sound shrewdish, but where do you recommend one purchase these vegetables? I was thinking Wholefoods. God! "I wish" we had a Trader Joe's Grocery Store in the ABE Lehigh Valley area.

  18. Wait a min! Just noticed 3.2 mil subscribers. Wow! That’s awesome! That’s 3 times more than Dr Oz. It just shows you that people relate more to someone who is more humble like dr Berg.

  19. This looks like a weekend project. From the comments and what Dr. Berg said, there's gonna be some serious bathroom time involved.

  20. I have hypo thyroid too and fatty liver. Cruciferous veg esp kale, cabbage, brussels, cauliflower are a No No for my thyroid issue. What do I do?

  21. I make this nasty drink everyday. I add in a couple scoops of Dr Bergs electrolyte powder and it makes the drink sweeter and taste soooo much better. I also make sure the veggies are organic. I also change it up a little so I don't get tired if it… add berries, or coconut oil or a little cinnamon… get creative, there's lots of ways to keep it keto and taste delicious!

  22. Can you please ride what did you put on the blender I didn’t get what did you put the last two vegetable not the blueberry the other one on the small cup

  23. I have been drinking smoothies like this for over a year. Frozen Kale and all. Been doing this through my own research and before I found you Dr Berg. Wow nice!

  24. I can’t eat parsley, broccoli,sesame,basil,cilantro.I get extremely nauseous and have intense abdominal pain, I’m so frustrated because I can’t figure out what causes this. I feel no relief until I expelled the food . Looking for help!!!!

  25. I am worried about the high iron content though. I have fatty liver and due to inflammation my blood tests have also shown high levels of iron so the advise my consultant has given me is to not take any iron supplements. Does this drink increase the amount of iron stored in the liver?

  26. If I don’t have kale what can I use instead. I live in Costa Rica not much kale can be found, also for sweetness can I just pineapple?

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