Can Gut Bacteria Affect Whether Drugs Work?

It’s the naturopath called Eric Bakker. That’s me. I’m from New Zealand. So let’s look at some pharmaceutical drugs. So there was a study done recently conducted
by Yale University where they looked at 271 oral medications, common ones, and 76 bacteria
in the person’s digestive system. They found 171 of those drugs, commonly prescribed
drugs, were affected in not a good way by at least one type of bacteria in the human
gut. They’re starting to understand now that pharmaceutical
medications can become either very toxic or have no effective therapeutic window at all. It will have a mildly effective window, purely
due to the bacteria in the person’s gut. All these studies are revealing now how powerful
the microbiome is, but also how it’s powerfully influenced by toxic medications. Okay? So I want you to bear this in mind. So this is why some people, Auntie Mary may
for example get nauseous and vomiting on the drug, but then your Mom might have taken this
same drug and felt really good on it and the headache went away. So this explains many idiosyncratic reactions
that people experience with pharmaceutical medications. So you need to be very careful. The healthier the microbiome, the more likelihood
you can tolerate a medication and it’s probably going to work more effectively than if you’ve
had a very poor microbiome. This also explains why many people who have
got very poor GI tracts can’t tolerate medications very well at all. I think this is an understanding for the medical
profession, That they need to get people’s digestive systems to a higher level of health
before they can really work with them with a lot of these toxic medications. It’s all coming out finally. And that’s my take on it, too. That’s the Yale Study showing you that you
can have reactions ranging from mild to extreme depending on your gut bacteria. So they may even in future do still testing
like I do to determine what type of bugs are in a person’s gut before they pull the trigger
on the prescription. I think it’ll make a lot of sense and it may
actually help to prevent a lot of misery. That’s it. Thanks for tuning in.

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  1. Yo Doc, I went and saw a chiropractor/doctor and he told me no more garlic that my body had built up an allergy to it. He also told me no more oatmeal as it wasn't doing me any good. He put me on a fruit/vegetable/meat diet, and gave me the supplement Yeastonil to take. I hope it works, this candida has basically ruined my life. I'm 10 lbs under weight right now. I've tryed everything and it wont go away. It has taken so much from me. Your videos are great but sometimes commercial help is not good enough and private help is necessary to find what diet/supplements work for you.

  2. hey eric wonderful video once again. i have a question, i dont know what's going on and if it can be the candida or something else.
    did you notice some patients voice completly change ?
    i have this insansly sticky thick mucus stuck in my throat at all times that its hard for me to speak, at times its so bad that i give up on speaking all together..i dont eat any ellergenic foods anymore but its still there.
    im realy running out of hope figuring out what is going on with me

  3. how do i improve my microbiome? massive histamine intolerant and more.. lookin for a good probiotic..any suggestions? best regards!

  4. Hi Eric, I have a question if you have the time.

    As somebody who has produced outstanding supplements such as canxida remove/rebuild which i have used personally.

    What is your thoughts on nootropic supplements by performance lab? In particular performance lab mind/energy/vitamins? I would love to hear your take.. Thank you..

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