Can CanXida Remove Be Used For Pregnant And Breastfeeding Women?

The question today is Eric, can your antifungal
product, Canxida Remove, be used by pregnant women or breastfeeding women? This is a good
question and I’m glad that I’m making this video because I’ve just recently got asked
this once again in an email. I get this question asked quite regularly, so it’s quite good
to do a video on it. I’m not really a big fan of treating women
when it comes to antifungal treatment, particularly when they’re pregnant, especially in the first
trimester, so it’s not a good idea. In fact, I err on the side of caution and don’t like
any dietary supplements given to women in any stages of pregnancy. There’s a lot of
talk about giving folic acid to prevent neuro tube defects for women, a huge amount of talk,
but a lot of this talk is stupid and nonsense. If the women has a very good diet and she’s
eating plenty of high folate foods, she won’t need to take any dietary supplements.
Lots of pharmaceutical companies now jump on the bandwagon and make multivitamins for
women that are pregnant to cash in on this lucrative market, but you don’t really need
to take dietary supplements when you’re pregnant. You need to have a very good diet. It makes
sense. Low stress. No alcohol. No tobacco. Good food. Plenty of rest. Plenty of water
and the body will take care of itself. I also get asked can I go on detoxification
now that I’m pregnant or breastfeeding. No, you can’t. You do not stir up toxins in the
body with pregnancy or breastfeeding. You’re best to do that as preparatory, before you
get pregnant, do it well beforehand. Do the detoxification. If you’ve got Candida, treat
it before you get pregnant and try to eradicate it or get it to a low point. There’s no point
having a big flare up during pregnancy and then trying to treat it because a lot of the
herbs that we use, if you look at Canxida Remove for example, there are different herbs
in there, which I don’t really recommend that you take during pregnancy. It’s not a great
idea. You can treat Candida symptomatically, though.
You can treat the symptoms. You can do douches and washing with vaginal infections. They’re
not a problem, but you don’t want to go heavy duty with those treatments. Once you get into
the latter stages of the second trimester and the third trimester of pregnancy, it’s
a lot safer to treat than it is in the first trimester.
But with breastfeeding, again, it’s not a good idea because what goes in the mouth will
come out the breast. You could end up with problems with the baby. In some situations,
it’s actually beneficial for you to treat and take some supplements internally if the
baby’s got oral thrush. But in most cases, it’s not really warranted, so I don’t really
recommend you do that. The baby can be treated homeopathically. There are different treatments
we can recommend for the baby for oral thrush. Probiotics is usually a very good idea. You
can safely take probiotics during pregnancy, but antifungals, not really a good idea. I
just think err on the side of caution, particularly if it’s your first child, you really don’t
want to do anything that can give you the slightest possible risk for losing that child.
Again, focus on eating the right kind of foods. There’s no reason why you can’t have coconut
milk products for example. Increase your intake of garlic, oregano, these sort of things are
good antifungal dietary measures. That’s not a problem, but just be very careful about
people offering advice for you to take antifungals during pregnancy. I would recommend, no, don’t
do it. It’s only a nine-month stretch. Wait until you come out, then we can start thinking
about treatment. It just makes more sense to me.
I hope that answers your question. Thank you for tuning in.

4 Replies to “Can CanXida Remove Be Used For Pregnant And Breastfeeding Women?”

  1. Hi Eric, I started taking Canxida recently. I started on 3 tablets a day. I feel like my hormones are all over the place and I feel like my pectorals are swelling. Is this normal? Please get back to me! I'm a male btw

  2. Hi Eric. I have a candida infection and now my 4 month old has her second case of thrush and is starting to get the yeasty diaper rash. I f I cannot take antifungal and do the diet it seems the only solution is to quit breastfeeding because I know she is getting the yeast from me! Would that be the only way to go?Or how do I treat? Last time we ended up with Diflucan.

  3. Hi Eric
    I am 5 months pregnant sticking to a healthy diet and taking probiotics, will my Candida and Leaky gut affect my baby in anyway? Im really worried about this.

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