Can Walking Help You Lose Weight?

Eric Bakker, the naturopath here. Thanks for coming back. We’re talking about walking and losing weight. So an interesting study was conducted in 2002. That’s a long time ago now. And what they found was interesting. They found that walking certainly helped,
but it worked a lot better in changing many aspects of the human health variables like
cholesterol and weight and waist circumference, that people had a far better outcome when
they combined diet and exercise as just diet alone. They also found slightly better averages from
people who walk daily, like 30 minutes a day as opposed to once or twice a week a one hour
session of walking. So there’s no doubt about it. You don’t have to always walk to lose weight. You can just be an active person like me. I spend a lot of time in the garden, and I
make sure that I do a lot of walking and bending and stretching. And I’ve got friends my age who do yoga and
who do running and cycling and all sorts of things. And, well, I quite like those kind of activities,
but I prefer gardening because I get a lot of bang for my buck. I mean, I get tons and tons of projects out
of the garden. And we get lots of honey, and we get lots
of fruit. And the benefit for me of course is fitness,
flexibility, and strength. Try and find some activity that you enjoy
doing. It doesn’t have to be walking. But being active is one of the key things
that I really try to impress on people throughout their lives. Being physically active, trying to be a bit
socially active. And activity is the key. Because when you start sitting down and clicking
these mice all the time and playing games and all you’re doing is using your eyes and
your brain a bit, you’re not really using your body, and you’re going going to get what
we call the sitting disease. So it’s also a good idea for you maybe to
get a fitness tracker. And one of my patients recently used it to
great advantage as a relaxation tracker because he could work out what the quality of his
sleep was like and how much time he was sitting down as opposed to moving around. So fitness trackers aren’t just for people
to get them off their butt. Sometimes they’re also good to get people
on their butt. They do too much. But either way, if you do something like that,
you’re going to monitor how many steps you take. One of my kids put… My phone cover is not good. You can see I’ve been painting. One of my kids put a step kind of tracker
on this phone and said to me, “If you put your phone in your pocket all the time, you
can track how many steps you take.” But I don’t like walking around with these
phones in my pocket all the time. And I did for just a small part of the day,
and it was 3000 steps. And I only had it in my pocket for a small
amount of time. So I’m probably well exceeding the 10,000
steps a day. But you can get a pedometer, a little thing
that clips onto your sock or your shoe also that will show you how many steps you are
taking. But being active and having a good diet, in
my opinion, are the key things in when it comes to to get those human variables in line. If you want good cholesterol levels, you want
nice blood pressure, if you want your insulin sensitivity not to be too high, you know what
I mean? If you want to reduce the risk of cancer and
heart disease, get off your butt, start walking. It makes all the difference in the world. Okay? But it doesn’t mean to say walk to the refrigerator
more or walk to the pantry more. Try and walk outside more because then you’re
away from food. Makes a difference. Don’t forget to click on the link below if
you want my free Candida report. Thanks for tuning in.

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