Can Gut Bacteria Trigger High Blood Pressure?

Eric Bakker, naturopath. Thanks for coming back to my channel. High blood pressure. Who’s got high blood pressure? How many people have got it? A few of them have. Statistics show that about 19% of people in
the United States have got a blood pressure that is fact, not even properly controllable
by medications. So, blood pressure is a real issue with many
people. But the mechanism behind blood pressure, particularly
if we’ve got what we call essential hypertension, or if we’ve got a blood pressure with no known
cause. What’s the point of treating something really,
and effectively wanting to treat it if you don’t understand the cause of that condition? So, we’ve been doing an awful amount of research
… Not me, but I’m in the scientific community in general … regarding the microbiome. We know now, that the bacteria in the gut
have a link with many different conditions, neurodegenerative conditions. We now believe that Parkinson’s Disease and
some dementias are linked up with poor gut. We’ve seen poor gut function that are linked
with depression, anxiety, various psychiatric conditions. We’ve seen it linked up with autoimmune disease. We see it linked up with so many conditions. But what about high blood pressure? Is there a link? Well, research conducted recently, they looked
at a group of about 50 people with high blood pressure. And these are people with pre-hypertension,
so going into hypertension. They also had a group of 99 people who actually
had high blood pressure, and then a smaller group of around 30 people … I think that
was 41 people, sorry. 41 people who were basically normal, they
didn’t have high blood pressure. And what they found when they studied the
microbiome, or the bacterial gut contents of these varying three groups of people, is
they found that the people with the normal blood pressure tend to have the highest diversity
of gut bacteria, whereas the people with the hypertension and pre-hypertension had smaller
microbiomes. So, their species population was down. So again, there is no definitive link here. We can’t say that if you’ve got more, a larger
microbiome or species that you will have lower blood pressure, but the crazy thing is, if
you look at countries, particularly countries like South American countries and many indigenous
peoples who have larger populations or species in their gut of these bacteria, they don’t
tend to have high blood pressure. They don’t tend to have diabetes. They don’t tend to have a lot of diseases
that we have in the Western world. So again, this could well be … In the future,
it may well be revealed even, what types of bacteria are linked with hypertension, and
how we can encourage the microbiome to become more balanced, enlarging population size by
manipulating our diet and lifestyle. And this is still fairytale talk at the moment,
but I don’t think it will be in 50 or 100 years from now. They’ll have the microbiome nailed. They’ll have it mapped out. They’ll work at what bacteria we need to have,
and in what quantities, and also hopefully, the best possible food and lifestyle that
will achieve that aim. So, this is going to push us well over 100
years of age in the average human if we can pull it off. And I think we will pull it off. But meanwhile, if you’ve got high blood pressure,
you can’t stop taking medication. But have a good think about improving your
diet, especially the biodiversity in it. Different types of vegetables, and fruits,
and grains, and nuts, and seeds, and legumes you can put in there that are going to help
to really boost that gut, which should boost your health in general. Hey, don’t forget to click on the link in
the description box. There is a pretty cool shopping report that
you might like to have. Thanks for tuning in.

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  1. Eric! I've watching your videos regularly. I've suffering from leaky gut and other autoimmune disorders like Ankylosing spondylitis, also I've SIBO caused by various pathogens like Klebsiella Pneumoniae, E. coli and Streptococcus and I also don't have any growth of Lactobacillus Species in my gut. I've been trying to write you a mail since a very long time now but your team always reply me back by saying that you don't take any new case. I please request you to reply to my mail and look into the matter. I request please, my life has become pathetic due to this health condition, I'm now allergic to most of the foods. I'm a final year law student and due to this I'm not able to focus on my studies. PLEASE HELP AND RESPOND BACK. THANK YOU

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