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Hi! Today I’m going to talk to you about pre-workout. The concept of using a pre-workout formula
before training is not new, the Viking Berserker tribe used to use hallucigenic mushrooms to
go into battle, hence the expression to go berserk. The way you can increase performance in a
workout through a pre-workout formula is through three pathways. One of them is the adrenal pathway, the other
one’s a brain pathway, and the third one is the NO2 pathway. Today I’m going to talk brain versus adrenal
glands. Adrenal stimulating supplements like my Ma
Huang or even the drug called ephedrine is not a new concept, people have used that for
years to increase performance, yes you get to lift way more weight, the problem with
that is you have to pay the piper. The problem is that your adrenal glands, besides
taking a beating and getting a lot of stress, the same raw material that you use to make
cortisol, which is a hormone that gives you that energy, is the same raw material that
you use to make testosterone. So when you steal the bricks to build cortisol,
there’s less bricks to make the androgens, so you end up paying the piper. Also your sleep is terrible when you use adrenal
supplements. So the thing with that, is that you don’t recover
very well, so you may perform better in the gym, but your recovery is slowed down because
you have less testosterone and also you don’t sleep so well. So the alternative to that is to use
things that help the brain. So there is a phospholipid and
two amino acids you can use to provide the right neurotransmitters to have increased
performance in the gym, which usually what you want to have is more dopamine and more
acethylcholine, so you have more drive more attention span. The product I like to use for that is a IGF
it’s made by ATP labs, and what it is, it’s a mixture of alpha GPC, tyrosine and acetyl
L-carnitine and it provides the raw material to make those neurotransmitters. How do I use it? I like to use six capsules on an empty stomach
and that gets you plenty Jack for your workouts. Now of course one of the things people talked
about was caffeine which is brain and adrenal stimulant and that was a very popular one
amongst the response on Facebook . Coffee with coconut oil would actually help you with
energy. The thing you have to realize with caffeine
is: does it interfere with your sleep, yes or no? And there’s a huge variance in the literature
about how people break down caffeine, it’s actually a 1 to 26 ratio, so so one subject
may need a 100 milligrams to get an effect and some people will need far more, okay. On special forces they’ve tested as much as
10 milligrams a kilo, so that means at 90kg you take 900 milligrams, which would be like
a concentrate of nine to six cups of coffee, depending on the strength of the coffee, so
that’s quite a bit of caffeine, at once. The reason why I prefer brain stimulants is
that they actually are nutrients, and actually help repair the brain and I’m going to provide
you with all the references on the website so you can look it up yourself and not say
well where did you pull that one out of. The advantage of the brain nutrients to help
you increase performance in training is that most of them actually help regenerate the
brain if you look at the research but also they don’t interfere with sleep so that’s
my preferred pathway for strength increases in the gym. Thank you for listening if you like this video
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