Can Household Cleaning Products Contribute To Kids Being Overweight?

It’s Eric Bakker, the naturopath. Thank you for coming back. We’re going to talk about gut bacteria, infants,
and also cleaning agents. So a study was conducted in Canada some years
ago, and this was reported actually in September last year. You can look at the link below. Canadian Medical Association. 757 infants, they checked them out when these
kids were three to four months of age and then later on between one to three years of
age. It was a very large study. They did many stool samples on these infants. They were looking for bacteria and to see
if they could be linked up, the bacterial change could be linked up through use of household
chemicals. What they looked at was the use of cleansing
agents in the house, strong surface cleaners and aerosols and sprays, all kinds of products
that people use to clean their houses, a lot of chemicals basically today. And they also compared that with eco-friendly
product use. What they found was very interesting. They found that this group of children tended
to have a lot less bacteria, particularly Haemophilus bacteria and Clostridia bacteria
were down. But they found the Lachnospiraceae bacteria
and other particular types of bacteria up. Okay? So when they looked at the stool samples of
these children when they young and then compared these same children when they were between
one and three, the children who age between one and three, which came from households
using a lot of these surface cleansers and chemical products tend to have a higher BMI
than the children who came from the households where they used the eco-friendly products. I must add though, what they didn’t really
look, also no doubt, would have been the diet of these children. And you can well imagine the children coming
from the eco-friendly cleansing households were a lot less likely to have pizzas and
fries and Coke every night than the children who probably were using a lot of these cleansers,
busy parents, corporate parents, or something. Or got cleaners in, spraying stuff all over
the place. I can’t stand it when you walk in some houses,
and it just smells real chemical. If I ever go into an Airbnb or a hotel room,
and I can smell something, I just walk out. I remember the last time I was in Los Angeles,
I must’ve gone through four or five different hotel rooms before I could find one that didn’t
stink like cigarette smoke or that awful carpet deodorant that they use. So what about the old days? When I was a kid, when we used to use ammonia
for cleaning agents and borax, borax powder in the bathroom. It’s different today, the crap people use
now. So just be careful of these cleaning agents,
especially wiping children’s hands down constantly with these little wet wipes all the time. It’s all bad for the environment, that stuff. You’re not really going to get very far in
improving a child’s life by constantly cleaning all around them. I just find it so futile. I find it quite comical actually when I see
it on the aircraft and in supermarkets, where the kid’s hands being wiped all the time. Maybe they should put gloves on these kid’s
hands. What do you reckon? That’s me for the day. Thanks for tuning in. Click on the link below if you want my free
Candida report. Thank you.

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