Can Eating Lots Of Fruit Mess With Your Gut Health?

Eric Bakker, thanks for tuning in. We are talking about fruit, eating too much
fruit. Some patients I see eat way too much fruit. We are talking like ten pieces of fruit per
day. I think that’s far too much. I think eating anything in excess is not really
good for the body. I’ve always maintained that food consumption
is fine, like vegetable consumption or meat consumption, but it should be in balance with
other kinds of foods. Now, I’m not here to argue the different merits
of diets, you know whether you are a vegan or whether you are a paleo person, but what
we’re going to talk about is eating lots and lots of fruit all the time is not that flash,
not that great. You are going to get too much fructose in
your body, and studies certainly show that fructose when taken in abundance can in fact
upset the intestinal permeability and even push a person into bad bacterial growth in
the gut. So, some [inaudible] studies conducted has
also shown that when fructose is in excess, it can also even create liver damage, you
when when you’ve got way too much of it. It is a sugar and it’s not meant to be piled
by large amounts into the small intestine, because the intestine permeability studies
have certainly shown to be true. Also, people who tend to eat way too much
fruit tend to have lower bacteroides levels. And the proteobacteria tend to go up, so they’re
going to get a uniquely shaped microbiome just around the type of food they eat. Say prevotella bacteria, for example, really
thrive in a gut where a person eats lots of fiber. Particularly vegetable fiber. The bacteroides bacteria prefer a mixed kind
of a diet, especially if there’s a bit of meat in the diet. A healthy person will have a balance of different
classes of bacteria, but when you start really going crazy with a diet and eating way too
much of one particular type of food, you’re gonna push up certain types of bacteria at
the expense of others and that can create a problem. Everything in moderation, nothing in excess. Now, we’re not talking of course about high
fructose corn syrup, which was developed in the 60s, which is just junk and you find it
in everything now. You find it in chewing gum, you find it in
soft drinks, you find it in so many foods now. Up to 60% of foods now in US supermarkets,
for example, contain high fructose corn syrup. That is not really good stuff at all to eat,
so you want to try and avoid that as much as you can. I am in favor of fruit, but I’m not in favor
of ten pieces of fruit a day. Definitely not. Thanks for tuning in.

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  1. Where do you stand on honey consumption Doctor? Good raw honey that is. I know any honey has fructose but is it as bad as eating lots of fruit? I seldom eat fruit but I do have one fairly large tablespoon of raw honey in my evening tea almost every night.

  2. I have Fruit Smoothies mixed with Vegetables…1 a day…And I Feel GREAT….Bananas and Pineapple Are Not ALWAYS good..But if You mix it with Other ingredients YOU Are FINE…And Remember to Drink Lots of Water…

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