Can Elderly People Get Candida?

Hi, there. Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand. Thanks for coming back and looking at my video. I do appreciate it. And again, thank you to my subscribers, people
who’ve signed up to watch the videos. I’m getting awesome feedback. And it’s for everyone out there who’s getting
benefit from these videos. It’s really, really enjoyable for me to do
these videos because I just like seeing people getting good results. So today, we’re going to talk about elderly
people and candida. Can the elderly get candida? Can old people get it? You know, that’s like saying, “Can babies
get it? Can young people get it? Can teenagers get it?” Well, if you’ve got a pulse and you’re breathing,
you can get candida basically if you’re alive, if you’re a living person. If you’re dead, you probably can’t get candida. But if you’re alive, there’s a big chance
that at some stage, you may get a bacterial, yeast overgrowth in your body. Elderly are particularly prone to yeast problems
because they tend to be infirm. They’re not as active anymore. They’re not chewing food properly anymore. They can be on medications. There are many reasons why they can get candida. So absolutely, older people are certainly
prone to it. They can yeast problems in their mouth, often
from dentures that are ill-fitting. And from not, you know, brushing the teeth,
or good oral hygiene. They can get … women, older women tend to
be much more prone to urinary tract infections. And also, vaginal yeast infections can occur
a lot, very much so in older people. Men, are seeing … men and women, equally,
are seeing a lot with toenail fungal problems, not necessarily candida, but definitely fungal
problems. And absolutely, certainly seen elderly people
with intestinal yeast problems, often from poor chewing, antibiotic use, and general
medications. So I hope that answers the question. Elderly can be prone to candida. And in fact, more so than people even younger. And the tragedy is they often don’t get treated
for these fungal infections. So that’s really sad, but that’s just how
it is. Older people also don’t generally use the
internet or … like younger people do, so that their information tends to be more limited. And when they do go to doctors, they get brushed
off and just get put on another prescription drug and told there’s nothing wrong with them. As soon as somebody hits 60 or 70 and they
get passed off as an older person, in my opinion, they end up getting the short straw when it
comes to the medical clinic. You know, it’s like taking an old cat or an
old dog to a vet. You know, they tend to look more at the younger
ones. But the older ones, they don’t get that kind
of attention anymore. Thanks for tuning in.

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