Case Study # 22 Mandy with Hyperthyroidism (Grave’s Disease) and Candida

I’m going to do another case history today.
This case was actually written up in my book, Candida Crusher. You can read it there. It’s
under case number 25. This is a lady called Mandy. She’s 36. The names I’m giving you
are not the patient’s real names, so I’m not giving you personalized information regarding
this person. Mandy is not her real name. She’s 36. I don’t generally tell you where patients
live with these case studies and I give different names to protect their privacy, but they’re
real cases. Mandy is a dynamic young mother with two small
children. Mandy had boundless energy, was perfectly proportioned, whizzed around like
a pocket edition of Wonder Woman, and was a driving force behind two successful businesses
before she reached the age of 30. Mandy works out at the gym most days. Breeds purebred
dogs. Drives a convertible sports car and belongs to a couple of women’s groups.
When I first saw her as a patient, she had just become the assistant editor of one of
the most influential women’s magazines here in New Zealand. Mandy’s love life has been
a disaster with many failed relationships. This lady is an extroverted perfectionist
with excess energy. What I call a full-throttle person with her foot flat to the floor up
to 12 hours a day. What Mandy hadn’t worked out yet was that
her super high achievement lifestyle never seemed to bring her that state of bliss or
knight in shining armor that she was so desperately looking for. She was always making new friends
and literally wearing out her old friends. I’d spoken with Mandy about the importance
of the pursuit of moderation and instead of her undertaking 20 things in one day, to say
no to 10 of them and allowing more Mandy time. This lady’s thyroid gland was hyperactive.
Is it any wonder she couldn’t switch off? She was always starting new projects and just
going with them at full throttle. Mandy also liked to drink white wine and she
came to me with a rampant yeast infection, which had been driving her crazy for five
years. I spent a considerable amount of time with her showing her different ways to relax,
and the difference it made in time amazed me. It took less than six months for her yeast
infection to completely disappear, and along with that, I noticed a calmer, serene Mandy.
She finally realized that her major priorities were not her career, but her relationships
with those she cared most around her. I saw Mandy two months ago and was pleased
to hear that she’d finally got married and maintained her daily relaxation sessions,
and she also has stopped drinking alcohol. But the biggest change was not a disappearance
of her yeast infection, it was a complete turnaround in her Grave’s disease, hyperthyroid
and perfectionism, and she’d come to accept that near enough was good enough.
Many people are driven to perform for many different reasons. They grow up. They work
too hard. They overachieve, and they keep thinking that happiness is going to come to
them in the way of a big paycheck, but often it never does. I’ve seen many patients with
plenty of money that are miserable as anything, so don’t always think that pushing harder
or working harder is going to give you what you’re looking for because it can often mean
you’ll compromise your lifestyle and your diet doing that. People who work hard tend
to party hard. Many of them don’t eat the right kind of food or relax enough. They tend
to get all the lines blurred between work and play. They tend to overwork and underplay.
And when they do play, they think that alcohol is a form of relaxation. That’s not really
the way to go. In this case, once we got Mandy off the white
wine and made her realize that it was a contributing factor to the yeast infection, it made a big
difference with her. Cutting out the alcohol for Mandy has allowed her to sleep better
and wake up more refreshed and spend more time thinking about how she can enjoy her
life rather than just purely pumping up business and making money, which really makes people
happy in the long run. I hope you learned a little bit from Mandy’s
case about how these sorts of overachievers can get many kinds of health problems. This
lady is probably going to be more effective now with her new business than she’s ever
been because now she’s learned the value of daily relaxation, moderation, and balance.
That’s what good health is all about when you think about it.
I hope that’s given you a bit of insight into another case. Thank you for tuning in.

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  1. Thank you for another important video. And I've learned so much from your book (including stopping drinking). Also, happy with the Canxida. Is that really true that many green leafy vegetables shouldn't be eaten raw if there are thyroid concerns? I enjoy my raw salads every day, and I wonder about things such as spinach, broccoli, cabbage, etc.–and others.

  2. If someone is diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and prescribed medication for that while knowing it to be caused by adrenal fatigue and chronic systemic yeast overgrowth, should he/she take the medication?, is it going to be counterproductive?, is it going to help cure adrenal fatigue and yeast faster?, will it inhibit the healing process?

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