100 Replies to “blackbear – SWEAR TO GOD/HATE MY GUTS/DEAD TO ME”

  1. Matt is high key the drug user version of Tyler carter but I still been riding since Madeline dropped years ago.

  2. I feel like this dude exploits a “sad boy” sound and aesthetic so he gains a cult following and it’s kinda gross. Such an industry plant, reminds me of baby goth or something.

  3. This is my first time watching this. I will tell you my reaction in 8 minutes
    2:12 I’m actually crying
    Are we gonna talk about his hand tattoo?
    No? Okay? Good song(s). I’ve got chills.
    Black bear is so fucking cute I’m sorry but like. Never ever stop appreciating how hot he is. Like look at that sexy creative man. Him in glasses? Wow. I’m truly in love with him. Thank u do re mi & hot girl bummer.
    Even Bigger things are coming

  4. gonna upd whenever i listen to this song cause its amazing. i always listen to it everyday so..

    16: 1,699,630 views
    17: 1,704,895
    me forgetting :clown:
    19: 1,717,654

  5. I dedicated "miss the old you" song to my gal- she didn't liked it.
    Then, l came up with- "hot gal bummer"- her face was red-she didn't like that too.
    Then, she deserved this song for the ending and l did it

  6. First song I listened to was idfc, about 5 years ago I guess. I instantly fell in love with his voice and his music. Every time someone asks me about what music I listen to I tell them all about blackbear and try to make them feel what I feel when I listen to the music.
    I will be at his concert in Frankfurt in October and I am so excited. This is one of my biggest dreams coming true.
    I can’t wait.
    I am so grateful for what he does for us with his music. He is one of the few that is not afraid to just say whatever he wants to say.

  7. I was gonna comment to check out my music, but instead I'm going to comment on how amazing this music video is. I'm so happy he's sobering up and it seems like he might be finding God or at least a better life in the process. I wish I could make a song with this dude. He's so talented and actually speaks real stuff in his songs. Stay amazing Blackbear. Be great

  8. This is the best 8 minutes of music/ video I’ve ever fucking seen this really hit home for me battling a drug addiction that ended in the mother of my child up and leaving me and taking my daughter from me she was the love of my life I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with her but my disease took over and now I’m very lonely hoping one day she will come back for us to be a happy family all together again please anyone if your out there pray for me because I’m at rick bottom and have no one right now

  9. This sounds a LOT like Galantis – Runaway. I'm surprised no one else pointed this out yet. I like blackbear btw but they sound a LOT alike

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