Can Vitamin C Help You Lose Weight?

Eric Bakker, thanks for coming back. Vitamin C: can it help you lose weight? I just read an interesting study where they
found … This is from the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, 2004 where
they discovered the vitamin C definitely does have some effect on thermogenesis, on burning
fat, with people. So when people have got adequate vitamin C
stores or good levels, they’ve got a 30% greater ability to burn off body fat than people who’ve
got low vitamin C stores. This is very interesting. It’s a 15 year old study, but it still shows
you that high vitamin C content can have a very good effect on the body. If you look at the work by Mathias Rath and
Dr. Linus Pauling who got two Nobel prizes I believe, Linus Pauling was ridiculed and
laughed at by scientists for so many years, but one day his work will certainly be vindicated
regarding the vitamin C. Vitamin C has a profound effect also on the
adrenal system. So one of the highest levels of ascorbic acid
in the human body is found in the adrenal cortex, apart from the lens of the eye, the
cortex has a lot of vitamin C and ascorbic acid. An expert once told me that vitamin C years
ago used to be measured in the body by going to the adrenal gland to see what the levels
were like. So, the body needs good ascorbic acid levels
also when it comes to the production of adrenal hormones, particularly cortisol, stress hormones
like cortisol, but there are many, many hormones made, over 50 hormones made in the adrenals. So cortisol being one of the more important
ones has got a requirement for vitamin C. So, you could also extrapolate that and look
that low vitamin C leads to fatigue and more likely to have an adrenal exhaustion which
leads to weight gain for many people. So, vitamin C certainly has affects on the
body, not just for boosting immune function up or for improving energy or vitality, but
it also has an effect when it comes to thermogenesis, when it comes to burning fat. So just be aware of that, to keep your vitamin
C intake high and to eat foods also that are high in vitamin C, especially if you want
good looking skin. Thanks for tuning in. Don’t forget: the link below, if you want
my free candida report. Thank you.

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  1. Dr. Bakker, do you recommend the vitamin C loading method where you increase ascorbic acid to bowel tolerance to find your daily dose? I had been taking mega doses for years as it has supported my adrenals and helps with MCS but now here in the states there's a new idea (scientific evidence?) that it's not good to mega dose – that it will be harmful. Your thoughts?

  2. Hi Dr Bakker there are currently so many types of vitamin c and so many forms that are claimed to be the best. Would calcium ascorbate or ascorbic acid be a better option and is there anything to look out for when buying vitamin c supplements. Also what would you say is a good daily dosage for vitamin c. Thanks so much and have a great day!

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