BEST Supplements for Knee Pain! (Speed Your Recovery and Cure Patellar Tendonitis FAST)

What’s up, everybody! Nathanael Morton here with Within today’s video I’m going to be talking
about supplements for knee pain, which supplements are going to be the best for you to take to
stop your knee pain and how you can use these supplements to stay pain free for life. Nathanael M: All right, ladies and gentlemen. Now because I do not want to waste any of
your time and because I want this video to be short and sweet and painless and completely
understandable, I am just going to get straight into it and teach you about which supplements
you should be taking and how you can use those supplements for longevity to stay pain free
for life. Nathanael M: I’m just going to get straight
into it, but first I want you to know one very important thing and that is this. Supplements are just that, they are supplements. They are going to help speed up your recovery,
but they are not going to completely heal your knees. In order for you to completely heal your knees
you need to be doing two things. Number one, you need to figure out the cause
of your knee pain and eliminate that. Number two, you need to put in place the proper
exercise and stretching routine to strengthen up the muscles around your knees, strengthen
your glutes, loosen your muscles so they’re not so tight. You need to figure out the cause and you need
to either combat or eliminate that cause once and for all with a proper exercise and stretching
routine to rehabilitate your knee. Nathanael M: So that is that, supplements
are just on top of that. They’re going to speed up your recovery process
while you have the proper exercise and stretching routine into place. By the way, if you want to know anything else
about knee pain, specifically patellar tendonitis and jumper’s knee, I have a playlist link
down below in the description of this video. It has tons of videos in there that can help
you cure your knee pain. But without further ado, let’s head over to
the kitchen and I will give you a complete rundown of all of the supplements that I take,
all of the supplements that you should be taking to cure your knee pain and stay pain-free
for life. Nathanael M: All right, so we’ve made it to
the kitchen. I have the supplements that I personally take
and then I think you should be taking right here on the couch or behind me. Let’s dive into which exact supplements you
should be taking and why specifically they are going to help speed up the recovery of
your knees. Nathanael M: First on the list is I have the
two of the same thing. I have a liquid version and a tablet version
of Omega-3 fish oil. So Omega-3s, you have definitely heard of
this one before, it’s amongst one the most studied supplements. It’s shown to improve joint health, it’s shown
to reduce the risk of factors that lead to knee pain, and it has shown positive results
for tendon pain. So this is one that you should definitely,
definitely get if you are trying to heal your knees or speed up the recovery of your knees. Nathanael M: Now how much fish oil should
you be taking? There are so many different studies that show
different amounts of Omega-3s that you should be taking. Some say that you should be taking one gram
of Omega-3s per percentage of body fat. So for example, if you weigh … if you are
16% body fat, it is saying that you should take 16 grams of fish oil. Others say a little bit lower amounts between
2.2 and 2.5 grams of Omega-3s. Some say one teaspoon of Omega-3s a day, which
I think is a little bit low for myself. What I do and what I’ve found to be a good
number is between 2 and 3 grams per day. Nathanael M: Now at the end I’m going to show
you how I take all these and what I actually do with all the supplements. I do it before bed before I go to sleep at
night. I’m going to actually go through the process
of taking the pills and making the recovery drink that I drink, and show you exactly what
I do so that you can take that and do it for yourself, and heal your own pain, and speed
up the recovery for yourself. Nathanael M: Now, you’ve got to be careful
on your fish oil, because not all fish oil is the same. Some fish oil is going to say 2-3 grams official,
but it actually has a low amount of EPA and DHA. I’ll try to zoom in so that you can see this,
but what you want is 2-3 grams of EPA and DHA combined, 2-3 grams of EPA and DHA combined. So what I do is I actually take one teaspoon
of the liquid version and two tablets of the tablet version at a time, and that gets me
in between 2 and 3 grams, and that is going to be sufficient to derive the benefits of
Omega-3s and help speed the recovery of your knees. Nathanael M: The next supplement on the list
is vitamin C. Now, vitamin C has been shown to improve collagen synthesis, while lack
of vitamin C has been shown to decrease collagen synthesis. Now, that is very important because the tendons
of your knees are actually made up of collagen fibers. Nathanael M: Let’s take patellar tendonitis,
for example. If you continually beat up your knees due
to sports or exercise or whatever it may be … remember I said you need to find the cause
of your knee pain. Patellar tendonitis, something is causing
your knee pain. Might be squats, might be basketball, it might
be jumping, it might be running. Whatever it is, you are decreasing the collagen
synthesis, you are breaking down the collagen fibers in your tendons. If you don’t allow for enough recovery or
you do workouts that are too much load, they are too hard for your tendons, you’re going
to continually break down the collagen fibers in your knees. Nathanael M: In order to heal your tendons,
you need to build those back up. Vitamin C directly helps you build back up
the collagen fibers in the tendons of your knee. So specifically [quadriceptical] tendonitis,
patellar tendonitis, anything that deals with tendons, vitamin C is going to be extremely,
extremely important because it builds those collagen fibers back up. Nathanael M: So how much vitamin C should
you be taking? It is recommended that you take 1-2 grams
of vitamin C per day, which for this one would be one to two tablets. I have all of this linked down below in description. I will have all of these supplements down
below for you in case you want to get the same exact ones, but for yourself, just make
sure that you get the right amount of fish oil, the right amount of vitamin C, and the
other supplements that I’m going to tell you. But 1000-2000 milligrams or 1-2 grams per
day of vitamin C is going to help speed up the recovery process of your collagen fibers
in the tendons of your knees. Nathanael M: Third on the list is glucosamine
chondroitin. Now glucosamine chondroitin has been shown
to be very beneficial for individuals with osteoarthritis. It has also been shown to increase collagen
synthesis and repair collagen fibers within your tendons, very much similar to vitamin
C. So this one almost has the same benefits as vitamin C. However, there have been many
studies done that have shown that people, half the people get benefits from glucosamine
chondroitin and half the people don’t feel any effect at all. Nathanael M: So for myself, I am going to
take this, because I want to be taking everything possible that is going to help heal my knees
and help speed up that recovery, but this one is kind of hit or miss when it comes to
healing your knees. So this one is not as important as the Omega-3s
and the vitamin C, but for myself, I’m going to take it anyway because I don’t want to
leave any stone unturned. I want to cross my T’s and dot my I’s. So this one, glucosamine chondroitin. For this one I just take what’s recommended
on the bottle. So the serving size for this one is three
tablets. I just take three tablets every day before
I go to sleep. Nathanael M: The last supplement on the list
that I have for you is ReconstruXion from Jeff Cavaliere over at ATHLEAN-X. If you haven’t checked out his channel, I
suggest you do. He’s the [goat] … he is the go-to guy. But basically what this is in this supplement,
it is a blend of glutamine which helps aid in recovery. It’s leucine, which stimulates protein synthesis
and muscle building. Then it has some other stuff in there, but
the main two things that I want out of it is I want the glutamine for the recovery and
I want the leucine for the protein synthesis. All the other stuff is just extra, it’s icing
on the cake. Nathanael M: This one isn’t completely, completely
necessary, but this one, if you’re an athlete, if you do a lot of activity, which you probably
do if you have knee pain, this is just very good for recovery right before you go to bed,
right before you sleep to have that glutamine in your system while you are sleeping. It’s just like double the recovery. So that’s why I really liked this one. I just get it from Once again, everything’s linked down below. I take one scoop of this before I go to bed. Nathanael M: With that, let me show you how
I put all of this together and how I take all this before I go to sleep, and then I’m
actually going to end this video and go to sleep. All right, so here we go. Nathanael M: I’m going to first take vitamin
C. I’m going to take two tablets of this. This is 2000 milligrams or 2 grams of vitamin
C. The one thing about vitamin C is you eventually want to taper off of the vitamin C, because
your body’s going to get used to the amount that you’re taking it in. It’s going to start to decrease the absorption
into your cells. Nathanael M: So vitamin C, two tablets for
the first five to eight weeks. Then I would go to one tablet and then eventually
you should probably stop taking it if your knee pain goes away, because you want your
body to produce that by itself and you want to get it from the fruits and vegetables within
your diet. So, but for now, two tablets, 1-2 grams of
vitamin C per day. Nathanael M: Then I’m going to take three
tablets of the glucosamine chondroitin, and then I’m going to say two tablets of the Omega-3
fish oils. Nathanael M: All right, now this next part
is arguably the most important part, the most important message that I want you to understand
about knee pain, and I learned this from an ancient master. Because knee pain can be extremely demoralizing,
it can crush your soul and your spirit. If you let yourself get down, then you can
go on and you can have this knee pain for years and years and years and you can start
to believe that there’s no coming back from knee pain. But the main message that this ancient master
taught me and that I want to teach you right now today is this: donut ever give up. Please don’t unsubscribe. Nathanael M: Now what I do is that take my
shaker bottle, I take the reconstruction, I put in one scoop of the ReconstruXion. Remember this is the glutamine, it’s the leucine
going to aid in recovery, aid in protein synthesis. Then I take my liquid Omega-3. If you don’t want to get the liquid and the
tablet Omega-3 you don’t have to, you can get just one or the other. That’s just what I like to do because I want
two different sources. I don’t know, I’m weird like that. I want two different sources just to make
sure that all my T’s are crossed, all my I’s are dotted, no stone is left unturned. So I take one teaspoon of the liquid Omega-3. After I’ve put the ReconstruXion powder in
my shaker, I pour one tablespoon into the shaker. Nathanael M: Then I fill it with water and
I fill it to the top. That’s just the thing I do, fill all my shakers
to the top because you need your H2O in your life. Then I take all my pills. My glucosamine chondroitin, my Omega-3s, and
my vitamin C. I shake it up, which in here I have my liquid Omega-3s and I have my ReconstruXion
drink. Then I pop the top, and I take them all, and
then I go to sleep. Nathanael M: There you have it. Ladies and gentlemen, these are the supplements
for knee pain. This is exactly what supplements you should
be taking, why specifically these supplements can help you help speed the recovery of your
knee pain. The one thing I want you to remember, at the
beginning of this I explained it, you have to find the cause of your knee pain. You have to either eliminate that or do an
exercise in a stretching routine to combat that. A lot of people, a lot of athletes want to
keep doing their sport or keep doing the thing that causes them pain, and if you’re not going
to completely eliminate that, then you need to find an exercise and a stretching routine
that is going to combat that, it’s going to combat the cause of your knee pain. Nathanael M: So look at the playlist I have
down below. I give you a bunch of routines, a bunch of
exercises that are going to help you, a bunch of stretches that are going to help alleviate
the pain, especially in patella tendonitis and jumper’s knee. So check that out. All the supplements will be linked down below. Nathanael M: Ladies and gentlemen, subscribe
to this channel if you haven’t already. Like this video if you like it. And take action, because action is everything. Knowledge is not power, it is only potential
power until you take action on what you know. Action is what brings results. I will see you guys in the next video.

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