Can A Yeast Infection Be Related To Having Several Sexual Partners?

Hi there, Eric Bakker, author of Candida Crusher
with a further frequently asked question on yeast infections. Can a yeast infection be related to having
several sexual partners? It very much can. When I practiced in Australia
a few years ago, I worked in a clinic with a doctor who had a practice involving sexual
health. And I certainly did see many patients, lesbian patients, gay patients, straight patients,
all sorts of patients. And I certainly noticed that many people in sexually active relationships,
particularly with multiple partners, could easily pick up yeast infections. Not just
yeast infections, but Herpes as well, and other conditions like this. So it certainly can occur and if you’re a
sexually active person and you do have multiple partners, then my advice would be to be very
careful, get regularly checked out, and use appropriate precautions and hygiene because
it would be easy for you to pick up, not just a Candida yeast infection genital wise, but
many other potential infections as well. So you need to be quite cautious here and
certainly take that into account. So it can be related to having several sexual partners. I hope that answers your question regarding
that. Thank you.

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