100 Replies to “Box Office – Doctor Sleep, Midway, Last Christmas, Terminator Dark Fate Drop”

  1. What do you get when you adapt a screenplay using little to no CGI and nothing but the basics?
    I’ll tell you what you get.
    You get what you fucking deserve!

    Profit! Lots and lots of money!

  2. My parents and their friends were talking about Midway yesterday. That should clue you in to how successful the movie is because normally they don’t couldn’t care less about what’s in theatres.

  3. It was my granny's B-day this weekend and my brothers were working… So the movies this weekend just wasn't gonna happen. Will catch some Doctor Sleep next weekend.

  4. I watched Doctor sleep and never once thought it was too long but the next day after I saw it I forgot that I had even seen it

  5. Hopefully Dr. Sleep can be a cult film or something. I was hoping for an Ewanascaunce with this film, BOP, and the Obi Wan show.

  6. I think that the fact that an R rated Joker movie is going to make 1 billion dollars and ‘Batman v Superman’ did not, it speaks of what a waste of an opportunity that movie was. And that if ‘The Batman’ is really good, is going to be a juggernaut.

  7. Dr. Sleep was really enjoyable. I thought it made for a great fantasy horror film. I love the take on others using the shining to battle kind of like Xavier and the other telepaths in the X-Men universe.

  8. Doctor Sleep weirdly never drew much attention from day 1, and I believe it's because even though the Shining may have strong name recognition, it's doesn't attract a large audience today. The IT movies had the benefit of being about an evil clown.

    Also, the people behind Midway have nothing to laugh about. Their budget was at a 100 mil while Doctor Sleep was 45 mil. Doctor Sleep may still perform decent in the long run, but Midway is a definitive flop creatively and financially.

  9. Grace I think all your hard work would be a lot more profitable if you opened up your daily talk to everyone and started taking super chats

  10. Joker have currently 958M made, they´re not gona make the billion dollar club this week LOL, they´re not gonna get there at all.

  11. I would love to see a real rant video of that garbage Terminator Dark Fate movie, where they kill off John Connor and make the entire franchise pointless. Terminator fans are pissed and the movie has tanked, they are losing 140 million on it so far.

  12. I liked Doctor Sleep a lot because it didn't have cheap jump scares. Also it delves into the inheritance of trauma and violence and how we can change that.

  13. If I see anything next, it would be Ford vs Ferrari. I don't even want to guess how many racing video game hours I have logged. Plus Batman is in it 😀

  14. It's funny in a year with 9 billion dollar movies and thw highest grossing movie ever Joker will be the biggest winner. A billion dollars on an indie effort. Absolutely phenomenal

  15. the problem is people connected to Jack Nicholson in the Shinning movie and not so much Danny and the trailers for Doctor Sleep didn't blow anyone away making it a must see.. i'm going to watch it eventually but after Frosty the Snowman animated movie around Christmas time

  16. I hope Joker does 1 billion at the box office. They gave us a kind of movie that's already a classic, so yeah…
    they deserve all our money! Personally, I saw it 3 times, and I rarely go to the cinema for the same film more than twice.

  17. question for everybody. I am sure y'all watch a lot of tv and movies on cable, do y'all watch Horror movies in the month of November??

  18. I like The Shining but the trailers for Doctor Sleep never quite got me interested. Going back to the hotel is nice, everything else I didn't care about.

  19. Yeah, I was supposed to go see Doctor Sleep Saturday morning, but I slept in too late….

    Ok, I admit….that was corny as fuck…lol.

  20. Both It and The Shining our a kid in danger. That’s not the same as putting a grown healthy man in danger like it 2 and dr sleep.

  21. I think movie length really does affect the watchabillity of a movie. Personally I don't mind if a film is longer then usual but my parents and friends tend to avoid watching films longer then 2 hours, deciding to wait for it to come out on streaming and that tends to be a lot of films lately!

  22. I don't know why people are not liking dr sleep , i loved the movie – watched it first day first show. evan mcgregor's acting and background score of the movie were awesome.

  23. This is now the second week in a row where Grays says Joker will cross the billion dollar mark during the week. Lets see. I still believe its going to take at least another weekend

  24. Sucks because Ewan McGregor always goes the distance promoting his films. Seems like he did a ton of interviews last week…and the dude is always funny and charming. 😐

  25. Considering joker doesn’t have a definitive origin story I would love to see DC do a different joker origin movie every couple of years.

    I would love for them to hire different directors and actors for each iteration. And we get to enjoy flavors of three character.

  26. I was going to watch Doctor Sleep but, for monetary reasons, couldn´t. Still, I will watch it.

    Regarding the running times of movies. I don´t get why Grace defends Endgame. Seriously, you can chop at least the first hour and doesn´t change anything. In fact, would have been better. To me it felt forever.

    …anyone else felt the same way?

  27. Rarely does a movie failing bring joy but I will admit to dancing a jig every time news comes out regarding how bad Dark Fate is doing. I still feel really bad for Gabrielle Luna though. I hope more comes his way!

  28. I watched it on friday and enjoyed it. It's very long but I didn't find myself getting distracted and that's usually a good sign. The story was wasn't great but I liked the performances.

  29. I didn’t really care for it, but my husband hasn’t seen The Shinning & he lived it. I honestly think if you haven’t seen the horror classic you’ll actually enjoy it much more.

  30. Nah, Obi-wan should’ve been a movie (esp. if Solo was able to do so). I think the character of Obi-wan and McGregor’s already respected portrayal of him would have overshadowed McGregor’s usual movie track record and gotten people into theatres. I’m fine with it being a Disney+ show, though.

  31. So many puns for Doctor Sleep… lol… "Dare to Go Back" on the box office projections!!!!… I don't think Ewan McGregor has ever been able to open a film on his own… People like him very much, but not as a box office star.

  32. You could just tell Charlie's Angels would bomb hard from the first trailer 🤣 They should have brought back Diaz, Liu and Barrymore 🤷‍♂️

  33. Warner Bros. is really unlucky at the box office. Now I'm even more happy that Joker is very successful. I will definitely watch last christmas in the coming week…

  34. I love Doctor Sleep, i knew it's not gonna be at the same level of The Shining but it is by far better than It Chapter two, i like it took its time to develop the characters, like the bad guys motivations are clear, and that doesn't depend so much from the shining aparte the opening secuence and the third act.

  35. I want to see all the openers next but there’s a glut of films I’d like to watch piling up and i only got so many hours of free time in a week

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