Candida Case Study 14: Kevin With Severe Jock Itch

Thanks for checking out my video today. Another
case history presentation. This is another one from my book, Candida Crusher. I’m just
going to read out some story here so you can get a picture of this guy, and then I’ll explain
a little bit about this man. This guy is called Kevin and he’s 47 years
of age. He’s a laid-back guy who likes bourbon and coke with his best friend, enjoys football
and going out hunting for pigs whenever he can. He drives a big logging truck. He’s a
really big guy, big heavyset guy, and he’s involved in felling trees as well. This guy
is huge. He weighs over 300 pounds and stands 6 feet 5 inches tall. I enjoyed our consultations
very much because Kevin has got a great sense of humor and he makes good impersonations
of different well-known people. He’s quite a character, a little bit like Jim Carey.
He’s a laugh a minute this guy, but he was keen to get rid of his jock itch. He had bad
jock itch that he’d had for as long as he could remember. The itch was affecting his
sex life because his wife was not very happy in him getting close. She caught it as well,
she said to him, so his primary motivating factor is that he wanted his sex life back,
and he was very keen to do whatever it takes. People with very strong PMF, or primary motivating
factors, often have the best results when it comes to Candida because they’ve got a
strong reason why they want to get rid of this infection. In many cases, it could be
to improve their relationship. In other cases, it could be to improve the quality of their
life. They could have brain fog or they could have diarrhea or constipation. They could
have really bad toenail fungus and they’re embarrassed with their feet. If the motivating
factor is high, then the attitude is going to be different than if the motivating factor
is low. So if you’re keen to do something, you will do it regardless of the circumstances.
Kevin was not changing his underclothing daily, and he was perspiring a lot in the cab of
his truck. I discovered that lots of sweating is quite a common thing with fermentation
dysbiosis, so you may want to check out my other video on what fermentation dysbiosis
is. People who have bad yeast infections will often perspire. They’ll get hot. They’ll bloat,
have gas, they’ll burp, all this fermenting is quite normal with high sugar consumption
and a lot of yeast internally. His take out diet and copious amounts of coca
cola consuming two liters a day, they weren’t helping either. My instructions for him were
to stop drinking all those silly soda drinks and to just drink water or water that was
flavored with a little bit of lemon juice and a few drops of grapefruit seed extract
in it every day. We changed his diet and he was to eat a kebob or salad and chicken for
lunch instead of MacDonald’s drive through. Kevin also was placed on the Canxida antifungal
product that I developed. Because he’s a big guy, I had him on six tablets a day. I also
put him on some digestive enzymes and some probiotics. He was to buy two to three dozen
pair of new cotton briefs and to change twice daily after each shower, so having a shower
in the morning and a shower before bed at night. He also started to shower regularly
when he was at his office. If he’d go to the depot, he could have a shower there as well
when he came back, and he applied tea tree oil cream to the affected areas after his
shower routine. The hardest thing, though, for Kevin like
a lot of guys, was to give up the bourbon and coke. Because every time he watched football
with his friends, he’d have a big bag of potato chips and a lot of bourbon and coke. He would
often drink those ready mixes in a can. He found that it did affect his friendships with
some of his closest friends, but he really wanted the relationship to improve with his
wife, so he did over time cut the bourbon and coke right out for a while. And he even
started to shave, which was amazing, so this guy transformed. It took several months, but
I can say that it took five months for the jock itch to clear.
But the other thing I like in Kevin’s case is it’s become a continual personal habit
to improve his standard of hygiene. He’s been shaving. He’s been washing himself quite thoroughly
now with a good antibacterial soap. He’s been using tea tree oil soap. He’s had his hair
cut. He’s even cut a lot of his chest hair and his pubic hair right down. But the big
break through, I think, with him was the improvement in the relationship. This really improved
with his wife and this was more than enough motivation for him to keep his coca cola intake
down and his personal hygiene up. The great thing about my job is to watch people
change. Their whole life will change. Their attitude changes. Their health changes. It’s
a fantastic position to be in to see people improve so much. If you can relate to Kevin,
if you like drinking lots of alcohol, coca cola, eating bad foods, you’re a big person
and you perspire a lot, you need to make these kind of changes to your lifestyle and to your
diet, and take a good antifungal product or a range of good products if you want to really
get a long term effect. And it will change your whole life.
Thanks for tuning in.

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