CanxidaRemove Review – Advanced Slow Release Antifungal Formula

Greeting, Eric Bakker, naturopath, author
of Candida Crusher. Today I’d like to talk about a product that
I’m very excited about indeed. A product that I’ve been working with the last several months
in my clinic. I had some fantastic results when it comes to yeast infections. As you
may be aware of by now if you’ve been reading my blog, or perhaps if
you’ve looked at my book, Candida Crusher, you will know that I’ve been treating yeast
infection patients for a long time. In that period, I’ve also tried many different
products out. All kinds of herbal medicines and nutritional formulations, many different
kinds for several years with varying effects. Some products I’ve had okay results with,
some products I’ve had crap results with, other products I’ve had good results with,
and only a very few I’ve had outstanding results with. I tend to use those products over and
over again that I get good results with. So I’ve found a product now in America, which
I think is one of the finest anti-fungal I’ve ever use. And it only really came to my realization
probably about a year ago when I found this company in Florida, and I’ve discovered they’re
working on a formula called Canxida. So while this is not my formula, I did have a helping
hand with the company by giving them a few good ideas and tips on how to improve the
formulation and I’m pleased to say now that this product has been developed called Canxida.
This product can be purchased right now at I’ll tell you why I’m excited with Canxida.
I’ve never found a product quite like this before. There are several features about Canxida.
This is called Canxida Remove. So there are several features about this product that make
it unique and an amazingly good formula compared to anything else I’ve used on the market up
until now. Some of these features of this product, for
example, are how comprehensive the formula is. It’s incredibly comprehensive and it contains
11 of the best ingredients that work as an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-parasite.
It’s a very good broad-spectrum product, so it’s not just going to work on Candida; it’s
going to work on a whole lot of different packages in the digestive system. The second feature I like about this product
is its sustained release. I’ve never found a product yet, a table for Candida, that’s
sustained release. So this means that when a tablet’s taken, say with breakfast, it’s
going to work slowly for a two- to three-hour period in the digestive system. So it contains
a proprietary formulation developed in a certain manner that distributes an ingredient throughout
the whole table that allows it very slowly to break down and release off all the beneficial
ingredients into the digestive system and slowly into the bloodstream over a few hours,
which is a very good idea with Candida. So if you’re going to take one of these tablets
morning, noon, and night, you’re going to get a full day’s action of the active ingredients.
This is also going to stop or slow down dramatically the ability for you to have a severe die off.
If you think about it, if you take a strong product and you take it in one hit and it
has a strong action, you’re going to get potential for a strong die off. Like a pharmaceutical
drug. Like some Candida products that I won’t mentioned that I have used have created an
incredibly strong die off effect. So the sustained release ability of this tablet,
the comprehension of the formula. And the third thing I like is the standardization
of the ingredients, meaning the garlic used in here, for example, contains 2 percent allicin.
I’m just going to look at the ingredients list here. The grapefruit seed extract is
an extract using 45 percent flavonoids. The berberine concentrate is 85 percent standardized.
The clove is 4 to 1 ratio. So a lot of the herbs are in a 4 to 1 ratio, meaning they’re
potentially four times as the herbs that you would use of similar herbs in another formula. So let me explain about the ingredients and
tell you why this is such an amazing formulation. So the 2 percent allicin standardized garlic
is very good. Garlic is one of the most potent anti-fungal ever found to date. But when you
standardize it and make it 2 percent and also you slow release it, you’re going to have
a very good kill effect on over 800 different kinds of bacteria, about 20 different kinds
of Candida, and many, many different types of yeast species, microsporum, geotrichum,
aspergillus, there are many different types of yeast that do not like garlic, particularly
standardized. Caprylic acid from coconut, short chain fatty
acid, is a very good product to use for Candida. It has a kill effect and discourages Candida,
but it hasn’t not a very powerful action but a sustained action. So coconut oil should
be part of your regime. Undecylenic acid is excellent to use. It’s
a little bit stronger and more potent. Some products do contain undecylenic, but the problem
is they don’t have any betaine with it. Because undecylenic acid likes to work in a slightly
more acidic environment than the Caprylic acid. Even though it’s a short chain fatty
acid, it likes more acidification to work. So for that reason after research, my recommendation
to Canxida Health in Florida, in America, was to add betaine hydrochloride. And I can
certainly vouch for how effective this product is with the undecylenic acid/Caprylic acid
combination. It’s a killer combination. So by adding a small amount of betaine hydrochloride,
we’ve lowered the pH a little bit of the environment where the undecylenic acid works in and it
really works effectively. Grapefruit see extract is probably my favorite
of all anti-fungal to use. And this contains a high quality, 45 percent flavonoid extract
in here. Now it’s cracked to taste. I don’t know if you’ve tried grapefruit seed extract,
but it’s too bitter. But when you put it in a tablet, it’s a very clever idea when you
mix it through a tablet and add different herbals with it because you don’t taste the
bitterness. An herb that’s a sustained release is going to work over a prolonged period of
time, so it’s a very smart move to put high quality grapefruit seed in here. The combo
of grapefruit seed extract, garlic, Caprylic acid, and undecylenic is sufficient to be
a very good Candida product. But wait, there’s more. It get even better.
There’s black walnut hull extract in this product. Now black walnut contains tannins.
There’s one called Juglone in there. I think at the University of Mississippi in 1999,
they found out that Juglone was probably even more effective than some of the best anti-parasite
products on the market pharmaceutically to date. Why the hell would you want to take
metronidazole or drugs like that or antibiotics when you can take black walnut? So black walnut
is put in there as a parasite product. So now we’ve got broad spectrum antibacterial,
antimicrobial with the Grapefruit seed, we’ve got broad spectrum anti-fungal and now we’ve
got parasite activity. Pau d’arco was put there, very clever. Lapacho
is an herb from South America that’s been used for centuries by people from the rain
forest for treating cancers, infectious diseases, and many types of skin disorders like Candida.
It’s a very smart herb to put in with this formulation. It’s a high quality, authentic
Pau d’arco that’s put in Canxida. Neem, who’s heard of Neem? Neem’s a very good
Indian herb that has been used also for hundreds of years for parasites and bacteria. It’s
very rare to find Neem in Candida formula. My recommendation to Canxida Health was to
put Neem in there because I’ve used it before with Candida with incredibly good effects. Berberine concentrate, 85 percent standardized.
Now berberine is what we call an alkaloid. It comes from herbs like Goldenseal and berberis
vulgaris and various herbs like that. Goldenseal is the naturopath’s antibiotic. So berberine
is a lovely yellow color and it gives the Canxida tablet a yellowy-greeny sort of a
tinge. So berberine, again, broad-spectrum activity, very nice powerful activity on many
different types of pathogens in the gut. Leishmania, many types of diseases. It even works on Chlamydia.
So this is in a very comprehensive compound formula as you can see. Clove; clove’s very good for yeast. There’s
much research that’s been undertaken. If you go to PubMed and do research on clove, you’ll
find some interesting studies on clove and bacteria and parasites as well. It’s very
good to use. Biotin was added in here as the 11th ingredient.
Why was Biotin added? Well, Biotin is a type of vitamin. It’s a coenzyme the body actually
makes itself in the bowel with the right beneficial bacteria. Biotin prevents the mutation of
the Candida from the fungal to the mycelium or hyphae form. So it’s going to stop it from
really invading the body. Now some people have a deficiency of the enzyme that actually
helps to produce this, so that’s another good reason to have it in there. About 2 to 3 milligrams
per day will prevent this sort of mutation from occurring. So that’s why my recommendation,
also, to this company was to put biotin in the formula. So now you can see how comprehensive this
Candida formula. It’s super comprehensive. It’s standardized ingredients; it’s delayed
or slow release activity in the body. I’ve never seen a product like Canxida and I’m
very excited now to make this recommendation to you that I think this is a super formula
and I think it’s one that you might want to try and use if you’ve got Candida. Forget about those breakthrough methods and
all these weird type of products on the market at the moment. Most of them are absolute nonsense
because many of them are just a “flash in the pan.” The people have come out of nowhere
and design a product and try to make a bunch of dollars out it. All the ingredients I’ve
just mentioned to you have been around for a long time. But up until now, no one has
put them all in one formula, a powerful formula like Canxida Remove. So give this formula a go. Go to
Try the formula. I think you’re going to be very happy with the outcome by using this
formulation. I’ll do some more videos on some more of the specific ingredients and explain
a bit more in detail about why this is such an effective formula. The standard dose is
about three per day. For more information, you can go to
Please don’t forget to have a look on my survey on And if you have got
Candida and you want to buy the world’s most comprehensive book on yeast infections, go
to and have a look at my book. It took me three years to write this
book. It’s been very well received. And a product like Canxida Remove is going to be
the cornerstone of your anti-fungal treatment. So forget about all this junk out there. Give
this formula a go and give me some feedback. I’d be very keen to hear what you’ve got to
say. Thank you for tuning in today.

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  1. Hi Dr.Bakker, I am about to embark on an anti-candida protocol. I recently purchased 3 bottles of the highly recommended product canXida. Do you suggest that I rotate this anti-microbial, lets say every month, so that resistance isn't established or just keep using it for 3 months? I was thinking I could add another product each sequential month. I also want to hear your thoughts on biofilms and products you have experience with in dealing with it. I am currently looking into InterFase plus. I also have heard NAC works too, thank you

  2. hello I'm sick I'm interezado candida in the product and would like to know how much it would cost and how much is bound an urgent shipment to Ecuador

  3. How can this be trustworthy when on the webpage it clearly states "Non toxic" and the product contains a toxic constituent Pau d'arco…

  4. Hello Erik. I have a concern. I cannot find a review of someone who actually seems legit. All the reviews I've seen are from popup blogs that have one blog submitted, and they all seem to say the exact same thing. Did you pay people to write the reviews? Just a concern, I don't know what to think right now.


  5. Thank you Erik. I deleted my previous comment as you have made a solid point. I wish you luck, and I will be trying Canxida Remove! Thank you!

  6. Hi Erik. Tried your product for about a month and a half, and it kept the candida at bay. To think that you can cure candida through a strict diet and anti-fungals is like trying to paint the walls to fix a century old building. Candida is not the problem, candida is a symptom of the problem. The real problem stems from things like heavy metals, or compromised immune systems. I found my problem to be metal toxicity, if anyone has candida please look into it.

  7. I'm so lost and confused on all the information (not you the internet in general). I'm going to start by reading your book but if one considers this product, is it best to start it right away or a little bit into treatment? Also, I take clonazapam for anxiety. Eventually I want to wean myself off of this but right now it is not feasible. Is this product ok to use in conjunction with clonazapam? thank you!

  8. Hello. I had Hpylori bacterial, I took antibiotics and I feel bacteria not go away,then I start Homemade elemental diet ,was 10 days,after that I was feeling so good 3 month,and know look like it's coming back ,what is your recommendation for my situation.please help,thank you

  9. Thanks for the video. I'm really considering in buying this product . But I was looking at another video by someone else and they had four different anti fungal product that we should use each product on a four day rotation.every because candida tends to build a resistance if we don't do it in this order. So let me know what you thin. Thank you.

  10. How many bottles of canxida do I need to purchase to beat candida ? Thank you for your videos they are very helpful 👍

  11. Hi Eric, Iam a big fan of you. I watch and trust each and every word you say. Sadly Iam frm a country which you don't like and advice other sufferer who is staying in India to leave this place asap😒. I was heartbroken for days. Plse don't be so harsh on us. Your advice to that one guy broke my heart.
    I would love to try caxida product but is it possible for me to order and receive here in india? And how much will the cost of Candida remove and restore!
    Plse do reply atleast to fix my broken heart of not Candida.
    I love your vedios a lot

  12. Hi Eric, it’s great u use undecylenic Acid in ur formula. I recently added it to the usual broad spectrum natural formula I take and have been getting by far the best results I’ve ever experienced, by far. Headaches went away in about a week and joint pain was way down, & I’m continuing to notice more improvements every couple days or so. I tried it b4, but wo the broad spectrum & a looser diet w limited results but w those it’s been a game changer.In the past results were quite slow wo it, despite noticeable detox symptoms while very slowly working up to a full dose of broad spectrum antifungals. Dr. Mccombs says undecylenic acid actually turns fungal Candida back into its less destructive yeast form, and I’m curious ur perspective on this. Also, how much Undecylenic Acid is in ur formulas capsules? I know u also mentioned it’s boosted by a secondary ingredient. I’m considering trying ur formula, if I can avoid taking 2 separate supplements, & get at least the same results. Appreciate the info.

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