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  1. The most wholesome and lovely video thus far – I'm definitely seeing my body in a new light now

  2. As I am in the process of fighting my eating disorder more determined than ever this was so encouraging!!! Thank you!

  3. Very helpful video. I have a sensitive gut, but I'm not particularly mindful of what I eat because food has always just been a source of comfort for me to soothe stress. I guess I gravitate to the stuff that feels the most "filling" at the time, but sometimes that food (which is often pretty fatty and heavy, and loaded with salt) upsets my stomach and I spend more time than I'd like to admit on the toilet 😬. I would like to try shifting my focus to eating foods that leave my gut a bit happier, and me feeling lighter and more energetic. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Dieting in my teens destroyed my mental health. I still have binge eating disorder 5 years later. I also noticed I feel so depressed when dieting or binging. I'm so mad I started dieting, I wasn't even overweight.

  5. I just get rid of processed foods and sugar and my mental health improved drastically. It's been already two years and I have also noticed I really need foods with folate, magnesium, Omega 3 and B 12 so I'm eating more spinach, beets, broccoli, fish and liver. Food is really a game changer in mental health.

  6. Hi Kati from Spain, thank you so much for this video. I had thyroid cancer 4 years ago. I being overweight almost my entire life, but since I had the operation I am more overweight, suffering from depression and anxiety, because I am overweight, this causes me other problems like social anxiety, not going out and problems with my husband. Thanks again 😁

  7. Such a great video. I loved the simple take aways and the easy way to think about our diet and our mental health.

  8. Love the video, thank you. I have PCOS, and I have problems with some foods what do you know about women with PCOS. Perhaps this will help with a new idea for a video for you. Love the video's keep up the great work!

  9. this is interesting, I wonder how Ramadan can affect this and the meals that are used to start and break fasts

  10. Oh my gosh… I have been having one of those days where my depressive feelings were taking over but I just discovered your channel…and this is all so fascinating to learn about and actually stimulate my brain..Thank you for making these amazing videos😢💓

  11. This was a great video highlighting the importance of eating healthy and listening to your body. I wasn't aware of the link between serotonin in your gut and depression. It does makes sense since the times when I make poor food choices, I'm lethargic and anxious which has me reaching for more comfort food which makes me more anxious! I try to be more aware now and avoid the pitfalls.
    Does it work the other way around? My sister has terrible anxiety and a lot of gut issues. All diseases have been ruled out. She's been this way her whole life and her younger son seems to have the same issue. As soon as they get stressed, that get sick.

  12. Thank you for this video. Echoing some other requests, can you do a video about dealing with significant weight loss.
    A. Dealing with "compliments" that aren't as nice as people think they are.
    B. Dealing with people who offer unsolicited advice about losing weight that is contradictory to whatever you're doing that is working.
    C. Dealing with the body not being what you expected (loose skin, for example).

  13. I like this video so much, I watched it twice. I learned so much and I found it so helpful. Thank you!!

  14. Is Erin in the LA area? And is she taking new patients? Sounds like exactly what im looking for! I've had multiple digestive issues for over 10 years and the dieting restrictions have seemingly turned into an eating disorder. Trying to loose weight while being on BRAT diets for 80% of the time is extremely difficult.

  15. Is it possible to have a eating disorder while being over weight and not being obsessed with the calories?

  16. I think a diet can kickstart a better lifestyle because as you said it's new and exciting and thus motivating. Whenever you stop the diet, you will be more used to the habit of being aware of what you eat, and the transition will be easier. That's my experience.

  17. Could you please make a video about how to let go of the rest of the sickness? If you're nearly recovered but still have a part that wants to stay sick.

  18. Hi Kati, I loved this topic. I have tried soooo many diets and got fatter each time! I am currently on 'another' diet that seriously restricts calories. I have lost alot of weight but am terrified of coming off the diet plan. I want to learn about intuitive eating but don't trust my food choices. I love vegetables/fruit and all foods considered to be 'healthy' but rely on sugary snacks to help me cope with depression and high stress situations. I am a full time carer for a profoundly disabled son. If he becomes unwell my eating goes crazy…. I loved the topic today but after watcing I think I will book to see a dietition alongside some therapy. 😊

  19. I think that diets or meal diaries, calorie/carb/protein – counting is extremely dangerous. I think it's mentally unhealthy for everyone and very dangerous for some.

  20. I like that (as a culture) we're learning more about better dieting and how physical and mental health go together. With that said, I think dieting culture can be extremely toxic. As someone who is really into fitness and trying to eat healthy but also suffers from mental illness, the constant misinformation and contradictory information and unrealistic expectations on social media is incredibly stressful. I really had to distance myself from the online fitness culture because it was becoming toxic for me, mentally. I'm glad you talked about this topic and I even shared this video with my husband, who is also really into fitness.

  21. I loved this video! I learned a lot!!
    Definitely people who take diets too seriously and try to make others like themselves need to calm down a bit.

  22. Like the connection between a bad food choice "let's me blow off the whole day" with "one bad emotional experience allows us be in a bad mood all day" no.. can choose to reset… Interesting

  23. Im a nutritionist in Mexico and this was so informative! Here is sort of backwards the whole dietitian vs nutritionist. Nutritionist here is someone who went through 4yrs of college education in food sciences and nutritional sciences. A dietitian is someone who isnt necessary certified or has studied nutrition but has practiced nutrition in clinical institutions or hospitals and the like.
    Great video!

  24. Hey Kati I really need some advice. I’ve been having this problem for a long time where I make up these….memory things that feel extremely real. Like I genuinely believe these memories happened and only realise they didn’t after having to think incredibly hard. And because I suffer with anxiety some of these memories cause me stress and worry, especially at work. And now it’s making me doubt what’s real and what isn’t. And I’m having a problem where it feels like I can’t process information in front of me as much as I could. It feels like it’s gradually getting worse. I just feel a sense of disconnection from reality right now and wondered if this is normal, what you think this problem is and should I see a doctor? Please Kati I could really use with the help

  25. Is drinking flavoured water ok? It’s sugar free sparkling and lightly flavoured?

  26. I think it's great that you didn't mention losing weight/not gaining weight as a reason to eat 'healthy'. But the same time I'm dissapointed that you didn't say a word about fatphobia which as I believe is causing many of us to get stressed about food and hate our bodies.

  27. Do you have any more youtubera you recommend for us to follow that does the same videos as you? Also some really helpful detailed self help videos too? Really wanna dive deep in creating a better mental health habit for myself.

  28. The last year I've been a stay at home dad… I've falling in a weird funk(depression) where I was lost. My relationship with "diet" was horrible. I was a personal trainer before being a stay at home dad and not working in a gym and in social environment has but my mental and physical health last priority. Thank you for this video!

  29. Wow, the body of water analogy…… makes so much sense!!! How come I have never heard this before?? That thought gives me so much relief from guilt.

  30. Ok… So….. I have been suffering with eating disorders (slowly beating it) BECAUSE I was starting to diet when I was 5 because I was insecure because of society so…. Diets can ruin a life or help it… It always depends.

  31. Hey Kati Morton! I recently researched Bipolar 1, 2 and I used your videos as a springboard into my scholarly resources. Your videos are awesome, and as someone who has struggled with mental health issues throughout my life, it means so much to have a dependable resource to ask all those itching mental health questions I've had for so long. Thanks

  32. Thank you for adressing IBD! I got Crohn's Disease, and was putting off watching this video, as I met way too many nutritionists who keep telling me 'eating healthy is also proven to be important with a bowel disease, so you should just eat your vegetables. No excuses.' But plant fibres hurt me so terribly much, it's awful! And if I ignore that and keep eating it every day, I damage my bowels and get all clogged up. Even when there doesn't seem to be inflammation! I've tried psyllium fibres, and within 3 days I was so clogged up, I needed multiple laxedents to get rid of that. I've had nutritionists try to tell me I'm just making myself sick by not eating plant fibres. Hun, no. Crohn's Disease is making me sick and CAUSING me to be unable to eat plant fibres. Even my bowel doctor tried all she could, and is at a loss, and told me to avoid plant fibres if it's having this effect on me. So I now learned to avoid nutritionists like the plague, as a lot of them (I'm sure there will be good ones, even though I haven't met them) just immediately jump on my case with bad advice the moment they find out about my Crohn's Disease. No, thank you hun. I'm good. So yes, I really want to thank you for taking IBD patients seriously in this video. I was very pleasantly surprised. ❤

  33. I love healthy foods but my biggest thing is I never have food at home or it’s already went bad, or I don’t know what to cook, don’t have time to cook, etc. so I just eat whatever I can in the fastest amount of time because I’m starving. If I just had food at my disposal that was healthy I would eat it. But I don’t because it’s so expensive

  34. I think it depends on your established mental health / personality .
    I was obese at one point and I lost weight in a healthy way initially and then I got obsessive and developed an eating disorder from age 15-21 . So it really depends

  35. I used to think dieting wasn't helpful but now I don't agree with that anymore. I think that sometimes short diets, such as a weight loss diet, can be helpful if a person just needs to lose weight for health reasons or for their confidence and appearance and can maintain their weight loss on their own afterwards, or if for some reason something happened in someone's life that made them gain weight or lose weight where they normally wouldn't have (like pregnancy, injuries, or from medications). So I guess if you're having problems with your own diet and it's your lifestyle that's caused your problems then yeah maybe a traditional "diet" may not be helpful option but, what I've also learned is that if you're thinking about diets and whether they are harmful or helpful, I think that can all be a state of mind and depends on where each person is at whether it's a benefit or just harmful. I think black and white thinking is what's the worst when it comes to diets and that way of thinking about food, that's what I actually think is more harmful than helpful. Side note, I also don't think mindfulness is the straight up answer like a lot of therapists and dietitians think it is.

  36. I know a lot of people see dieting as problematic. But, dieting and changing my lifestyle has really helped with my mental stability. On top of improving my overall health. It's changed my entire life for the better. Just last year I was pushing 300lbs I am now down to 167lbs and I couldn't be happier. If I were to continue down the path I was on of emotional binge eating as a coping mechanism for my severe depression and anxiety, there's no telling where I'd be today. Diet and exercise has truly saved my life.

  37. Just something nobody asked for: I’m so unbelievably grateful for my healthy, fully functioning lungs. I can’t imagine having trouble breathing, and I’m also grateful for flexibility and never feeling constricted and for my skin which I work so hard to keep healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

  38. I've been suffering from mental health issues really badly for about a year, and have been experiencing gastrointestinal issues for the last six months. This information has really opened my eyes to what my body is going through, and it makes me hopeful that I can feel better again

  39. Kati, I love this series you are producing. I am a Social Worker with a homeless program that requires me to drive around to see my clients. This episode is especially important to me because thinking about nutrition is the last thing on my mind and tend to eat a lot of fast food because I am driving all around the county. This topic is important to keep in mind. Thanks 😀

  40. The way that college graduation works in the US and here in Brazil is so different! In Brazil and in Mercosur countries, the professional title of those who are graduated in Nutrition and Dietetics is a Nutritionist or Bachelor in Nutrition. In addition, to act, you must be registered with the Regional Council of Nutritionists (CRN) in your region. In this sense, the professional activity performed by unregistered individuals is considered "Illegal Exercise of the Profession". For this record to be made, the minimum requirement is the completion of an undergraduate course in Nutrition that is recognized by the Ministry of Education (our MEC – Ministério da Educação e Cultura), which have an average duration of 4 or 5 years.

  41. I wish I had you two when I was hospitalized for anorexia.. maybe a could have actually gotten some help. I'm really glad I've found your channel though ❤️

  42. This video is awesome! I try to let people around me know that if they want to go out to eat, I can only pick certain things unless I'm going straight home afterwards. Thank you Kati! Another wonderful informative video 🙂

  43. I’m hoping these dieticians’ are being overseen by physicians.
    They generally aren’t trained to be well-versed in the interrelations of anatomy & physiology, organic & inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, pathophysiology, immunology, psychopathology, neurophysiology, etc.

  44. Hi Katie. Thanks so much for your videos, particularly the ones on dieting and interpersonal relationships. I find these are topics that people still talk so little about. I wanted to point you in the direction of Dr. Mike who has posted some pro-diet videos. I'm pretty upset about this, because he's a doctor and people are paying close attention to what he says. I work with the autism community and while I acknowledge that some diets are beneficial for some communities (I know that some people with autism do well on low carbohydrate diets for example.) I am really concerned about the wide embrace that diets are receiving in society overall and the lack of discussions on problems like orthorexia that are linked to them.

  45. I am not sure what to think about it to be sure, but it is helpful to hear a variety of thoughts from other people so thanks for that! To be more specific, I lost no weight my entire life, but then I tried a diet and lost 70Lbs. It was dramatic and very gratifying. I felt like my weight was on a "volume control" and I could just turn it down. Now I fluctuate from that -70 to a -55, always changing and struggling. Sometimes I question if it is a problem. I am not sure. Cheers !!!!!

  46. A great analogy I've heard is something along the lines of: If you drop your phone, you're not just going to smash it till it breaks. So why do that with eating?

  47. I have neurosis (I'm from Europe and we're still allowed to have it) and one day I've realized this whole diet/healthy food stuff is making me constantly anxious about what I eat. I bet it doesn't help.

  48. I had a stage where I felt I was spiraling into madness , having hallucinations and stuff, dropped college, couldn't get away from my bed. Turns out I was anemic and vitamin d deficient. A general doctor tried to prescribe me some chill pills. First of all, you aren't even allowed to! I really believe some people need meds but this wasn't my case, I was so shocked of how easily they overlook basic health just to give you a temporary fix

  49. i’m 16 years old and am seeing a new doctor. she’s very holistic and wants me to stop taking all of my medicine and fix my depression through having a healthy lifestyle. i feel like i cannot handle anything going off of my medicine i have no motivation and have suicidal thoughts but no planning and i wouldn’t say im suicidal it’s more of a fantasy. i feel like i have no control over my mind or life and if i can’t even get out of my bed how am i going to make my life holistic and better

  50. what causes serotonin to be released or not? Not sure I get the whole be kind to your gut thing.
    ALso whatever I have or have not been doing apparently is working for me despite my dietician saying I need to eat more and cut down on the physical activity. My dietician says otherwise, one event and I'm gone or disabled. Apparently if it has worked for the past almost 2 yrs now the EVIDENCE suggests I am fine. My non anorexic brain sometimes says no but the ED voice is louder…

  51. I have a question about how different types of eating (not even dieting) can affect body shape. 1st, I have to mention that I am "an anorexic undercover), as I was diagnosed with anorexia when I was 17 and I kind of got over it after my 1st child was born when I was 21 and after my 2nd child was born I had no time to focus on food due to children, university and work, but my weight has stayed nevertheless between 47 – 52 kilos (I´m 155 cm in height and I´ll be 37 in August). But I have noticed thatin recent 5 years my body has become more rectangular (it used to be ca 82-64-88, now it is 82-70-94). Can it be due to the fact that I have been more ill (encephalitis and neurological problems after that most of all) in these 5 years and various medications have been tried on my body, also, starting my own company, I have admit, has left me less time to think about eating ( I guess the thought "when doctors find my weight normal, I don´t have to worry"). But what can I do to feel more alert and find clothes more easily (as I have to balance between 34 – 40 EU sizes and it is tiresome, because even though I don´t fast any more (the reasons of anorexia were low-selfesteem, being bullied at school, trying to control at least something and these problems were gone after I graduated high school and married a man who loved my body the way it was…however, I still strongly dislike going shopping clothes)

  52. Drinking water is easily said. But drinking just hurts so bad, that it's impossible to drink 8 cups a day. Or even "just" 4. My body doesn't want me to drink anything

  53. I’m Australian and every time I’ve travelled over to the US, I’ve always allowed myself to try local foods without usual boundaries. I seek treat foods that I’d never eat at home. During attendance at US work conferences I’ve experienced extreme fatigue, which I’ve always written off as jet lag.
    Thank you for your insight ❤️

  54. Since I'm Autistic and usually have trouble figuring out what to eat. I really hate the concept of diets, because it makes figuring out what to eat harder.

  55. A good example of why diets are harmful is Kai Hibbard's experience as a Biggest Loser contestant.

    Because it's a show that depicts, losing a lot of weight in a short period as healthy and it's a show that starves, dehydrates and over exercises their contestants.

  56. Nutritionist: Eat more vegetables
    Dietician: You should probably eat more vegetables. Let's figure out if there are any particular vegetables that maybe you as an individual shouldn't eat or should eat
    Nutritionist: That's what I said
    Dietician: You just missed the fact that person has pre-diabetes
    Nutritionist: MORE VEGETABLES

  57. Yes! Beating yourself up does more damage, and sometimes it's worth it to eat that fatty or sugared up thing, or you have no good choices at the time, so you just gotta roll with it and do your best 🙂

  58. Considering the percentage of people who gain all the weight they lose back, I think it's an unfortunate reality to just live with food neuroticism. When was overweight, I lost 50 pounds then went onto gain that all back plus 50 more. After I lost 130 pounds the second time, I've pretty much had to obsess every other day over what I eat otherwise weight creeps on the scale. I've recently gained about 10 pounds after lightening the obsession and now I'm back to obsessing again to get rid of it.

    I think what you're saying is well-intentioned, but it's only a reality for people who lucked out on the gene-jackpot.

  59. As always, a brilliant video! The most powerful part for me was comparing giving in to entire "treat/bad days" as going through red lights. I am AWFUL at writing a whole day off of healthy eating because I went out with family and ate a very high calorie meal. Why do I think I should then keep going?! I don't even understand it. I hope this helps me gain control again when I find myself in this situation. Thank you for this video. It was very interesting and educational xx

  60. I'm on the keto diet. It can be hard to stick to but it makes my head clearer. My mood stabilizer is an anti-seizure medication and the diet was originally created for people who suffered from seizures, so that part of my brain must be what is malfunctioning.

  61. I've been overweight my entire life and have tried a good variety of diets. Nutrutionism used to be an obsession/passion, and as a result, I know a college amount about food, diet trends, cooking, calories and gut health. About 6-7 years ago, I lost 75 pounds over 24 months by following a strick – to the calorie, self directed diet. During this time, I developed major depression, and although I looked good, I was dying inside. 5 years later – I've slowly gained it all back. Feeling like a failure, my last foray into dieting was a 6 week attempt at Keto in 2017. After 4 weeks, my obsession with obtaining perfect 'Macros', started my depression right up again. I realized I had to stop and I started seeking out diet and mental health research. I discovered that approx. 95% of diets don't work in the long term and this cycle can be mentally debilitating. Since then, I still find it hard to shed the pounds, but I've adopted self acceptance and even rock a two piece at the beach! I've adopted the philosophy that no food should be taboo, but the majority of your food decisions should follow a general guide: Eat mostly plants (1/2 plate), get enough protein (I prefer to not eat a lot of meat, so nuts, eggs and tofu are in), and eat less, but better carbs like yams and whole grains/seeds. Drink lots of water, coffee before noon, while wine and other drinks are occational nice-to-haves. I'm not going to stress about my weight, I'm going to focus on just being healthy and get excited about trying a new things. I now understand the 'healthy at every size' movement and try to ignore the negative feedback that people give. I have faced my own dealth in an effort to be seen as 'healthy' on the outside and there is something so wrong about that. I'm in my mid 30's now, and I'm still surprised by how many people still openly discuss fad dieting solutions as the be all end all. The sad thing is, I don't think fad diets coupled with body negativity are going away any time soon.

  62. Really enjoyed this, love the concept of being appreciative of your body and how it works for you. Thank you for this video!

  63. I hope some day you can do a video of how veganism and mental health problems can be related. Or how does veganism affect mental health, bc nowadays that everyone wants to be vegan, it's important to know what could happen before people decide to eat like that. I say this as a person who was a vegan for almost 3 years and I know veganism might've affect my mental health in a way or another.

  64. Man for sure being an HSP person and dealing with body image, self esteem issues has affected the way I see my body and compare it to others. Recently I started having awful anxiety and is causing my appetite to decrease or kinda be disgusted by too much food. I’m limiting on the amount of carbs I intake and also sugary food.

  65. Useful video. Would any kind American tell me what a Twinkie is. I've heard it mentioned so many times; realise its probably chocolate. Is it really nice?

  66. Coffee, Sugar, Starch, Low Protein, Low Exercise Regimen, No Greens Or Veggies, Couch? Fruits, Sunlight? Vit D? Fish As Salmon? Start Day With A Glass Of Water Every Morning At Room Temp, Green Smoothies.

  67. I'm a bit late to this video, but I feel like I found it just in time for me. I spent a week with my parents over Thanksgiving, and they are on Keto and won't stop pressuring me to get on it too. My mom keeps saying she "doesn't want us to be the fat family" at my brother's wedding this summer. All she can seem to talk about is the diet and her weight, and as someone with a history of…idk, mildly disordered eating? it's honestly so distressing and I am dreading going through it all again over Christmas. We go through a new cycle of this every time my mom finds a new fad diet to try. She loses a bit of weight so she sing's the diet's praises, then she falls off the wagon and can only talk about how bad she is for not following the diet and how fat she is. It's agonizing tbh.

  68. Katie Morton, I have watched many of your videos and I like your non judgmental attitude and empathetic heart.

    Food Politics. The influence of Meat and Dairy Industry.
    USDA and HHS do not rely on science to form there nutrition policies. There's a great deal of money at stake in what these guidelines say. So a degree in dietics in US, is government who is payed well by the multi billion dollar meat and dairy industry. So when I hear dieticians teach eating meat and dairy, I look the other way because they still haven't realized how harmful that diet is for humans, animals and this planet. Perhaps they know and are afraid to risk losing people in there life? I know it's been normalized to kill and eat animals millions of years ago and so many are not comfortable challenging the status quo. It's also been normalized to be the only specie to drink milk from another Animal. You don't need a degree in dietics to know we don't need nutrition from animals and there byproduct.

    What the Health
    Fed UP
    Dairy is Scary by Erin Janus

    Dr. Neal Barnard MD, Author – plant based doctor
    Dr. Melanie Joy – Phycologist, Author and Animal Rights Activist

  69. promising title, but the usual dribble unfortunately…. how about checking out the keto diet? and how it was originally developed to help out kids with adhd, autism and similar conditions on the spectrum? how about tackling the inflammation that sugar gives and how this impacts mental health? thumbs down for the video, sorry

  70. What I think is very damaging right now is the idea of fasting to lose weight. To me, that’s a very slippery slope to developing an ED.

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