Candida Crusher: YouTube Channel Introduction

Greetings, Eric Bakker, naturopath, author
of Candida Crusher. Thank you for tuning into the YouTube movie today. I’d like to tell you a little bit about this
Candida Crusher YouTube channel and why I’ve developed this channel up. YouTube’s fantastic.
YouTube is one good way for me to connect up with many different people around the world.
With current existing patients, with patients I’ve seen many years ago, with prospective
new patients, with people who have an interest in yeast infections for many or different
reasons. It’s a fantastic resource, which I’m going to fully utilize. It’s my aim in
time to make this one of the most informative channels on the internet regarding all aspects
of Candida yeast infections. You may be familiar with my book, Candida
Crusher. I started to write a book quite a few years ago, but because I’ve got a family,
I abandoned the idea. But three years ago, I gathered a lot of these notes up and finally
set about earnestly writing a book. It took three years to write Candida Crusher. Three
years of hard work. It is 719 pages. If you do purchase the book, you can use it as an
e-book, and even better, you can take it on a flash drive to your print shop and get it
printed in two parts. Quite a few books have been sold already, and we’ve had fantastic
feedback from many different people in over 30 different countries. So thank you everyone
out there who’s purchased my book and given me such wonderful feedback and amazing support. On this channel, you’re going to find quite
a lot of information regarding Candida yeast infections. I’ve tried to organize the information
under playlists. So if you look in “Playlists,” if you’re, for example, a female with a yeast
infection, you’re going to find many different yeast infections pertaining specifically to
the female. If you’re a male, you’ll find similar, many different videos on male yeast
infections. If you have a child, same thing. You’ll also find specific videos on digestive-related
yeast infection problems, toenail, you name it, skin-related, digestive-related, brain
fog, there’s going to be hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of videos on this channel. So
subscribe to this channel. If you’ve got interest, if you’re a practitioner, a naturopath, a
chiropractor, a medical doctor, a person with a yeast infection, if you have an interest
in Candida, subscribe to this channel; bookmark it now so you don’t lose it. Apparently, I
think we’ve got about 180 videos, but my aim is to produce a lot of videos in time. So is a website which has
been set up by myself and a few friends who are internet savvy to get a lot of my quality
articles online, so, my own personal articles. These are not articles
which have been spun or rewritten by people in underdeveloped countries for $5 or $10.
Currently, there are a lot of info sites with just cheap, crappy articles, which are rewritten
articles from other websites. Their sole aim is really to market a product. I had no intention
to market anything when I started out. Years ago becoming a naturopath, I got rid of my
yeast infection. I couldn’t save my father with Candida, but I saved myself and I’ve
saved many thousands of patients. My book was not written for profit. And, in fact,
if I could, I would give the book away for free, but it’s not something you spend three
years doing just to give it away for nothing. I think it’s a bargain for $47 US dollars.
Three years and tens of thousands of hours of work, but you be the judge of that. Many
other people are quite happy with that book, and I’m sure you will be as well. So the book can be purchased on
On you’re going to find some quite in-depth articles. Some of these
articles are 10,000, even 20,000 words in length; they’re quite substantial articles.
Some of them are shorter. Try to balance information on the YouTube channel as well as at
On, you’ll be able to do an online survey, which you might find interesting,
to see if you’ve got a mild, moderate, or a severe yeast infection. You can go to my
own personal site,; that’s my blog site. So this is a Word Press site
which has been set up basically just for me to do bloggy kind of articles on there, and
you can also leave comments on there if you wish. So I also have a clinic in New Zealand where
you’re welcome to come and visit me. But if you’re one of these people out there around
the world, I mean, I see patients from over 30 countries and a wonderful resource is Skype,
so I have patients in France, Germany, England, South America, Italy, all over the world.
If you can speak English because I may not speak Spanish or Italian or those kind of
languages, but I can speak Dutch and I can speak English. If you have a good internet
connection and Skype, and a little bit of knowledge of Skype would be good, we can connect
up. And you can contact my receptionist for a Skype consultation and set aside a time.
I’m quite happy to work with you if you’re interested in that. I also have created and will soon be launching
an online Candida course. It’s also going to be the world’s most comprehensive free,
online Candida course, so you’ll hear all about that. And if you sign up for that, you’re
going to get a 14-page Candida shopping list for free. A very comprehensive shopping list
which will be of no charge to you at all. You’ll be able to join and subscribe through,, and On those three sites, you’ll be able to sign
up for my free online course, so a very comprehensive course. I’ll be covering all aspects of diet,
lifestyle, supplementation, psychology; we’ll go into chiropractic, herbal medicine. There
will be lots of different things discussed over time through that course, so I think
you’ll enjoy it. Did I ask you to subscribe? Subscribe to this
channel. You’re going to enjoy it. If you have an interest in Candida yeast infections,
you’re going to get a lot of information out of this particular YouTube channel. You can
also find me on I have my own expert Candida forum, my own personal forum,
so if you’ve got any personal questions of a confidential, personal nature, you can also
email me or contact me through, and I’m quite happy to work with you there. And I hope that has given you a bit of information.
Thanks for tuning in to this YouTube clip, and I hope you enjoy our Candida Crusher YouTube
channel. Thank you very much.

5 Replies to “Candida Crusher: YouTube Channel Introduction”

  1. Can one get rid of candida not 100% sticking to it? How long does it take? My doctor has me getting rid of the intracellular part but am unsure how long to follow the diet after. I followed it well for almost 3 weeks, drank 2 nights at a festival and felt very horrible (i know alcohol is very bad) does vodka feed it at all? And are beans considered a starchy veg to avoid at first or is that okay to include, like split pea soup
    If i was on the diet for 3 weeks then cheated a few days, could I add in beans and sweet potatoes now? Thank you

  2. I understand. Some make it sound like you have to be so strict at first. Are sweet potatoes okay to include at first, and what about corn (is this too starchy?) and organic blue corn tortilla chips?
    Is it a good idea to avoid lunch meat? Has sugar listed as well.
    And is it that bad to have some cheese? Thank you!
    I was also wondering if grains contribute to stomach problems at all. I've been trying to take a digestive enzyme but it seems my stomach is upset a lot. (Guessing i have a food sensitivity) I'm guessing if gluten was causing me problems from an immune response, enzymes wouldn't help?

  3. Is it true that a low fat and higher carb diet beats candida, and fruits are very cleansing? I dont like to think of it as high fat or high carb, just eating very healthy foods! I see some have the theory fat causes sugar to feed candida more..
    I know some say sweet potatoes need to be avoided, but don't both starchy veggies and grains like quinoa have high starch? Yet brown rice and quinoa is mostly allowed (but starchy too) except for the ones who say grains must be avoided to heal leaky gut and get rid of candida.
    And then of course those who say no carbs allowed at all since carbs all turn to sugar.. There really is no agreement!

  4. Hi, your youtube channel is so helpful, thank you. I am on immune suppressants for crohns and I wanted your advice on whether the candida diet will still work for my ME/CFS? other sites have said it won't work if I am on immune suppressants which breaks my heart because I am desperate to get better. Please help me. thank you 🙂

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