Calgary vet discusses Spring time parasite protection

[email protected]>>Aisling: WE ARE HEADINGCI BTV TY-TVTO THECKAL [email protected]@@ STUDIOH DAVE. CKAL>>Dave: [email protected]@@ AROUND YOXR LOVECILYTY-TV BOWL OFCKAL CORN @ WE GOT AN INTERVICIEWTY-TV [email protected] THANKS FOR COMING CIBATYCK-T,[email protected] CIDRTY. -TJUVLIE. [email protected]’S OUCKR ALVET THAT COMES [email protected] SHOW A LOT TOCITY-TV TALK [email protected] PETS [email protected] HEALTH. WE ARE TALKING CIABTYOU-TTV [email protected] [email protected] RIGHT NOW IS THE TIME TO THICINV CKANALD WE ARE GOING TO [email protected]@@ ARE YOU READY FCIORTY-TV THIS,CV [email protected]@@ [email protected] WORML>>[email protected] [email protected]@ICKS ARE GETTING [email protected] [email protected]@@[email protected] ALBERTA.CITT CITY-T THEM ACKAL [email protected]@@ IN BRH V COLUMBIA,CKAL ONTARIO,[email protected], CI TYMA-TNIVTOBA, BUT EVERY [email protected] THEM [email protected] THE RISE HERE INCITY-V ALBERTCKA.AL>>[email protected]@@e: A LOT [email protected] PEOPLE V SACKSKALATCHEWAN COME OVER [email protected] APPARENTLY SOME TICKSCITY D-TOVL [email protected] [email protected] PERHAPS. [email protected] MOST IMPORCITATYNT-T [email protected] CKUR DOG PROTECTED BECAUSE THECV AL [email protected]@@ BE — [email protected]>>Dave: THIS IS A TICKCITY-TV L>>[email protected] [email protected]@ES, AND SOMETIMES [email protected] SO SMALL YOU WILLCI [email protected] [email protected] @@EY ARE THE SIZE OFCITY-TV [email protected] [email protected] WHEN [email protected] ATTACHCITY-TV @ ENGORGE AND BASICALLYCITY-T TL [email protected]@@[email protected] LOCAL IRRITATION [email protected] OF SCIKITYN-TVCKAL [email protected]@V ITCHINESCKS.AL [email protected]@@ [email protected] TRANSS LIKE LYME DISCIEATYSE-T.V THCKESALE ARE [email protected]@@ YOU [email protected] DEFINITELY PROTECTCI [email protected] AGAINST. CI>>TY D-TavVe: SUSANNE, FROM WL [email protected]@@ND, LIKES TO [email protected] T, YOCIU TYCA-TN VCOMB THROUGH [email protected] -TVHEM; CORRECT?CI [email protected] YES, IT IS CKVEALRY [email protected]@ THEM. [email protected] Dave: THIS IS ACITY-T DVRIER. @@>>IT [email protected] THEY CAN BECITY-TV UNDERNEATH [email protected] SO [email protected] WILL HAVE TO DIG PCIREL @@EP. SOME [email protected] YOU WILL ONLY T V ABLECKAL TO [email protected]@@ THEM [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] SPECIAL COMB TO COMB RIGHT TOV -TV CKBAALSE OF [email protected]@@ SCALP AI CAN DEFINITELYCKAL REMOVE [email protected] MANUCIALTYLY-T.V BUT IT IS IMCKPOALRTANT TO [email protected] CKALAT THE HEAD COMESCI OTYUT-TV IF YOU [email protected]@@[email protected] THE [email protected] [email protected]@@[email protected] OF THE DOGCI,TY-TV TN CAUSE A [email protected] [email protected] IRRITATION AND SO THECITY-TV BEL CI DO [email protected]@@ [email protected] BRING THET TY -TTOV YOURCKAL [email protected] VET CAN DO IT OCIRTY-TV IF [email protected] THE BOONIES YOU CANCITY-TVCKAL @ [email protected]@@ WITH RUBBINGCITY-TV ALCOHOL IT SIT [email protected] FOR FIVE MINV [email protected] ALPOOL AND [email protected]@@ [email protected] [email protected] OF TWEEZERS ATTACH RIGHT TOCIL [email protected] @@HEAD OF THE TICK [email protected] ATTACD CI [email protected] THE SKICKNAL AND [email protected] IT OFF.CITY-TV [email protected] DCKavALe: WHAT IS THIS? @@>>THIS IS A [email protected] PRODUCT U CAN GETCITY-TV FROMCK YALOUR [email protected] THAT YOU CAN APPLYCITY-TV ONCE H [email protected]@@ [email protected] DCKOGAL’S1. @@D ITCI WTYIL-TLV LITERALLYCKAT [email protected]@@E [email protected] FROM SURVIVINGCI L PET. [email protected] IS ALSO GOOD [email protected] AGAINST FLEAS ANDCITY-TV [email protected] LICE [email protected] WELL. THERE’CIS TYPR-TODVUCTS THAT ARL [email protected]@@NDLY [email protected] CATS THAT EVV THE CACKTAL [email protected]@@ [email protected] OF ITCITY W-TONV’T [email protected]>>[email protected]:@@ DO CATS [email protected] TICKV AL>>YES, THEY DO [email protected]@@AUSE TN AROUNDCI ITYN -TTHVE LONG [email protected] THE [email protected]TICKS CAN CRAWL ON THEMCIV QUITECKAL [email protected]@@ [email protected]>>Dave: THEY DO APPEARCITY-TV SOMETIMECKS ALIN ALBERTA, [email protected]@ THOUGH, MOSTLY IN OTHCIERTY-TVCL [email protected]@@OVINCES.>>USUALLY THE ANIMALS THAT ICIV SEE [email protected]@@[email protected] FROM [email protected] VTSKATCHEWAN, OR THECITY-TV STAY WE HAVE SEECKNAL [email protected]@@ [email protected] THATCI HTYAV-TEVCKAL [email protected]@@ TL PART IN [email protected]@@[email protected] CITY. FLEAS ARCIE TYLE-TSSV COMMON [email protected] IN ALBCIERTYTA-T, VTHEY ARE [email protected] [email protected]@ TICKS IN SOMECI OTYTH-TEL @@ PROVINCES. [email protected] CKALOSE THINGS ARE IRRITATING TV PETS. [email protected] @@SOME CAN [email protected] [email protected]@@ [email protected] ONE OR TWO BITES TOCV CAUSE [email protected]@@[email protected] MASSIVE SYSTET V REACTION IN [email protected]@@ [email protected] OV>>DavCKe:AL THERE [email protected]@@[email protected]@ FLEAS YOU HAVE TO BE CARCIEFTYUL>>THAT’[email protected]@@ RIGHT. [email protected] [email protected]@@IS IS ANCITY-TV ENLARGED FLL THEY HAVE [email protected] LEGS RATHERL [email protected]@@[email protected] WHICH HAS [email protected] [email protected] J-TUMVP. WHEREAS A TICK [email protected]@@[email protected] C. VT LOOKSCITY L-TIKVE SALT ORCKAY THE SKIN OF THE CKDOALG [email protected]@ CIVE FLEAS. TY -TWHVERE IT IS MORE LIKE [email protected] [email protected] LOCALIZED SMALLERCITY-T MVOVIL TY-TVURE [email protected] @@[email protected] [email protected]>>Dave: THOSE TCKWOAL THINGS BE [email protected]@@FUL [email protected] CHECK WITH YOURCITY V-TELVT. THERE ARCKE ALPRODUCTS OUT [email protected] HELP. NOW, FCIORTY-TV [email protected]@@ JUI. TECILLTY U-TS VABOUT THIS.CKAL @@ THIS [email protected]@@ A [email protected]@ DISEASE, [email protected] BASICALLY THOSE @ [email protected] BY MOSQUITOS. OF COUCIRSTYE -TTHVERE’S MANY,[email protected] [email protected]@@UITOS IN ALLCI OTYF-TV THE N AND [email protected] PROVINL [email protected] @@ CKALEVERYWHERE [email protected] CANADA AND V [email protected]@@STATES. TY-TVOME BREEDS OF [email protected] N TRANSFER [email protected]@@ [email protected] @@L IT TAKES IS ONECITY-TV OR [email protected] OF A [email protected] ANDCI ATY-TV BLL [email protected]@SFER [email protected] THEY WILLCITP CITYGROWTH [email protected]@@ [email protected][email protected] -T VIT CAN BECOMECKAL SO [email protected] TY-TV ANIMAL CAN HAVECKAL CLINICV AL WEAKNESS,[email protected]@@ LETHARGY,[email protected] THIV TY-TVFROM CKTHALE [email protected]@@[email protected] . THEY CAN’T GETCKAL ENOUGH @ THEIR BLOOD BECCIAUTYSE-TVCKAL @ AND HEART AREN’[email protected]@@E CKALDCITY-TV PROPERLY. THEY GET A [email protected]@@SIVE HEARI -TV>>Dave: THAT’CKS ALNOT A [email protected] [email protected] PICTURE.>>IT ISCITY-TV NOT. IT CKISAL VERY DIFFICULT [email protected]@@@ CITY-T ONCE THCIEYTY-TV [email protected] V INFESTATION [email protected]@@.>>Dave: WCIHATYT -TDOV YOU DO? CI IT IS EASIER [email protected]@@ PREVENTX. TY -TIFV THEY DOCK HALAVE IT [email protected] DRUGS THAT WILL BREAKCITY-TV [email protected] [email protected] HEART WORMSCITY-TV AND V [email protected]@@ [email protected] V>>Dave: PREVENTIOCKN,AL WHAT DI [email protected]@@ [email protected] DO? TY>>THERE IS ONCE ACKAL [email protected]@S OR A DROP YOUCI CTYAN-TV PUT [email protected] PET’S [email protected] I WOULD RECOMMENDCITY-TV [email protected] ROUND. ALE PRODUCCITSTY A-TREV GOOD NOK @@R HEART [email protected]@@[email protected] BUT ALSO [email protected] [email protected] WORMS LIKE ROUND AI HOOK WORMS.CKAL IT IS [email protected]@@ TO [email protected] YEAR ROUV CKA ALMONTH AND YOU WILL GET [email protected] ROUTCIINTYE,-T YVOUR DOG [email protected] BE [email protected] TO IT ASCITY-TV WELLCT CITY-T [email protected]@[email protected] PROTECTED. V>>Dave: IT IS GOOCKD ALOF YOU @

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