hey guys welcome to cook with Nancy’s
channel I’m so glad you guys are here and today we are going to make very
special and exciting dish it’s called veg Manchurian rice so the
ingredients are very simple it there every day in our fridge so let’s get
started I’m using green cabbage 1 cup finely
shredded for a cup of carrot finely shredded 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1
tablespoon hot sauce with garlic and I’m using chili flakes as per my taste
so go ahead and use as much as you want salt to taste pepper to taste I’m using
corn flour sorry you can use a corn flour but I am using a
tapioca starch 2 tbsp and finely chopped green onions mix them well together
until it’s well coated don’t worry about the mixture being little gooey and watery
because we are going to use that water later
so as I’m making a small size balls I am squeezing off all the water as much as
possible this is very important just do this process without a fail squeeze out
all the water possibly from the vegetables and do not discard the water
because we are going to use this water later so don’t worry about it
so we are going to save some little word and also we are going to use all this
minerals and vitamins that from the vegetables so definitely do not throw
that water now once all the process is done I’m saving the water as you can see
here and I’m going to go ahead and fry the the vegetable ball that we just made
I’m going to add the ghee in my pan you can also use oil regular oil now go
ahead and add this prepared veggie balls in it and then let them cook at least
for 5 to 8 minutes each side on medium high heat make sure you just keep eye on
it you have to flip a couple of times before it gets golden brown
color so once it reaches that turns color you can
just transfer them into a plate this is exactly what we are looking for in the
color it’s crisp from outside and soft from inside the vegetables are cooked
through so set them aside now in the skillet I’ve added one tablespoon oil
with 2 tbsp ginger garlic paste you can also add finely grated ginger garlic
paste 1 onion layered 1 carrot julienne and 1/2 a cup of mixed capsicum you can
use red green orange green or just orange and red it’s up to you just play
around with the colors sautee them on low medium heat that’s very important
because we do not want to overcook the vegetables we want the vegetables to
maintain the color and also to have the crispiness when we eat them so once the
vegetables are done almost done we are going to add in ketchup 1 tablespoon of
ketchup you can skip this step it’s totally up to you if you don’t want the
ketchup now we are going to add the preserved water from the vegetable add
them to the vegetables and then saute quickly until it’s thickens up
scrape down any Browns from the bottom and just let it simmer little while add
salt and pepper to taste you can also add chili flakes if you like more heat
or those hot sauce and saute it for like couple of minutes
on low heat now I’m going to add rice that’s already cooked I cook this rice
previous night so that it’s nice dry and the grains are separate this is very
important because we are adding the dry rice into the moist gravy so the rice
will observe all the moist but if your ice is already doing then it’s gooey to
be very mushy so make sure the rice is dry you can use rice that is prepared a
day ago or you can prepare it couple of hours ahead and keep them in the fridge
so that is cool and nice and dry now add the Manchurian balls and then
just give it a good quick toss now I’m going to sprinkle some green
onions for garnish and transfer the bowl or a plate there you go guys it’s so
easy so simple and very easy ingredients that we have every day in our home so
please do subscribe if you like my channel and my recipes and I’ll see you
soon in my next video till then take care and bye bye

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