Cannes-crowned ‘Parasite’ ready for international screening, to be …

now after a very strong open in South
Korea the Palm D’Or winning film parasites will be hitting movie theaters
around the world in the coming days and weeks critics say the dark comedy is so
good that it could scoop an Oscar or two even her next year’s Academy Awards kim
hyusun with the details from journals can crowned movie parasite has been a
box office smash in the director’s home country of south korea with nearly 4
million admissions on the fifth day of its run it was such a big prize director
bong joon-ho and all actors did a great job I will highly recommend the movie to
all my friends according to see the entertainment the
film’s distributor parasite will hit cinemas in France from Wednesday it will
go on release in Hong Kong Singapore Vietnam Australia and New Zealand within
this month in july parasite will arrive in Russia and Thailand and be introduced
in Poland in September the movies US release is set to coincide with the
height of Oscar season on October 11th for media outlets including the New York
Times save Harrison could vie for the International Film category at the 92nd
Academy Awards it would be quite a feat for boom as no South Korean films have
made it that far at the Oscars homicide takes comedic jabs in its sharp
criticism of neoliberalism as seen through the eyes of two families I think
this is why it’s garnering such attention in Korea and abroad
following the US release parasite will also be screened in other parts of the
world including Europe and finally Japan in January next year
Humason arirang news

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