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  1. thank you for making these excellent videos. too bad the world has no clue. this should be taught in school.

  2. YOU SHOULD CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU PUT INTO YOUR BODY…..YOU SHOULD TREAT IT LIKE YOU WOULD A NEW CAR….AFTER ALL, YOU CANT TRADE IT IN OR BUY A NEW ONE WHEN IT DOESNT WORK ANYMORE! Put lousy cheap oil in it and ignore the troubled ahead warning signs, just turn off the…. check engine light! See how far or how long you can go before you need repairs….(Diseases). I would rather pay extra for decent food than eventually give it to a doctor as a Co-PAY. HE DOESNT CURE YOU….JUST PROLONGS THE BREAK DOWN, WITH HIS DRUGS. This is just food for thought. Your peanut butter, all has RAPESEED IN IT….(AKA CANOLA OIL. ) NEUROTOXIN TO THE BRAIN….we feed it to our children and elderly. Research it.

  3. It's a shame that it tastes so nice though, im a vegan but i still miss eating meat now and again. I get cravings for it when my family is having a bbq.

  4. I read something from the Weston a price foundation yesterday that said red meat prevents cancer and is "anticancer"

  5. That wasn't an autocorrect error! The scientist preparing the paper spelt it "dairy", and it slipped through autocorrect!

  6. I see a growing number of people trying out carnivore diets, Jordan Peterson and his daughter are eating a beef only diet, the guy is famous and made a lot of people curious and try it out, even though he doesn't recommend the diet, he and her daughter feel amazing, what's weird to me and to him as well, how did his daughters arthritis get cured by that diet. I see no carnivore trials on pubmed, can anyone find any studies about this ? It's a dangerous diet, especially if it starts trending.

  7. so my neighbors who are always bbqing in the summer with the wind directly at me are increasing my cancer risk.

  8. There are plenty of studies that show eating animal parts and drinking their liquids at every single meal improves health and longevity. Why don’t you report on these studies ? Totally biased plant based vegan propaganda here cherry picked data

  9. I love how this came out on the day when people cook the most processed meats like hamburgers and hotdogs on a Bat-B-Q. Rip them.

  10. Whether it's cigarette smoke or bbq fumes.. I hold my breath and quickly remove myself from the area.
    I've this automatic warning sign that lets me know as soon as toxic fumes are nearby.
    I'm also known for waving my arms sometimes frantically to clear the stenchy polluted air.

  11. It's always like this, isn't it:

    Research: [meat] + [ignore everything else] = blame meat.

    But just for the sake of it, research the other side of the spectrum as well. Lots of plantbased foods have unhealthy aspects as well. Depending on preparation it is worse. High Glycemic carbs, like pasta increase risk for lung cancer for example.

    But combine these high glycemic carbs with vegetables and fiber, prepare it the right way and the risk drops significantly.

  12. It would be interesting to know how chefs, particularly BBQ chefs death rate compared to the general public in reference to cancer.

  13. well yea meat is bad
    cooked meat is worse
    go figure

    so plants are good
    and cooked plants are better!
    ohhhhh wait a moooment

    (do u guys actually think our ancestors ate a vegan diet?…humans r smart and can get their hands on animal products every day if they want – and have since like 2.6 million years or so……..COOKED IS THE BAD THING THAT HAPPENED NOT ANIMAL CONSUMPTION U DERPSORS……….once or twice meat a month is much less harmful than eating cooking food every meal!!!! no science required for that)

  14. Ahem…Greger’s background is in zoonotic disease without any clinical practice (Greger is not Board Certified in anything related to internal medicine)

  15. Asians are not big meat eater. They do rice farming for good reasons. There is a study on relationship between starch and IQ. Try google the top 5 countries with highest average IQ. I think there is a conspiracy to make us stupid.

  16. It is a complete paradox, we have canine teeth, do better on plant food but grains are very unhealthy to eat due to the insulin spikes , what the hell is that all about

  17. Basing these ideas based on firefighters has no credibility. Their suites and equipment are shown to be carcinogen.

  18. We would like to know your thoughts on activated charcoal for detoxification. there was a study, that indicates charcoal can increase lifespan upto 30%. that's a huge deal.

  19. For all the idiots on this thread impugning Dr. Greger's credentials: Dr. Greger has an army of paid and volunteer reviewers combing through every medical and nutritional journal in the world. This is about his 20th video showing the link between meat and cancer. In each video he shows you the source peer-reviewed academic journal articles, go read them yourself! His conclusions and recommendations are inescapable.

  20. It would be easier for non English speakers if you could read a bit slower than how you read here 🙂

  21. Grilling up a bbq chicken once in a while is worth dying for. I'm sure the same can be said about grilling veggies.

  22. Dear nutrition facts team,

    my family and I have only been vegan for just over 9 months and your videos and website have been extremely helpful in the process. The "daily dozen" video was one of the best explications, on what's best for us to eat, that I have come across this far.

    I have a 3 year old and all the information suggests that toddlers have different dietary needs to adults, could you pls do a "daily dozen" type video on:
    at what ages, which foods parents should be focusing on?
    Kind regards

  23. meat is the most disgusting thing ever………and on independence day so many people will swallow grilled and barbecued body parts ……URGHH!!

  24. Excuse me while I put on my Hazmat suit and go outside to BBQ my ribs to a nice beige color. 🤣

  25. You all know this was about 4th of July BBQ'ing. If 4th of July BBQ'ing was the only day you ate this way you would be fine. Even the Okinawa ate meat. Just not much of it. Enjoy the occasional BBQ and fireworks! They're most probably carcinogenic but …. I really don''t care… I have 364 days to make up for it 👍

  26. I'm making the transition to become vegan.  Certain vegetables also have protein. You don't have to worry about too animal much animal fat or antibiotics etc.  Vegan burgers are pretty filling.  If you don'tget certain vitamins from vegetables, you just have to take supplements.🤠

  27. This video has taught me …. Uh mmmmm uhh hmmm … NOTHING I HATE HIS VOICE ITS LIKE HIS DYING WHILE TALKING SMH LMAO ITS BEEN PROVEN MILLIONS OF TIMES MEAT IS HEALTHIER THAN GMO SHIT PLANTS YOULL NEVER FIND IN THE WILD you shouldn't be eating plants unless you got big ass eyes on the sides of your heads and Miller's all over your mouth with a large snout and hooves smh lmao even gorillas that eat 90% plants every minute of the day still eat bugs that are attached to the plants there's no such thing as veganism in nature #govegananddie please people do your research don't be a sheep be free and live till your 100th birthdays on meat like the natives of our past

  28. Love that the key results are highlighted but regardless of who published it i would love to see a quick run down of the type of methodology that they used to conclude these findings. Maybe we need a traffic light system for scientific vigour, green for double blind randomised controlled studies, red for non controlled epidemiology studies perhaps??

  29. Don't forget to mention the daily bombardment of cancer radiation from your cellphone you get everyday. No one wants to talk about that though.

  30. What are your thoughts on this cause I’m really confused?? Lol

  31. The way we're going as a society, everything is now a carcinogen. Meat, dairy, eggs, the pesticides sprayed on all farmed plant foods, the air, fluoride in water, charcoal and gas grills, gas exhaust from your car, smoking, industrial smoke and exhaust, the heating elements on your stove, the pans you cook food in, and on, and on, and on. How will we possibly go on living? It's futile, just go ahead and kill yourselves!

  32. Listening to pseaudo scientific fame chasers can give ya cancer 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  33. bullshit.
    the WHO study on carcinogens in animal protein was shown to be crap. look it up.

    I can't eyeroll hard enough….

  34. So what about cooks who work on a grill all day? Shouldn't there be an unusual rise in their cancer rates?

  35. So upsetting when I was working at a school were kids are fed processed meat every day! The parents don’t care/know about what the WHO says… The kids have no choice but to trust them. I didn’t hear of a single case where a parent told the school to not feed them this crap…

  36. ++ + Dark Chocopuff You said ''No we are not that dumb nor we need studies to know what is good or bad for us''
    Really ,seriously ,….you DONT need scientific studies to know what is good or bad for you ?? Are you sure you are not that dumb??

    I have show to you by main stream reputable universities and institutions that meat eating is bad for human health .you stubbornly insist to support meat consumption .Τhe sad thing is that you refuse to provide any data to support your opinion.Total meat consumption and processed meat intake appear to be linked to increased risk for cancer, including prostate cancer. Other diet-related prostate cancer risk factors include deep-fried food consumption, dairy intake, and egg consumption. Dioxins and alkylphenols that may be in animal foods, cooked meat carcinogens and multivitamin use may also raise prostate cancer risk.
    When men with active prostate cancer eat a plant-based diet, or even reduce the ratio of animal to plant protein, their cancer progression appears to slow. One way a plant-based diet seems to help is by reducing the amount of excess hormones entering the body.Ι guess all this scientific information is useless for you and your carcass eating friends ,obviously you ''know better'' …Wish you the worst

  37. Plants are sentinent aswell you piece of shit, they cry when you rip them off the ground. Better eat a nice beef steak, that suffered not. Ofcourse all you vegan fanatics ignore the studies that show plants have feelings while you jump over them that state they dont, fucking hypocrites, thats why everyone hates you.

  38. 3:50 it says lamb should be limited in adults (ONCE in 4-5 months), and severely limited in children (isn't once in 4-5 months already severely limited?). Also says charcuterie is fine and can even be increased? Huh? I thought those processed meats had a higher chance of causing cancer?

    What does lamb have that beef doesn't? And how is charcuterie ok?

  39. Dr. Greger can you please comment about this Dr. Gundry character and his new book claiming lectins from beans are killing us? You are my guru. Can you please comment, or review his claims? Inquiring minds!

  40. In less than fifteen seconds of his video he says something that invalidates his entire point. He tells you…when you cook. Well don't cook it, problem solved.

  41. I make fire without charcoal lighter fluid. I use tinder, clean paper, and a magnesium stick for sparks.
    AZO dyes are still allowed in the casings of sausages. AZO dyes are carcinogenic.
    I think AZO dyes are contaminating a lot of foods and food ingredients.

  42. Eat raw organic pasture meat and raw organic eggs, nothing is more natural for humans as that’s how we were eating from the start. Cooked meat and dairy are dead foods.

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