CanXida Is Back In Stock!

Greetings! It’s naturopath from New Zealand, Eric Bakker. Thank you so much for checking out my video
today. Today we’re going to do a quick video on the
CanXida products that I formulated. Now, I realize I’ve already made a few videos
on the CanXida formulations and the individual ones and what they are and what they do. This one is going to be a little bit different. I also want to say that all the CanXida formulations
are back in stock – we ran out of them. In fact, not just once, we ran out of them
twice. We had so many people from so many countries
wanting these formulations. Now, why did that happen? Was it because of aggressive marketing? Was it because of me trying to push things
onto people? Not at all. I’ll tell you why it happened. It was because the products were very effective,
and many people who tried these formulations wanted them again and again because they were
getting really good, consistent results. So, why would a guy like me make pills when
there are so many different kinds of pills on the market? You can go to Amazon, you can go to iHerb,
you can buy vitamins from Wal-Mart, you can go and get them from any kind of place. Why would some guy in a far flung country
with a funny accent make pills when so many of them are already available? Well, that’s what I’m going to tell you why
right now. I’ve been practicing for a long time now. This is my 29th year, so we’re coming up to
30 years. I’ve worked for many different companies over
that time as a technical director, educator, dietary supplement formulator. I’ve created highly successful product lines
for a few companies that are selling very well, both to retail and to the professional
market. This is something I’ve been doing by default
for about 15 years. That’s been my background. Natural medicine since I was in my early 20s. Now I’m in my mid-50s, and I’m still going
strong, and I’m loving it. I’m really enjoying my job, creating this
YouTube channel, interacting with patients still on a daily basis. I still see patients. Most people in my business have long hung
up their towel. They’re finished. They’re done. A lot of doctors tell me that after 20 years,
you’re burnt out and had enough. It’s time to sit back with a glass of wine
and play golf and stuff like that. That’s not me. I really enjoy interacting with patients on
a regular basis still. I enjoy going to conferences. I enjoy talking to my colleagues from all
around the world in the States, in Europe, in New Zealand, in America. I just really enjoy this business. I think that if you’ve got a passion for something
and you enjoy it, why the heck would you give up on it? It becomes your mantra; it becomes what you
do. Let’s get back to CanXida. I soon realized in practice, many years ago,
that most all patients who were ill had digestive problems. Just like I did in my 20s with yeast infection
and gut problems, skin problems, anxiety, depression, and all this kind of stuff. I couldn’t get helped. When I was quite young, a naturopath put me
on the right track. That’s why I’m here today. That’s why I wrote Candida Crusher. That’s why I was interested in formulating
something that had never been made before. Like most naturopaths, I’ve had professional
doctor accounts with many different companies to use their professional lines with patients. I’ve used retail lines, I’ve even worked in
health food shops and I ran a health food shop when I was in my 20s. It was a great starting point. I really got to know what people wanted and
what they were using. After about 10-15 years of practice, I started
to notice that people with yeast infections and H. Pylori stomach infections and small
intestinal bacterial overgrowth and IBS and those kind of people were coming in to me
with all kinds of pills and potions and lotions. Some people had 10, 15, 20 products. Many people would go to a health food shop
and buy a supplement, take that, and then they would go to a naturopath and take that. Then they would go to a doctor and take pharmaceutical
pills and also maybe some vitamins the doctor recommended. On top of that, they went to the internet
and went to Doctor Google. Then they started to order stuff online. People were starting to regularly show me
that they were using a hodgepodge mix-mash of many different kinds of products. This creates a real big problem. It creates interactions. You’re getting dietary supplements of inconsistent
qualities. You don’t know what kind of raw materials
you’re getting, you don’t know where the heck they were made or who made them, you don’t
know if they’re interacting with each other. Particularly for Candida and for gut problems,
I found no complete system or product range where we had a few products that work consistently
well together. So, let’s just say for a minute that you’re
buying enzymes from XYZ company and you’re buying a multi-vitamin from ABC company, and
then you’re buying a probiotic from QRS company and you’re trying to tack them all together. That’s like trying to repair a car (let’s
just say you’ve got a Ford, and you’re trying to put a Chrysler part in there and then you’re
trying to put a Datsun part in there and this part in there, a Honda part in there as well). You’re wondering why the car’s running rough. You need to work out how A) you can spend
a minimal amount of money and B) take the minimal number of supplements and
C) use something that’s going to be highly effective and it’s going to get you better
sooner rather than later. Many people were spending a lot of money on
dietary supplements. Some of my patients would spend up to $2,000
or $3,000 a month on a wide range of pills. Then I would ask them how they’re feeling
and they would say, “I feel like crap! It’s not working. What am I doing? These pills don’t work.” This is when I realized I needed to make a
system for Candida patients. A very simple system, a very basic system,
using the highest quality raw materials I could find. Using a top manufacturer of high repute who
makes many leading brands, and I found that after working with a few manufacturers, I
found the right person to work with. Incredible. I can dictate exactly the kind of raw materials
I want because I’m quite fussy when it comes to raw materials with supplements. That’s why I created the CanXida range. Simplicity, low cost, effectiveness, not being
able to stay on the supplements for years on end. People sometimes email me and say, “Whoa! These supplements are 50-something bucks for
a bottle. I can go to Wal-Mart and I can get a multi-vitamin
for $6.99.” Well, you’re welcome to it. Because you have got no idea what you’re getting
yourself in for with the raw materials. Many people who put supplements together couldn’t
care less about how these products are made. All they care about is selling as many pills
as they can. I couldn’t care less if you buy my pills or
not. I really couldn’t care. All I care is if you’ve got a genuine need
to take a supplement that is highly effective and you’ve got Candida or small intestinal
bacterial overgrowth or you suffer from IBS, if you follow my Candida Crusher program,
if you carefully look at my diet and lifestyle that I put together, if you watch any of my
700 odd videos or read my over 1,000 articles. If you utilize this system, I know in my own
mind that you’re going to get a very good outcome. I know you are because I’ve had thousands
and thousands of people tell me that they’re getting these kind of outcomes now for a long
time. With the CanXida range, I’m only getting good
feedback. I’m very rarely getting bad feedback from
people. If I am, it’s because people are doing dumb
things like taking half a dozen pharmaceutical drugs and rotating three or four antibiotics
and taking CanXida Remove. I’m getting that. I’m actually getting people taking two types
of antibiotics and then trying to take my anti-microbial at the same time. It doesn’t work. Remember, try and follow the system that I
put together. The three products are the CanXida Remove,
the CanXida Restore, and now more recently the CanXida Rebuild. Those are the only three products I’ve got
in that range currently. I am looking at one additional extra product,
but again I’m quite fussy on the raw materials, so I’ve got to spend a bit more time getting
the right kind of company before I make that product. I don’t just want to tack something on. These three products work really well together
as a system. The packages are available. If you go to, you can get all
three packages, you can get two of all three, or you can get three of all three. It definitely works out cheaper when you buy
the larger pack size. It’s really good if you try and stay on all
three products consistently for a period ranging from a few weeks up to three, even six months
if you’re a very chronic case. Most patients that I’ve had on the CanXida
range in the early days have already come off the product and are already recovered
and feeling really good. I know the products work because I use them
daily in my clinic. The availability is there now, we’re not going
to run out of product anymore. We ship all over the place. We’re now going to start coming in to New
Zealand and Australia very soon, and hopefully in to places where people really want these
things, into countries like Dubai and Singapore and Hong Kong, places like that. So, please ask me a question through my YouTube
channel. I’m happy to comment through there. I can’t comment through I get crazy emails through my website. Even though I tell people “Please don’t email
me through the site, I just haven’t got time.” I prefer to focus my attention on one channel
and do that really well. Do send me some comments through, do subscribe,
do click on the link below for your free Candida report if you haven’t clicked on that link
and got that report already. Remember, I’m here for people like you. I’m here to help guys like you out. I don’t need to see patients anymore, but
I love doing it. I don’t need to manufacture products anymore,
but I enjoy improving peoples’ lives. That’s what my job is all about is improving
peoples’ lives. It’s an awesome job. Thank you for tuning in.

13 Replies to “CanXida Is Back In Stock!”

  1. Golden material, as I told you in our last skype session. I wish we knew about you back in 2001. Thanks for your ongoing support and videos.

  2. Canxdia is by far the best product I have ever use. It might even be the best one on the market today. Your product needs to reach more people I believe. I've been telling everyone I know. I feel a world better then I did a month ago. Definitely worth every cent. Glad it's back and I'm already gonna order some more. Thanks Doctor.

  3. Can canxida work on candida glabrata ? Will it get rid of it completely? This strain has given my partner prostitus will it work for him too. We are currently on the candida diet. Thank you patricia

  4. great ,can this help with ibs and would you recommend a special diet while taking it? also do you take the remove and restore together?

  5. Hi Eric! There's quite a few vegans on YouTube saying they did the anti-candida diet for years with no results, then switched to a HCLF vegan diet and got rid of candida within weeks. I'm so confused about the conflicting information. They say that it's fats that enable candida and not natural sugars (from fruits) or carbohydrates (even brown pasta which seems shocking), where as the traditional anti-candida diet says the opposite. They also say it's the antibiotics in the meat that we can't really avoid (especially here in europe) that are a massive impact too. I tried the anti-candida diet for a year with no results, went vegan and got rid of it within 2weeks, but 2 months later I was so weak and kept catching serious viruses that demanded antibiotics and steroids after hospitalisation for severe asthma that I got scared so added meat, fish, eggs, fats like coconut oil & avocado back in, but the candida then came back. Would love your opinion on the conflicting diets?I'm so confused!

  6. Hey doctor. so today i finish my last Remove and was opening another bottle for a later dosage and notice a difference in the pills. I had a few bottles of light green Remove but the new orders of Remove i got are a lot darker and slimmer and smaller then the ones i have been taking. is this normal?

  7. hi Dr Bakker, I would like to know if I can take canxida for any kind of sibo? cause some doctors say some probiotics can aggrevate sibo. that holds me back from buying canxida.

  8. Eric, Thank you SO much for sharing your knowledge & creating such an amazing, natural solution to controlling candida. I had been dealing w/ yeast flare up's on my face for about 15-20 years on & off. Same result each time I visited a dermatologist; tetracycline, then doxycycline. These drugs carried horrible side effects and would only temporarily reduce the inflammation. I also have had toe fungus for about 15 years as well, and although I am still fighting that battle, my skin is 100% better after using CanXida remove for just under a year now. I feel great, look great, and cannot thank you enough for your commitment to helping people, the natural way.
    Cheers to you Eric from Austin Texas!!

  9. Hello Sir,

    I had a look at your canxida website and it is saying you are out of stock. I am wondering when they will again be available?

    I am really eager to try them out. And I want to thank you for making so much sense! I have been watching your videos for the past month and I think I am finally seeing the light!

    Thanks again!

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