Can We Actually Absorb Vitamin B12 Supplements? Dr Michael Greger

Vitamin B12 plays a key role in the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system and the formation of red blood cells It’s involved in the metabolism of every cell of the human body especially affecting Dna synthesis, fatty acid, and amino acid metabolism So having good levels of B12 is critically important Due to the stomach’s high acid content Vitamin B12 can’t survive the journey through our stomach without something called Intrinsic Factor Intrinsic Factor binds to B12 when it reaches the stomach so the B12 can successfully reach our small intestine. Once in the small intestine, Intrinsic Factor dissolves releasing B12 to bind with another protein called Trans cobalamin 2 – for transit through the epithelial cells into the bloodstream and onto your liver Cells in the stomach called Parietal cells make the Intrinsic Factor however in some people these cells can be damaged which results in Intrinsic Factor not being produced and Consequently B12 not being able to be absorbed Alcoholism, Ulcerative Gastritis, H Pylori and Gastric Bypass Surgery are just a few conditions that can cause Parietal cell death Whilst it’s very rare that someone is unable to produce enough intrinsic factor there are ways you can still get enough Vitamin B12 The first is through high dose sublingual B12 supplements The second is through B12 injections and then thirdly and maybe most effective if through something called Intranasal Absorption If you want to read more about the effectiveness of B12 absorption through your nose, I will include a link below However some health educators believe that Vitamin B12 Supplements are not well absorbed or utilized by anyone, whether they have intrinsic factor issues or not I recently heard Dr. Michael Greger addressing this very issue So let’s hear what he had to say. The link to the full interview will be in the description below So that’s why we need massive doses. So 2,000 micrograms is 2,000 times the amount that you need actually every day and so 1% gets through the intestine just through mass action, receptor independent so absolutely! You need the intrinsic factor you need to have a whole exotic system receptor to actually take in the you know 2.6 you need a day. But you can saturate those receptors very quickly. Wait four to six hours to get more and you take these massive doses And it’s water side also you really can’t get too much then about 1% actually does get through the intestine just mass action Thank you so much for watching. If you liked the video Please give it a thumbs up, leave a comment below, and subscribe for more upcoming videos If you want to see what I’m eating follow me on Instagram @801010 in London

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  1. thanks so much for this informative video! 💓 i must have missed dr. greger's b12 absorption video. thanks also for the link!! ⭐🌼🌾💕🍃🌝

  2. oh. I didn't know that. that explains why the vegan society's B12 daily supps are so high compared to the required dose. still not high enough, though? =/

  3. Intermuscular injections is the only way you can be sure you will absorb the necessary amount of B12 however in the UK Doctors have to be wrestled too the ground to get it.

  4. I've started taking a vitamin b12 sublingual to control how much I take because anything above 500 mcg seems to give me panic attacks.

  5. B12 pills gave me the worst acne ever and not just small ones either, full blown cystic acne all over my face and neck. Thankfully I stopped using it and now it's gone.

  6. Your channel is something YouTube and the world should be proud of. A channel with such vast amount of great information is simply amazing. Your outreach to people and the world and your work is making the world a better place. Keep it up, God loves you.

  7. That's why you take bioavailable vitamins instead of the conventional synthetic ones that don't absorb.

  8. b12 injections is the only way a human can properly absord b12 besides doing what is natural and consuming meat, fish, dairy, eggs.

  9. I'm a fan of Dr. Greger but it is not true that one cannot get too much from supplements. Mine was too high, based on 1000 mcg/d cyanocobalamin and 300 mcg per day methylcobalamin (part of a vegan multi). My B12 level was over 1000, out of the normal range on the test report. Cutting back to 500 mcg cyanocobalamin and dropping the multi reduced the level to the high 900s (still over the normal upper limit) 3 months later. I assume it will drop further over time. Also, I am 70 years old and for someone my age a recommendation of 1000 mcg per day is not unusual. Moral – beware of generalizations e.g. old people lose the ability to absorb B12 well (yes, some or many do' no, not everyone does) and have your blood levels checked. On the other hand, do not ignore appropriate supplementation.

  10. What about the new study, that says, high doses of B12 (>20mcg/day) increases the risk of lung cancer? Mr. Greger recommends taking much more.

  11. Sorry I clicked on the full interview. Mercola's a crackpot, plain and simple. It's just an interview, but getting mixed up with somebody like him can't help but give Gregor's credibility a hit.

  12. I am vegan but my B12 levels are 1400 they've always been high can you tell me why and what the symptoms are are the side effects of having this high B12?

  13. Thanks for being short and to the point I'm a big fan of talking Super B Complex that includes 250% daily B12.

  14. OMG why these doctors cant even speak slowier for people which are not English speakers originally I DONT KNOW

  15. So if you can not produce the intrinsic factor, you will absorb only about 1% of your swallowed B12. But How many % is absorped if you can produce the instrinsic factor??? And how can I know if I can produce the instrinsic factor??

  16. I recently had a VERY bad reaction to Hydroxocobalamin, just one 1000mcg sublingual dose… bad anxiety, almost to the point of panic attack… stomach pain, nausea… nasty!! The next couple of days, with very little eating, I noticed some significant abdominal bloating/distension and still have it several weeks later… my Docs did many tests, liver and kidney function, abdominal ultrasound, etc… so far all normal… saw a gastro Doc, but he was a total quack. No supplements seem to help. I also have pretty bad BPH, so maybe that is contributing… but have had this for a long time, with no abdominal distension… losing weight fast, hopefully due only to my lack of appetite… next up is a pancreas MRI… jeeze… any suggestions would be very welcome.

  17. Adele Davis in her book titled "Let's Eat Right To Keep Fit" said that mammal liver has the highest concentration of the intrinsic factor of any organ and that if you eat pork liver or beef liver frequently you'll get all of the intrinsic factor your body needs. I wonder if it would work to take vitamin B12 after eating a meal of liver.

  18. I had the hpylori bacteria a long x ago. I didnt know about Male absorption. I just recently started taking 5,000 mg of b12, my energy levels have increased. I also take aloe vera supplements…my stomach was so out of whack, and now I feel so much better. Doctors did not to help me. They didnt know where to start. U need to be your own health practitioner…only u know what your body feels. Doctors just play a guessing game. None of them recommended me to take supplements. Not of them even knew there was a relationship with hpylori and b12 absorption. Blood reading of b12 showing normal is not always accurate. It's what I called a false read. U could be very deficient, but results shows normal.

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